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Grover Neville  |  Apr 10, 2020  |  6 comments
Just a few days I ago I was speaking with a friend of mine who is a very well-known mastering engineer and lifelong audiophile about how to get things loud.
Grover Neville  |  Mar 26, 2020  |  0 comments
Today we come to the final part of our streaming hardware examination, discussing the exact thing we spend so much time covering here on InnerFidelity: Headphones and amps.
Grover Neville  |  Mar 20, 2020  |  0 comments
Last time we covered the DAC portion of a good streaming setup, with special attention paid to connectivity and latency, which can make all the difference in audio and video being synched... or not. This time we’ll discuss an often overlooked, but equally vital component for the content-creation and online gaming crowd: the microphone input.
Grover Neville  |  Mar 09, 2020  |  1 comments
This is a bit of a follow up to my experience at PAX East, and something I’ve been reflecting on for a while as someone who is a content creator. Streaming is changing the entire landscape of content creation – not just for those in the audiophile or personal-audio sector.
Grover Neville  |  Dec 26, 2019  |  4 comments
The title is the chummy way of putting it, let’s be honest, change, like the horror movie monster you never see completely on-screen, is more than scary, it’s downright eerie. And much like that monster, change is slower and more perceptible in moments of hindsight than foresight.
Grover Neville  |  Oct 21, 2019  |  1 comments
My connection with games actually precedes my experiences with audio gear, though I was introduced to both at a very early age.