CES 2012: Audio Technica

First, a bit of good news: Audio Technica is well aware of the fact that their ATH-M50 is a classic. They report it's selling very well, thank you very much. That's good news because they're less likely to discontinue it or change it if they know it's a winner. (For example: their ATH-L3000 was awesome, but they stopped making it. Limited edition or not, that's a headphone they should still be making in some form. It would sell ... and I reminded them of it during my visit.) They said they'd be more than happy to send me an M50 for the Wall of Fame.

I made my way through their booth testing all the cans with my portable rig. I so appreciate it when you can get at the cords and play your own tunes. Thanks AT! The first headphone that really caught my ear was the new ATH-ANC7b noise canceling headphone. I've mention already in my CES reports how tough this is to accomplish effectively; these cans seemed quite competent. The price is right too at $199. I'll be looking to review these at some point.

The other can that seemed quite good to me was the new ATH-WA70 Solid Bass headphone. This $149 sealed, bass emphasis can is touted as providing well controlled bass using a unique "Double Air Chamber System." I'm very much looking forward to measuring these, controlling the lows in a sealed headphone can be quite troublesome and usually shows up in uneven frequency response performance from the low mid's down. It will be interesting to see how these measure up. I'll let Crystal Griffith, Audio Technica's Consumer Marketing Manager, fill you in on the details.

Audio-Technica U.S., Inc.
1221 Commerce Drive
Stow, Ohio 44224

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There's already so many "solid bass" versions out there and they seem persistent to get a version out that has good mids & highs to go with the bass as well and it seems they are just not giving up until they are really satisfied with this kind of headphone, hopefully this ATH-WA70 is that because the previous "solid bass" headphones from Audio Technica have been quite average.

BTW thanks for doing this CES coverage, very interesting read and especially nice with the videos where they talk about the perhaps most interesting headphone offering at the booth I think is the best way to go too.

Tyll Hertsens's picture
The real beauty of it is I don't have to write all the specs and prices down, and I can just ramble on about my thoughts in the booth and let the sales folks do their schtick. Easy-peasy.
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Funny how I grew up down the street from AT in Ohio, but their distribution seems to be much better in Asia, halfway around the world.

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The headphone mentioned in the video and third paragraph is the ATH-WS70 (not WA70). I'm pretty sure it was released a year or two ago; it's available from multiple sellers on Amazon at significant discounts.

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I have a pair of these and surprisingly they are not that bass heavy compared to others.

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