CES 2012: HiFiMAN

Just before leaving for CES, I received a big cardboard box from China. I couldn't tell who it was from, so I opened it. Inside was another cardboard box ... I opened it. Inside was a wood box, so I got my power drill and took out the screws to open it. Inside was another cardboard box! I opened it, and found something wrapped in about 5 layers of bubble wrap. When I finally got to the last layer, I found myself looking at the massive HiFiMAN EF-6 headphone amp. Aha! I knew what this was for. Fang Bien, President of HiFiMAN has been talking about how the top-of-the-line HE-6 planar magnetic headphone needs a headphone amp with lots of oomph, and here was his solution. I didn't have time to hook it up for a listen, but I wasn't surprised to see two of these behemoths in his booth.

I enjoyed my time listening to the HE-6/EF-6 combo in the HiFiMAN display, and I'll definitely review the combo in more depth at a later time, but the big reason I wanted see him at CES was his new low-cost ($399) HE-400 planar magnetic headphone. Apparently his success and experience with the other HiFiMAN models has allowed him to develop a planar magnetic driver that is less expensive to produce. HiFiMAN is pressing hard on planar magnetic driver technologies, and has been a driving force in this arena. I'll let Fang tell you about his new cans.


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So How was the he400? Did you like them?

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Too soon to tell. Gotta listen in quite conditions.
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"I couldn't tell who it was from, so I opened it."


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You wouldn't believe the amount of stuff that just shows up on my doorstep.
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Need help? I´ll give you my address anytime! :-)

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Do planar magnetic headphones need to be open back? If not, what are the chances that we'll see companies start to make some nice closed versions?

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I get the feeling this will be harder to accomplish since planars seem to like lots of space behind the drivers to work properly. I tried putting a magnepan mmg right beside the back wall for instance and it was sort of like covering the rear of an electric fan with a piece of paper LOL

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They just arrived! Quality impression is :CHINA…CHEAP
The dont fit well, NO Sennheiser feeling Sound: They are brand new so it´s to soon to say anything, but NOT impressed!
What was the HYPE about?

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The potential for a good $400 planar-magnetic was enough to get many to risk a blind buy. And considering HiFiMan's forward progress and great HE500, people rightly think that Fang *could* make a good $400 planar. However, word that the HE400 is tuned for an American sound (a la JBL speakers) has me a bit worried.

Not having heard these cans, I appreciate your early take.

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Yep that was that…Two hours and now one side is out! Don´t work anymore! Have read in AvForums that i´m not alone either..So, it´s just send them back…This was NOT how i belived it should be..

We have a saying here in Norway, -It´s a reason why something is cheap..