CES 2012: HeadRoom

When I founded HeadRoom, I had a bad taste in my mouth from my experience showing prototype headphone amplifiers to high-end audio dealers. They were universally incredulous at my ideas. One had not even opened the box I had shipped him. He told me not to waste his time, no one had ever asked him for a headphone amplifier before. I decided to sell direct reasoning that dealers weren't going to get it, and I could price the gear more affordably for the customer with a direct-to-consumer business model.

Now we know that those dealers lacked foresight, and my ideas about headphones and headphone amps were valid. But over the last ten years HeadRoom has received hundreds of requests from dealers to carry HeadRoom products. The problem was HeadRoom simply didn't have the margins needed to sell product to dealers at a price low enough for them to match our web prices and still profit.

In the last couple of years, however, the folks at HeadRoom have been working very hard on their manufacturing efficiencies, and have been able to make enough room in the margins to begin to sell through dealers. The main thrust from HeadRoom at RMAF last year, and at THE Show this year, was to work on developing a dealer network. I have to say, the long, hard slog of these types of business activity are one of the reasons I'm here at InnerFidelity now --- I'm much better suited for this job.

I'll let Jorge tell you the details, and please excuse the dark video.

2020 Gilkerson St.
Bozeman, MT 59715
800 828 8184

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If I'm not mistaken you were forced to quit your own company that you created(don't know how that works) and you still make interviews with them and show them such a big smile ?

You must be Madre Teresa! This only shows how awesome you are.

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... there was good and bad in it. But I tell you what, Travis (the CEO that replaced me) decided to resign, and Ivy is in charge now. I worked with her for a decade and more. She's whip crackin' smart, a good person, and great to work with. I hired both Jorge and Ben, and worked side by side with them for years. I've known Susan Smith, the finance manager, for 30 years --- we were friends before I started HeadRoom. I love these people.

Todd (the Vinyl Junkie) worked at HeadRoom, and when he started TTVJ.com (a competitor) I was pissed for a while. I got over it, and I consider Todd a friend now. I really enjoy occasionally going to one of his regular Thursday night listening sessions and having a great Belgian beer.

So, ya gotta get over shit sometimes, and let better things happen. I'm more suited for, way better at, and much happier in this job than being the boss at HeadRoom. (Being a boss can be a pretty crappy deal.) I'm just doing a job that's perfect for me; I won't be awesome at it for a while yet.

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Thanks so much for the cool shout-out, mang! Much appreciated.

It was great seeing you down there. i'm glad Frankie's Tiki Lounge treated us so nicely.


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Man, I'm still grinnin'.