Focal XS Book Music System Sweepstakes

Register to win a Focal XS Book Music System (MSRP $299.00) we are giving away.

According to the company:

Whatever your musical taste, uncover all the power and emotion your music, movie and gaming collection has to offer with Focal’s elegant and compact desktop 2.0 active loudspeaker system. Based on 33-years of acoustic research and over a dozen patents, Focal has created the ideal powered desktop loudspeaker system that will delight your senses while delivering years of dependable service. Hear exactly what you’ve been missing; experience just how good desktop music can sound.

Focal’s powerful self-amplified XS Book desktop music system delivers stunning sound quality, the result of 33-years of music industry leadership.  Sonic inspiration for your laptop, your iPhone, your iTouch or iPod, the XS Book brings music and sound to life powerfully, and personally.

Two-year parts and labor warranty. Ships with a one meter AC cable, 1.5M stereo phone jack cable terminated in 3MM stereo plug, 1.5M loudspeaker extension cable and owners manual.

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[This Sweepstakes is now closed.]

sfoclt's picture

I need that.

tdherbert's picture

These would make my office look so much better!

Kalowest's picture

Good Luck to everyone entering the Sweepstakes!!!

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Nebby's picture

I like sweepstakes :)

farkmeil's picture

This is the kinda thing I would love but is always at the bottom of my expense list. 

zowki's picture

Sign me up!

headphonista's picture

They would look great next to my computer.

mcdontho's picture

Cute speakers!

KikassAssassin's picture

I've been thinking about getting a pair of desktop speakers for my computer. These look like they'd fit the bill nicely.

Jacob's picture

I hope I can get a pair.

remilio's picture

I need something like this to listen to my favourite music at work! smiley

Username's picture

i need these

seeren's picture

Want to win.

MrGPhantome's picture

I've been wanting new speakers with iMac.

wild's picture

Good luck everybody!

Eggrenade's picture

I like ham.  I could use these speakers as well.

trollyolyoly's picture

Ohhh I need dis

cclragnarok's picture

I've been thinking about getting some desktop speakers.  Maybe I'll get lucky here.  :P

TonyS's picture

They look great - would love to have them on my desk @ work!

robotskill's picture

They would be resigned to an arduous duty on my boisterous, cluttered desktop.  Forever departed from the sleek idyll of a marketing department's simulacrum.

scud80's picture


Burgunder's picture

I'm looking for a speaker setup for my office and these would fit nice!

doublea71's picture

I'd love a pair of these...count me in.

Supperconductor's picture

On my desktop!

acoustik's picture

Would be nice to actually have speakers for once..

acoustik's picture

Oops double post. Mods remove this please.

matula's picture

hmm. nice.

habu-joji's picture

Those speakers would be great to replace the terrible logitech ones I've had on my desktop for the longest time.

thanks for the opportunity & good luck to everyone!

Guitarist9273's picture

Would love to win this. 

AveryChim's picture

Due to not living in the right country sad

Good luck to everyone else!

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Jazz Casual's picture

This has just become my Focal point. 

boniceman's picture

Would love to wiiiiiiiiiiin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

xakobeo's picture

another great prize for one of us!!!!!!!!! well done innerfidelity!!!

ThePinkFloydFan's picture

Never really used bookshelf speakers. I'd be interested in trying.

stevieieie's picture

Good Luck to me this time :P

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Stirrio's picture

I'll take 'em.

Defiant00's picture

I suppose this is as good a time as any to finally register considering how long I've been coming here.

orel1994's picture

It's been a while since I used speakers instead of my K550. Would love to win this wink

awehner's picture

extra please

julian's picture

I win.

warpdrive's picture hell yeah, I want to enter this contest!!!!!

GouldPhoto's picture

Chicken Dinner. Could use some powered speakers.

JIGF's picture

so pretty

aamefford's picture

I work 50 to 60 hours a week. These would sure make that time more pleasant!

ushman's picture

i want!!!

Kim Laroux's picture

Now that's something my desk desperatelly needs. Thanks for the giveaway. 


"Eligibility: Entrant must be 18 years of age or older as of April 25, 2013 and a resident of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia."

Damn, and here I thought Canadians were in too. *pouts*

GNagus's picture

Did I win?

Spoko's picture

Would love to hear these

irateapple's picture

I certainly wouldn't protest to owning them.

SweetSpotLeung's picture

This will save me a lot of space!

earjunkie's picture


Redbeemer's picture

Its nice to see a company known for making such high quality speakers getting into the desktop speaker business!  I bet they sound great!

jeffh's picture

These speakers would be a great addition to my desktop system.

OberoFortune's picture

I wonder how Random Access Memories would sound on these?'s picture

count me in

neogeo's picture

I'm sure these sound great.

Speakerphile's picture

These would look great on my desk at work!

zephyre's picture

Speakers... that could be a nice change.

Dylan Mendoza-Johnson's picture

Would love this.

Ormy51's picture


casey737's picture

I'll take those off your hands.


Deviltooth's picture

3 contests... Finally a product I want.

MarcoGV's picture

They look beautiful.  I wonder how they compare to the Chorus 705, one of the most engaging small bookshelf speakers I have ever heard.

MarcoGV's picture

They look beautiful.  I wonder how they compare to the Chorus 705, one of the most engaging small bookshelf speakers I have ever heard.

(Apologies for the duplicate posting.  It was a mistake, and I do not know how to remove it!)

bumpyjones's picture

My turn

DSG's picture

Would look great on my desktop.

DSG's picture

Would look great on my desktop.

DSG's picture

Would look great on my desktop.

Armaegis's picture

US only... I'm in Canada. So close, yet so far =(

Anton's picture

Looks nice

mikey_b's picture

…‘Tis me I hope.

Three Toes of Fury's picture

for another opportunity to win a fun geek toy!     you guys rock for all the contests.

peace .n. living in stereo


Marcello's picture

and they are great! Happy listening to the winner.

Sim's picture

Great looking speakers!

svenska's picture

I'd like to focalize with these.

Jlav's picture

Yes Please ;)

liuj88's picture

I want a pair!

Thujone's picture

I couldn't think of a better desk compliment :)

Curly21029's picture

...these sure would make watching Game of Thrones on my laptop more enjoyable. :)

SoundTeck's picture

Those look simply fantastic.  Thanks for the chance!

fufanuer's picture

Put my name in the hat.

justex07's picture

Would love to win these speakers. They look perfect for my new office! Finally working outside my apartment, phew!

Phos's picture

could use new desktop speakers.  

Prakhar's picture

These look incredible, and I would love to win!

paul's picture

Thank You!

jaywillin's picture

i'm a focal fan

david.parker83's picture

Needs you!

lesliejazz's picture

Would love to win!

ohsoklepto's picture

Wow, these look nice!

Phasma Phasmatis's picture

Love the simplified polished design. 

matthra's picture

Sounds good!

brrgrr's picture

Very pretty

submaster's picture

How would you not stare at these beauties all day at your desk?!  Hopefully I will find out!

Byrnie's picture

Jon Iverson, be my babies daddy!

cheko08's picture

I need new speakers!!

PBone's picture

Thanks for the chance!

cgradoslav's picture

thanks again inner fidelity for this opportunity, goodluck to all aspirants!

ThanklessPanda's picture

I could always use a nice new set of speakers :).

acomicbookguy's picture

i need that!

Dick James's picture

My son's birthday is coming soon.

Gooberslot's picture

Please enter me in your sweepstakes.

jmcmasterj's picture

Cool, I could use these

capdever's picture

I would love to hear these!

switt's picture

I already have books and a shelf, all i need are the speakers

lachlanlikesathing's picture

Really impressive performance for the size - though they are larger than your average desktop speaker :3

Isawelvis's picture

Paint em black

rraudio's picture

Thanks for a chance to win.

The Headphone Viking's picture

I've wanted to try some Focal speakers for quite some time... :P

Skyline's picture

Yes, please.

SAS's picture

... or at least I'd like to find out if it does.

slayerming2's picture

I really hope I win!!!!

funambulistic's picture


neo's picture

I want them!!

panicroom's picture

I'd be interested to see how they compare with my littel A2's.

Marcello's picture

I know you probably would like to find out first hand, but to my ears the Focals are much better than the A2s. They sound bigger, airier, cleaner. IMO they are also better than the A5s.

spyder1's picture

Great looking desk top speakers!

ssoedi's picture

These speakers are good addition to my desktop computer set up.

calcifer's picture


jakubg's picture

Please let me win this :)

Special Spartan's picture


lawn_wrangler's picture

I'd love to win.

leonardodrummond's picture

I'm in!

martian's picture

I'd love to win these.

tigerhosen's picture


yuriv's picture

Looks nice.

Shike's picture

Had a pair of Chorus 705 S from Focal, really good stuff.  Would love a desktop system from them :D

lake_eleven's picture

Looks awsome. WOuld soiund awsome too?

Johnmotex's picture

Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine!

Seth195208's picture


jwzhan's picture

Can't hurt to have a pair of good shelf speakers. 

timivie's picture

Serious upgrade for my home office.

dff's picture

Would be nice to have.

drwhite's picture

I've got just the spot...

cpnelsonjunya's picture

Thank you

Solitary1's picture

I'll take 'em

d3vo's picture

I've been looking to upgrade, perfect opportunity! :)

MellowJolly's picture


DrMason's picture

look absolutely amazing. Congratulations to the winner and good luck to all!

agentgreen's picture

These look pretty slick.

silverears's picture

OK, I will take them!

AsSiMiLaTeD's picture

I'd love a set of these for the office.

SpiderNhan's picture

Too bad my tiny Brooklyn apartment won't allow me to exploit their full potential.

harmaphonic's picture

Would go great with my new computer that has no speakers!!!

flatmap's picture

These would be a great addition to my otherwise drab workstation.

deckeda's picture

a good Focal point

jmorrison622's picture

For these to grace it and sing sweet music

ModMax's picture

These would look great on my office desk....