Focal XS Book Music System Sweepstakes

Register to win a Focal XS Book Music System (MSRP $299.00) we are giving away.

According to the company:

Whatever your musical taste, uncover all the power and emotion your music, movie and gaming collection has to offer with Focal’s elegant and compact desktop 2.0 active loudspeaker system. Based on 33-years of acoustic research and over a dozen patents, Focal has created the ideal powered desktop loudspeaker system that will delight your senses while delivering years of dependable service. Hear exactly what you’ve been missing; experience just how good desktop music can sound.

Focal’s powerful self-amplified XS Book desktop music system delivers stunning sound quality, the result of 33-years of music industry leadership.  Sonic inspiration for your laptop, your iPhone, your iTouch or iPod, the XS Book brings music and sound to life powerfully, and personally.

Two-year parts and labor warranty. Ships with a one meter AC cable, 1.5M stereo phone jack cable terminated in 3MM stereo plug, 1.5M loudspeaker extension cable and owners manual.

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[This Sweepstakes is now closed.]

skian's picture

I really need computer speakers.  These would do marvelously.

Kookie Monster's picture

Holy Macaroni!  These would be pretty flipping sweet bookending my monitor!!

zaustin3's picture

These would be a great upgrade to my computer room system which is the one I listen to the most unfortunately.

jls in nm's picture

I'd be happy to win them.

FLAudioGuy's picture

Very clean looking speakers. I bet they sound great too cool

nervexpro55's picture

It is awesome your giving us a chance to win these speakers. Good luck to all.

nnck's picture

fingers crossed

IgAK's picture


veggieboy2001's picture

I haven't invested in a good desktop set, it would be nice not to have to use headphones to get good sound from my computer. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

jairus's picture

Sweet pair of speakers, I hope I win. :) 

b34tls4ever's picture

Haven't won the last 2 sweepstakes.... hopefully i get this one!!!!

KG_Jag's picture

Would love to add this to a laptop---to start.

Toni90's picture

They would be an awesome replacement for my old Audioengine A2 speakers.

hpscout's picture

I'd love to win this :-)

niaomer's picture

Just trying my luck too :)

techfish's picture

These look great!

Merck's picture

Boy could I use a set of these.

jkot79's picture

Would love these to annoy people at work.

Clemmaster's picture

Got the XS, they rock!

BleaK's picture

...I really do!

Samson Chau's picture

Who will be the lucky guy?

Sparty122868's picture

I would love to compare these to my AudioEngine A5s

Dumai's picture

would really like to win these

markgreville's picture

I ould love to win what looks like a fantastic system

audiofly5's picture

Looks interesting

aks434's picture

Hope they sound great too. Would love to try them.

rasmushorn's picture

 be perfect for me! :-)

Merkin's picture

If I don't win them I'll have to keep listening to my crappy creative surround sound system.

calaf's picture

winning a set of these sweet looking speaks

Aid Agent's picture

then I will take good care of them... and let them move me to that sweet spot...

scottlf's picture

'Twould be nice to have those.

marty's picture

Look! This is me ! Leaving a comment!

riffraffbon74's picture

I hope these sound as good as they look!

jnjtech's picture

Sign me up!

Frankonwheels's picture

The solicitous sound of superior sonics is sure to be my surfeit...seriously.

RAA's picture

And Darn It, I Love Focal Drivers!!

cdxskier's picture

Yes please!

ratch88's picture

Would love that! 

Headphone Junkie's picture

I would like some speakers.

jotry's picture

Enter me for a chance and good luck to all!

JML's picture

... that need some desktop speakers to make them jealous.

roma101's picture

for the wonderful opportunity! Cheers.

jeffsax's picture

The speakers look very nice. I want this!

lookoutworld's picture


kabjunk's picture

..dont hang up on my buddy

terryble's picture

Just what I need for my desk

daadaa's picture

oh luck, where are your pointy horns?

Byrnie's picture

Oh oh pick me :D

fspence's picture

I would love to get my hands on these

Bína's picture

Hmm, these look really nice.

lithium's picture

This would be great piece of eye candy to have....

m8o's picture

Long-time Focal devotee here.  I'd been building speakers using Focal driver since the early 80's.  And I love-love-love my Spirit One headphones.  So yes please, I should win.  :D

RonaldJS's picture

This Device is Wonderful!

nick n's picture

Heard these up the road at the local fi-fi shop and they are really good.  Making space on the desk here.....  :)

lenbell's picture

im gonna win these

khbaur330162's picture

Thanks for the opportunity.

Cotnijoe's picture

Still have yet to ever win a sweepstake in my life. Be a sweet win!!!

Robfine's picture

These would look great in my library.

steviebills's picture

Now this is the kind of thing that would make 10 months of winter and indoor living a lot more bearable! Count me in.

scotto541's picture


o153n's picture

I'm in.

ksiddaba's picture


Grognard14's picture

They look great and I really need a nice pair of desktop speakers. Here's to hope!

andrewwot's picture

Who needs speakers anyway :)

jarrodpoirier's picture

These look great!

eke2k6's picture


dothacker's picture

Focal'speaker is fantastic(>_<)

br777's picture

commenting ;-)

d.strohmeier's picture

read this

Airstripone's picture

Really hope to win this, need to protect my ears from headphones sometime:)

Magick Man's picture


ebjarrell's picture

These would look AWESOME on my desktop. 

jessiengo's picture

Totally would love these for a graduation gift. 

audiophileboss's picture

Sure, I will take them.

audiophileboss's picture

How do they sound

pietcux's picture

I just rearranged my office and I can no longer stand my cheap Logitech speakers. Please let me win!


juman231's picture

I would love to have these speakers

Robdukes's picture

Very stylish. I'm sure they sound fantastic.

riker1384's picture

Those would like nice next to my iMac. Hopefully they would sound good as well.

leokennis's picture

They look great, very curious about their sound!

The Pianist's picture

Can I have thiiss??!! :D

discombob's picture

I need a new pair of speakers, but am too scared to part with my Energy C-3 bookshelves, which are still too large for me (they need their own stands).  Please make me switch!!

Pony Coyote's picture

I'd like to win

szaszayanou's picture

I love the design of these.

bumpyjones's picture

My turn!

manatee's picture

Probably nice sounding also.

droilfade's picture

For I would love the sweet sound emanating from this sound emitting deivce, and I hope thy shall win!

C.Zed's picture

Would love to win these. I'm in.

er_rns's picture


zencello's picture

Nice to see more high-end products geared to computer based audio systems

Jax's picture


Sonic007's picture

I'll take a pair!

24grant24's picture

Hmmm... These or Adam Audio f5?

Porque no los dos?!

pedromalheiro's picture

they look great! And the may sound and look great in my room :D

ddavis400's picture

Anything would be better than stock speakers, but these look Nice!

monkey046's picture

Whoever gets lucky, enjoy!

Bobs Your Uncle's picture

This is precisely the type of opportunity that motivates one to ensure that an accurate Focal Calibration is properly maintained!

firev1's picture

Could use the pair as I have just busted another pair of new speakers without warranty :(

Pandaboy100's picture

Need one now

Mullet's picture

HOT ~~~~~!!!

They would make a nice addition to my work desk.