HRT MicroStreamer USB DAC Sweepstakes

Register to win a HRT MicroStreamer USB DAC (MSRP $189.95) we are giving away.

According to the company:

microStreamer is a USB-connected and powered ultra high-performance dedicated  amplifier/sound card designed to seamlessly interface with computers, tablets, smart-phones and directly decode the digital audio data stream from the host’s hard drive into analog music for headphone or speaker listening. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and light enough to carry in a shirt pocket, the microStreamer is the newest and sexiest product in HRT's line of award winning DACs. 

When music is digitized, it is ‘compressed’ into a digital format of ones and zeros – the job of decompressing the music and turning the ones and zeros back into sound is usually done by a computer but because computers are built to do a lot of things, sound is not their top priority. Cheap sound cards are used to keep prices down so the music you hear coming out of your computer is not complete – there is a loss of sound.  microStreamer was developed to reverse this loss of sound.  It takes over the job of processing and decoding the music from your computer – so you end up with sound as it was meant to be heard – clean, clear, loud and present. 

The microStreamer was made for anyone who wants better sound coming out of their computer.  It can be used for music, movies or games.  The microStreamer will bring the listener a more full, present and inside experience. 

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[This Sweepstakes is now closed.]

Think's picture

Hmmm... A new DAC would be nice. Sign me up!

jhwalker's picture

I want one of these :)

HomeMadeJazz's picture

I've been thinking about getting a DAC for a while now. Perhaps this will be it (not that I'll win...)?

insidedrive's picture

This is really nice! Hope I get picked!

nbhice's picture

ive been eyeballin this thing since it came out!i want real bad

dexter1122's picture

It would be nice to win this so I can upgrade my current DAC, a Fiio E10, which has a noisy headphone jack

noilly's picture

Thanks for all the contests!

Eggrenade's picture

do want

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wild's picture

This is the exact DAC I want, so this contest is awesome!

Gooberslot's picture

I've never had a DAC before, it could be interesting.

preolt's picture

Thanks for putting these sweepstales out guys, just had my alpine dac stolen out of my car along with my shure 425s. Would be awesome to restart with this DAC.

preolt's picture

sorry double post

Rmhead's picture

of these

SoundTeck's picture

Looks rad.  Do want!

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flex's picture

Hi Tyle,


it's great that you present these great opportunities to the community!


Thanks and best regards

sjward's picture

This is the DAC I have been looking for. Please pick me.

Thanks for running these contests (and for running a great site). 

TonyS's picture

Would love to try a new DAC on my Lenovo @ work (which has a sh*** DAC)....

ayres's picture

i'm loving these sweepstakes!  now if only i could win one...

Armaegis's picture

Well let's give it a go... 

KG_Jag's picture

Would enjoy giving this a go.

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MrO's picture

I don't feel lucky atm... :D

Gonzalo's picture

Just one question,

how will you prevent people from creating a lot of accounts to have more chances of winning?

And BTW, a DAC would be great for my future HP... :)

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lesliejazz's picture

Would love to win

ms142's picture

Would be curious about how the MicroStreamer compares to the ESS based budget devices coming out these days...

phil_e's picture

Look like a great device.

orel1994's picture

Count me in, would love to try this onelaugh

Defiant00's picture

Lot's of raffles recently; count me in!

Jazz Casual's picture

I'm not too proud to accept a freebie.

jaywillin's picture

i've heard

i want to hear again !!

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I'm in

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To win IT.  Please, thank you.

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need a dac so bad

donunus's picture

I've always wanted one of these microstreamers!

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Good luck to all :)

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I would love this DAC! Thank you!

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GouldPhoto's picture

Would be a nice addition

Three Toes of Fury's picture

sounds fun.

im in.

And if fortune should shine upon me and i do indeed win,  i promise that i shall only use this device for good...not evil....for with great power(ed streaming devices) comes great responsibility. 

Peace .n. Winning (some day)



julian's picture

I need it!

hairdryer's picture

My lucky number is...

Isawelvis's picture

Looks Great!

lghollings's picture

Pick ME!

Deviltooth's picture

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

It would be nice,

To get the Headstreamer from you.

funambulistic's picture

for my growing collection!

zephyre's picture

looks like a fine little gadget, and you sure can't beat the price!

brcmrgn's picture

My turn

veggieboy2001's picture

Another tool to use on the hunt for audio nirvana...

jchaps's picture

Sign me up!

kai1581's picture

This would be great for my laptop. 

mellowbob's picture

No Whammy!

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guerillaw's picture

Would love to see how it compares to the Dacport

thegunner's picture

A portable dac for my surface pro would be awesome!

pbarach's picture

Very interested to see what kind of improvement this device gives me in playing back digital audio files from my laptop

flatmap's picture

and easily transportable.

4nradio's picture

Looks like a great product! 

jakubg's picture

You will be welcome here :)

Type35's picture

Let see, I have the HRT MS2, the MS2+, I was going to get the HDMI streamer but the product got canceled so yes, I definitely need a microstreamer to enjoy more HRT goodness when I am out of the house.

Anton's picture

looks cool!

stevieieie's picture

I'm in ;)'s picture

want one

Stirrio's picture

to stream micro-sized music!

RapidPulse's picture

Not sure why though.

om05964's picture

This would be great for travel

rasmushorn's picture

That would be a great device to play with!

Skier99's picture

Would be nice to win:)

Impulse's picture

Been looking at this model for a while, would be delighted if I won...

noirx7's picture

Another chance to win a nice product!

tbjuwa720's picture

LOVE this website!  Most review sites assume we consumers are idiots......not Inner Fidelity.  I just won bid on ebay for a pair of V-Moda M-80's; Chose them after reading your in-depth review/report.  Thanks!  

Now, Pu-Lease cool let me win this to complete my package!  thanks

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Dogwan's picture

Hope I win. This would be excellent for sitting in the library.

Hankster's picture

Would like to do the comparison...

mcdontho's picture

Awesome companion for my momentum!

m8o's picture

count me in.

Where btw are winners of past sweepstakes announced?

spinnerfidelity's picture

Would love to see how much better this is than the DAC on my Fiio E10.  

acawaigmail's picture

As always, thanks for the contests.

bprochford's picture

for me, please.

Karnoffel's picture

I wanna win!

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I'm in.

Prakhar's picture

always wanted one... But Im really unlucky :(

kurwa-zajebista's picture

Hell yeah Microstreamer!

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I'm in........

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I need one of these sooo bad

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matthra's picture

Very Nice!

Can-man's picture

Would be nice to have a sweepstakes, that people from outside of the United States would be able to enter into.

br777's picture

to win!

wcgryphon's picture

would be a nice upgrade

marty's picture

Okay, sure, I would like to win one of those. Sign me up!

martian's picture

Here's hoping for an upgrade to my current DAC...

spyder1's picture

looks cool!

AncientWisdom's picture

Been eyeing the HRT offerings for a while now, would be super to win this!

Hal Espen's picture

I need a new HRT device (this would be my third)....

Magick Man's picture

to win. :)

Nzheadcase's picture

Need this for the office! Want!

Donny Please's picture

Sign me up!

pelamaal's picture

Great dac !!!

apnk's picture

Count me in!

Atut12's picture

This would be a great addition to my system!

Sgt. Pepper's picture

If ill win this that would be absolutly superb

manatee's picture

One of the best companies making portable d/a converters and amps today.

Curly21029's picture

I would love to see how this compares to my AQ D-fly.

cclragnarok's picture

This looks like a great portable DAC/amp solution.

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a donut please

ButtUglyJeff's picture

The ad for this on the side get my attention.

Here's hoping....

Chet's picture

I read great things about this product; good bang for the buck.

kabjunk's picture

forget about me

kegofheg's picture

Sweet!  Would love to win.  I have a pair of HD600s that would love this little guy.

lenbell's picture

hope to win

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Would love to win one of these!

DSG's picture

Will put to good use.

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It would be cool to have something this small for my laptop!

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Sweet... Would be great for my TDY coming up

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Count me in please.

luic's picture

Good luck!

Kleinrp628's picture

If it's anything like my headstreamer then I want one!

HeroicPenguin's picture

Love these giveaways. Would not mind a new DAC. Thanks for all the articles Tyll!

wyd4's picture

A dac would go nicely with my new Sennheiser Momentums

miceblue's picture

won't make a difference next to the ODAC but sure why not?

the_schu's picture

I'm in for this one!

timivie's picture

I will use daily please sign me up.

johnjen's picture

A portable DAC for the ipad might be interesting.



Kema's picture

Thanks for this opportunity!

jmcmasterj's picture

Looks great! Would love one

Headphone Junkie's picture

Just uh, give it to me....please

techfish's picture

This looks exciting.

Speakerphile's picture

Sign me up!

Mksmth's picture

I want!  I want!

jeffh's picture

trying to win

mikeaj's picture

1.4 V rms output for headphones, yet it uses their usual 2.25 V rms line output level?

I wonder what they're doing inside.

toekneeware's picture

Definitely interested in a new portable entry in the USB DAC sector ... shootout with the DragonFly: GO!

woundup's picture

I've been looking for a dac, it would be nice to win one. Good luck all.

bobusn's picture

Oh yes, it will be mine.

emartinezpr's picture

I could use a better one than my current one.

Cami's picture

The listed specs of this tiny unit are so convincing, that I can't help but to imagine that in 5 years from now, they'll be offering a neural implant version with digital crossover wirelessly communicating to a 1TB storage hidden in a false tooth or a piercing. It will run on synaptic activity and send a wireless signal to a pair IEMs without crossover. It will include an intuitive volume control that works by raising your eyebrows, and of course customizable DSP settings that you create with your spatial imagination of the musical venue, and that are stored as neural patterns.

Tunnelvision42's picture

I have always been curious about HRT's stuff, I have heard great things but they underwhelm me at the price with so many other great dac's they compete against.

baba black's picture

 Been listening, all day to musical noise from my built-in soundcard - while reading Tyll reviews ([^_^])

 ---(♦• PICK ME •♦)---

georgesrechparis's picture

these guys continue to make great stuff that looks great too!

Daeder's picture

Need an upgrade. :D

Come onn!!!!!

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So Cool if I won!

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timits's picture

Thanks for the opportunity Tyll to win such a cool little device.