Eops Noisezero O+ Headphone Sweepstakes

Register to win a set of Eops Noisezero O+ Headphones (MSRP $129.95) we are giving away.

According to the company:

The new NOISEZERO O2+ from New York music tech brand EOps are the world’s 1st on-ear headphones featuring the brand new COMPLYTM Premium Headphone pads. The custom made memory foam headphone pads offer a new generation of comfort and noise isolation experience.

The headphones also include advanced dual diaphragm driver with separate 40mm bass diaphragm and 24mm mid – high diaphragm. The overall sound signature is well balanced with solid bass, clear mid-high, outstanding vocal projection and supreme soundstage.

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Tiger Woods's picture

So it would be cool to win these, and to have as portable headphones.

sjward's picture

Please choose me. Thanks very much. 

submaster's picture

Fly frequently and find noise canceling headphones give me a headache for some reason. In ear monitors sounds better and blck more noise, but make my ears itch on longer flights. Prefer cans and these look fabulous!

axejazz's picture

Memory foam an interesting choice.

blueingreen48's picture

Sounds interesting. Hopefully it will sound good.

TonyS's picture

Sounds good - totally would like to test them :)

rofl.bond's picture

want it really...

Guzzi's picture

Пожалуйста, мама! Asseblief Mamma! Bonvolu Panjo! Mamo proszę! מאָם ביטע! Nanay Mangyaring! Bitte Mom! Anne Lütfen! 妈妈求你了!Ana Xahiş edirik! Mom Please!

Konse's picture

Hi all,

I love misic and I hate noise !

I travel daily by coach 130+130 km and I fly often 5-6 hrs destinations for work , so I neeeeeeed these headphones ! ;-D . Bye

carvern's picture

I can always use another set of phones.

abpalencia's picture

I really appreciate the sweepstakes.

Defiant00's picture

Wouldn't mind some portable cans.

jb265's picture

Gobble Gobble would be nice Thanksgiving day win!

daadaa's picture

uh ... i never win anything :(

matula's picture

hey, why not?

peterroumian's picture

new phones :)

Three Toes of Fury's picture

"memory foam"?!?!  clearly these headphones are built by a top secret clandestined organization using alien technology which sucks our memories into foam recepticles.   Armed with all our memories they will be unstoppable in assisting said aliens in taking over the planet.  They are so confident in their plan,  they didnt even try to disguise their company name,...EOps.....Extraterestrial Operations.   Watch the skies!  The truth is out there!  Dont let them win!.......


....then again....

............................those are some sweet looking headphones...



what the heck...Im in!!


Peace .n. Welcoming our new alien overlords.

3ToF...the 4th gunman


robm321's picture

Very cool looking blue

dangerdong's picture

Hey you never know!:)

rhfactor1's picture

Dual diaphragm, very cool blue color (my favorite), comfy earpads. All of these features sound very interesting. I would really like to see a review of these in the near future.

Dick James's picture

New headphones to try is always fun.

anomaly7's picture

Very nice. I could have more people listening all at once, if I had these-

Think's picture

Might as well try

Cajunky's picture

Fingers Crossed!

Yestify's picture

If I won these, I wouldn't have to kill my neighbor's dog.

dajavier07's picture

I've got a huge head and little ears.  Got IEM's but I'm a little old school and prefer feel of over and on ears.  Would love to see if these fit.

rbuscaglia's picture


lesliejazz's picture

Would love to win!

Ending27's picture

So winning would be nice =)

backNbiz's picture

I have been looking forword to getting a pair of EOps NOISEZERO O2+ before they even came out. I wanted to hear a sample before I ordered them but unfortunately they are only available at a few locations all the way in New York. It would be awsome to win a pair though, I would review them at my site. I even wrote about them earlier this year here on my site, check it out:


flatmap's picture

Comfort, isolation, lightweight, small.... check!

MrOrtler's picture

They look absolutely gorgeous! Would love to win them.

mikey_b's picture

…of buying my Senn Momentums?! Aw Man.

lenbell's picture

would love to win

Stirrio's picture

I'll take them.

JML's picture

The opportunity for the pun was too great to ignore.

martian's picture

Always looking to improve my current headphones.

SimpleSeven's picture

Fingers crossed :)

MarcoGV's picture

I have often read of multiple-drive IEMs, but a two-way closed headphone is very unusual.  It would be interesting to hear if EOps managed to integrate the two drivers.

mikerr's picture

These look great and I would love to try them.  Thank you

SanjiWatsuki's picture

Here we go!

markbrauer's picture

Have no on-ears right now. These would be great.

malvrich's picture

Me please!

ashlei310's picture


Lol I've been checkign your site every now and again looking to hear your review of the LCD X. Exciting times for the headphone, lookign forward to hearing about the k812.


ashlei310's picture

Lol I've been checkign your site every now and again looking to hear the review of the LCD X. Exciting times for the headphone, lookign forward to the k812 as well. 


Gandasaputra's picture

That dual driver headphones with comply-pads would be the ultimate listening pleasure....it's MINE!

rhythm is life's picture

...specifically the dual-driver configuration and the memory foam earpads. Nice color too! 

Merkin's picture

(Fingers crossed)

Please, please, please!

reuvenim's picture


GearMe's picture

Dual diaphragm?  Wonder how they stack up against the 1350s and M80s.

Linqil's picture

I ended up buying three headphones because of this website. Damn you great product reviews and wall of fame :)  (HE400/Sennheiser Momentum/VsonicGR07)

saleens7tt's picture

Would be nice to have portable headphones like these!

Andi's picture


jasonbaugh's picture

wonderful gift for my self this christmas.

jasonbaugh's picture

wonderful gift for my self this christmas.

d3vo's picture

These look really nice!

e_resolu's picture

So much new features in such a small can !

jakubg's picture

I'd love to hear them.

devhen's picture


kasrhp's picture

The headphones look great!

Delete's picture

Even if I don't win I want to thank you for what you do for this community and being such a great resource of information. Keep up the great work!

Michael Jordan's picture

hope to win

Gizeemoe's picture

I have been reading and following this website for over a year now. Even picked up 2 headphones from the market after learning more about them. This site have alot of interesting info and now free prize?! COOL. Must give it a shot. Good luck to everyone else and myself included smiley

kabjunk's picture

...I could use those.

tanopereira's picture

I hope they sound great too one I win them :-) 

pat84's picture

Would love to get one....

veggieboy2001's picture

...so little time!! Thanks!!!

thriceisnice89's picture

I think it's about time for a new pair

danessemo's picture

Blue Nice! 

er_rns's picture

Love to give 'em a try

howardk's picture

I want them!

Jazz1's picture

I'm in. Smurf me. 

MassiveTurboLag's picture

These just get better each time.

blobos's picture


cgradoslav's picture

if i win, i would like a pair in black or red color. thanks for this opportunity.

BaTou069's picture

This looks interesting :)

Travis Klersy's picture

These would be great for my daughter.

Richiyaado's picture

They're blue. Who doesn't like blue? Not me... I like blue.

madzoo8's picture

me me me, me me 

pick me please 



nexus's picture

comfort and noise isolation great combination :)

szaszayanou's picture

fingers crossed

KG_Jag's picture

Would love to give these babies a test run.

Kevyboy's picture

Can I win.  Yes I can.  :)

Will I win?  I don't know. :(

If I win.....I will do the can can, wearing some bright blue can cans.  

the_schu's picture

Yes please!

PBone's picture

They look neat. 

manatee's picture

I've found the quality of ear pads really makes a large difference in what the listener experiences.  These seem like they would make great office headphones.

Bobs Your Uncle's picture

Egads it's Eops!

Luxury17's picture

I'm new to this website. Hope to win!