Audio-Technica ATH-ANC70 Headphone Sweepstakes

Register to win one of three sets of Audio-Technica ATH-ANC70 Headphones (MSRP $199.95) we are giving away.

According to the company:

Whether you fly a lot, work in a noisy office, or simply love the stillness of a silent reprieve, QuietPoint headphones give you a listening experience free from distractions. 

The ATH-ANC70 QuietPoint active noise-cancelling headphones are lightweight and compact to effectively reduce distracting background noise by up to 90%, while offering the superior audio quality that has made Audio-Technica a worldwide leader in electro-acoustic technology. 

Ideal for use with smartphones, tablets, laptops, music or DVD players & in-flight entertainment systems, ATH-ANC70 QuietPoint closed-back headphones deliver clear, high-resolution sound, with intense bass, a detailed midrange, extended treble and accurate imaging in an immersive soundfield. When used with a smartphone, you can simply press the illuminated logo-button on the earcup to take a phone call or to return to your music or silence. A high-sensitivity mic has been built into the earcup, rather than the cable, for improved speech clarity and volume. Fixed-position mic maintains consistent distance from mouth for uniform volume level and eliminates noise from cable motion or rubbing on a collar. The earcups have been designed for greater comfort, with memory-foam padding and a shape that fits easily over any ear. The headband has been engineered to distribute mass evenly across the head, making it feel lightweight for longer wearing comfort. 

The ATH-ANC70 QuietPoint headphones feature large-aperture 40 mm drivers with a rare earth magnet system and high sensitivity to provide generous volume levels from any music source. The headphones also work when the noise-cancelling function is turned off, and operate in passive mode without batteries. Noise-cancelling electronics are fully integrated in each earpiece, with no need for external modules. 

So now you can hear everything as it was intended. And absolutely nothing else. Find your QuietPoint 

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[This Sweepstakes is now closed.]

fidelshde's picture

Are there other headphones with a microphone built into the earpiece, instead of the cable?

Jazz1's picture

The Bose QC20 (earbud style) seems to have the microphones built in the earbuds. Not to be confused with the inline cable microphone for iPhone use.

TheSpyglassGamer's picture

I would love to have a nice high-end noise canceling hedphones from a company like this, I do not have a job so making money is tough, so winning these would be spectacular! :)

Bronxboy58's picture

It would be sweet to get a pair of these as I have yet to experience noise-canceling headphones.  

Nation of Thizzlam's picture

I've also never tried active noise-canceling. Would be interested to try it out!

Luxury17's picture

The review makes these sound sweet. I'll have to go try these out!

ryanburbridge's picture

Yeay. Love the website! Test

KikassAssassin's picture

Gotta love free headphones.

CH Loh's picture

What kind of sound signature it possesses? 

I wonder if the chance is open for those outside US too?

Ending27's picture

I'm in.

Michael Jordan's picture

hope to win

tsuru's picture

can't wait to test them!

SanjiWatsuki's picture


TMRaven's picture

I love Audio Technica!!!

lesliejazz's picture

Would love to win!

irateapple's picture

These look fantastic

C. Olsen's picture

Active noise cancelling would be a really useful feature, especially listening out of the house, in coffee shops, at libraries or any other public area. Sometimes, it's nice to be able to focus.

Curly21029's picture

I haven't purchased many active noise canceling headphones.  I'd love to try them!

hiroprotagonist's picture

I've never owned noise-cancelling headphones!

MrOrtler's picture

Love to own a noise cancelling pair of headphones!

Rmhead's picture


BaTou069's picture

Would love to test them :)

b34tls4ever's picture

Maybe 10th time's a charm!

minhkaladze's picture

Really want to test these out.

fqrtas's picture

I just went on a trip to India for the first time. 18 hour flight with no noise canceling headphones. What I nightmare. I want to win these audio-technica and use them for my next trip. 

TonyS's picture

Had a chance to listen to them at the CanJam Europe - would really like to have a nc headphone :)

jb265's picture

What a nice way to start the new year!

Nilderf's picture

I have always wondered how these perfom. They've gotta be better than most other active noise cancellers.

I've also wondered if these have earcups that are interchangable with the M50's.

Stirrio's picture

Somebody's gotta be the winnah, so why not this guy?

mikey_b's picture

Another opportunity to win big, Thanks.

mikey_b's picture

Another opportunity to win big, Thanks.

Davlur's picture

Who can say no to a free lottery? :) Let's see what happens. The phones look cool.


edit: whoops, the giveaway is U.S. only. Maybe another time then :/

Merck's picture

For the win!

Arrowmark's picture

 This headphone would be a nice addition to the collection.

fermus's picture

yes please...

martian's picture

I'd love to win them

matthra's picture

Thanks for another chance to win !

Dick James's picture

It's always fun to try out new headphones.

Torpedo's picture

I've never owned a pair of noise cancelling headphones. Tried the Bose once and nothing else. Glad to participate, thanks!!!

jpkell05's picture

These would be great to use when my office gets noisy.

haulin79's picture

Audio-Technica rules!

themadmilkman's picture

Anything to make the cubicle farm more bearable...

veggieboy2001's picture

I've enjoyed the Audio Technica sound...would love to hear these!!

jonahsdad's picture

Pick me please.

mikerr's picture

These would be great for in my office's picture

If so, I would really like to try these. Looking to replace Klipsch X10 IEMs. Need to block noise from neighbors - oh if only I'd known these townhome walls were so thin.

corey583's picture

I need a new pair of headphones.  Thankyou

superjawes's picture

These look like they would be nice to own.

wholdo's picture

I'd love to try them...

apravink's picture

and I'm not even Jewish!

noilly's picture

thanks for another giveaway!

noilly's picture

accidentally double posted

Bern's picture

Would love to try these out - Fingers crossed.

4nradio's picture

I own the earlier model, ATH-ANC7, and they work very well. 

Looking forward to the ANC70s  smiley

blobos's picture

How do these sound compared to the ANC7b's (or ANC9)?

ashlei310's picture

Flying soon these will come in handy!


Ashlei ~

Eggrenade's picture

I would like to have these.

Gizeemoe's picture

Another chance for all of us to get a free Thanks.... oh I hope everyone here had a Happy Thanksgiving and best of luck to everyone to win this piece into their collection!

SoulSyde's picture

This space is reserved for witty and colorful alliteration.

jasabol's picture

Hope to win these great headphones.

Rudy's picture

I wonder how these will do against my old able planet

kabjunk's picture

indie_dave's picture

Can't wait to try these!

Has anybody seen this bluetooth Gramovox on Kickstarter by any chance?

Austin's picture

These would be neat to have.

HK_sends's picture

I could use a pair of these at work!


-HK sends

Delete's picture

Gotta be in it to win it!

submaster's picture

They look great and I am sure they sound even better!  Maybe I will be one of the lucky three!

Docwa's picture

Great looking phones

HotKnowledge's picture

This is the first sweepstakes I've entered here and I hope to win. These look like a nice pair of headphones.

headphonista's picture

Being part of a Hispanic family, in which talking loudly is the norm, I would welcome these cans with open arms.

magi44ken's picture

I won....

cgradoslav's picture

Merry Christmas Inner Fidelity!

fihi1009's picture

Love these headphones! Design renewed as I can see...


Gojakla's picture

Thank you very much for the offer...

backNbiz's picture

The Audio-Technica ATH-ANC70 look like a decent pair of cans and I would love to do a review of these to post on my site:

nexus's picture

any luck?

reuvenim's picture


manatee's picture

One of my favorite audio companies from my ath-a900 cans and my their full line of professional recording mics.  Quality stuff with a distinct sound.

d.louie's picture

Noise cancelling, eh? Hmmm.....Oh Yeah!!!

sjward's picture

Thanks for all the giveaways. 

MasonSweats's picture

Wow this is an awesome prize! I would seriously love to win these, good luck to everyone!

Defiant00's picture

Thanks for the opportunity.

abpalencia's picture

I will like to win them for Christmas :)

niaomer's picture


Headcase's picture

But I'll be really happy with one!

dperryf's picture

Hoping to win!

spyder1's picture

They Look Fantastic!!

Shike's picture

Count me in!

bassace_mtb's picture

Dear Santa.....I've been very good and all I want for Christmas is to win these noise cancelling headphones!!!!!!!!!!

mjgeorge's picture

I'm in!

adel's picture

This is great. Thank you!

Linqil's picture

I would love to use these for my flights :)

dff's picture

Would be nice to have.

KG_Jag's picture

Would love to give this can a mid-cabin test on a peanut muching flight.

Cajunky's picture

FIngers Crossed!

MassiveTurboLag's picture

I would love to win these and not spend a fortune on a Bose QC whatever.'s picture

I hope to win these...

ultrabike's picture

Not profane or spam.

BadMoose's picture

...So I might as well enter!

ayres's picture

count me in!

mcdontho's picture

Let's Rock!

Clintg37's picture

I love my ATH M50's. I'm really curious to see how the sound quality of the ANC70's and M50's compare.

Bollotoral's picture

Great! wanna keep rocking with this beauty!

PBone's picture

Thanks for the opportunity!'s picture

want one...

tdherbert's picture

And would love to try these!

MarcoGV's picture

I wonder whether the NC feature works better than in the UE6000.

Robfine59's picture

And my just-won noise-canceling headphones

Robfine59's picture

And my just-won noise-canceling headphones

marty's picture

hmmmm, I've never used noise canceling headphones. Of course, if i win a set, i wil use them all the time!

Foblivio's picture

So help me out, here, ya hear?

Brown Sound's picture

Sign me up, Johnny!!

szaszayanou's picture

the winner is here

aopu.mohsin's picture

That's the pre-winning comment. And it will stay the same (in a present tense) if I win one of the three. God forbid, if I don't win any, then my post-losing comments will miserably be very profane. Let's hope, I don't share the profane screaming here... =)

gunnerweb's picture

Yes please.

mikepbrowning's picture

Uh huh

yalper's picture

I love sweepstakes but rarely win..

Yestify's picture

I can't decide what to say.

dangerdong's picture

Hope I win!:)

droilfade's picture

Hope I win!

Three Toes of Fury's picture

Im currently rubbing a rabbit foot while repairing broken mirrors, preventing folks from walking under ladders,  and avoiding all black cats.    Luck be a new set o cans tonite!


Thanks Innerfidelity for keeping the great give-aways a-going.   y'all rock!


Peace .n. Living in Stereo


Dumai's picture

Would love to try them!

HeadphoneUser7's picture

I would love to have a pair of Noise Cancellation Headphones for everday use.

Daedalus2002's picture

I got a pair of the UE6000 last month and the NC makes the sound terrible (and barely blocks out any noise). Are these comparable or a lot better?

spin33.3's picture

...I'm in

Tushgee's picture

wow these headphones look really cool. :)

ssoedi's picture

I never have a pair of noise canceling headphones. It would be nice to win this pair.

kewkiekrumbs's picture

I would love to have these babies for the holidays. Totally would rock my world!


More power to Innferfidelity!

Eturnety's picture

I already know they will sound great, probably will give away my old m50 if I win!

mellowbob's picture

Would love to win a pair!

bobusn's picture


Oh yes...they will be mine...

djarchow's picture

Thanks for the chance!

Argyris's picture

There's no harm in entering. I'm on this site quite frequently, anyway, so why not?

er_rns's picture

ok bring it on!

branon's picture

Inner fidelity fans not on the naughty list deserve to get a a pair of these 

eems90's picture

for my upcoming 15 hour plane ride! I really hope I win! :D

brrgrr's picture

Gonna win this time!

khangeorge's picture

Everyone loves free stuff and I had to bite it this time. I've been following this blog for a quite a while anyways, I guess it's time to add to the community. InnerFidelity rocks! 

AshleeRenee's picture

No more ppl interrupting my thought process at work!AvZhi

AshleeRenee's picture

No more ppl interrupting my thought process at work!AvZhi

lenbell's picture

would love these headphones

jnjtech's picture

Pick me...please? wink

Letshike's picture

...would look good hugging my big ears! Pick me!

eelnats's picture

These headphones look positively fantastic. I love how innerfidelity reviews headphones that appeal both to the regular consumer and to audiophiles. The noise canceling feature of these headphones would be great for me because I am a student, and it would help to block out excess noise to study for exams.  It would also be great for me to listen to my jazz music which I love so much.

Bobs Your Uncle's picture

No! Really, thank you but no. I do appreciate your generosity but I simply just couldn't.

...... Well heck, if you're going to be that way about it, then FINE! I'll accept a set & thank you most graciously! (Geeeze)


(Oh & by the way, youse guys is Great!)  Seriously, I haven't been around that long & I've never met a one of you, but InnerFidelity has proven to be just a very friendly & welcoming venue. I don't know; maybe it's all those HI-WHY-YA shirts.

kchamblin's picture


Thank you.

GrittySavage's picture

I hope I can win these sweet headphones. My wife usually yells at me so much and these would be a great noise reducer. I can pop these headphones on and enjoy senerity and peace. I can enjoy less earaches and maybe the bleeding will stop! Thanks!

Raneem's picture


DrDeviant's picture

oh, a sweepstakes.

mp3robbo's picture

These headphones look sick