V-MODA VAMP Verza Headphone Amplifier Sweepstakes

Register to win a V-MODA VAMP Verza Headphone Amplifier (MSRP $598.00) we are giving away.

According to the company:

Geared for the modern audio connoisseur, VAMP VERZA transforms your smartphone into a mobile hi-fi system. Designed in Italy and made in Japan, it builds off of the original VAMP for iPhone 4/4S featuring an integrated 150mW x 2 headphone amplifier, 2 DAC (Digital-to-Analog Converters) and a 2200mAh battery pack. VAMP VERZA also introduces the patent-pending VERZADOCK that seamlessly integrates with popular smartphone and tablets.

VAMP VERZA can be used as a standalone Hi-Fi USB Audio amplifier, or mobile audiophiles can dock it with the machined METALLO case built specifically for the Samsung Galaxy S III. A Case for the iPhone 5 will be available in the upcoming months. Metallo slides and locks onto VERZA’s high-performance audio engine with the VERZADOCK rail mechanism designed for optimal precision and tactility. The case can be used independently with the included back cover for times when portability is more important than function.

VAMP VERZA’s audiophile-grade dedicated DACs extracts pure digital output from your computer, Android, or iOS device via USB/micro-USB and converts it into analog form for the purest mobile audio listening experience.  VERZA’s 150mW x 2 amplifier delivers enhanced power for higher end headphones and up to 7 hours of playback.  Low noise anti-interference is provided by Burr Brown, AKM DAC and a 6-layer PCB, features usually found only in hi-end digital players. These features isolate the components so your audio sounds more like the original recording with less resonance, radio interference and background noise. VAMP’s rotary volume knob allows you to finely control your volume and the hi/lo gain switch adjusts the output level.

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shakil.sonic's picture

Cute little sonic giant, I want you in my pocket right now!

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misformatt's picture

Slick piece of kit!

bayleb's picture

I wanted to audition this amp but no one near me has one you can try :(

vahab93's picture

Have wanted one of these for a long time.

varsitypride3's picture

ooh ooh! me me me! Would go great with my V-moda M100 :)

Bill B's picture

ooh ooh!

Edder N Vega's picture

I love have it to use with my actual head phones or my coming k550

NyquistRate's picture

. . .  but that would reduce my chances of actually winning something.  :)

br777's picture

entering to win!

ThanklessPanda's picture

Really love the M100, wouldn't mind a VERZA to go with it!

mikerr's picture

muchly appreciated

howardk's picture

I want it.

cthinker's picture

Have enjoyed and appreciated this site for some time as a "non-member". What a sweetener to entice me to join. 

Thanks for all you do,


lucidsoul24's picture

Wonder how this would stack up against the Apex Glacier?...let's find out!

SweetSpotLeung's picture

I want it I need it!

SweetSpotLeung's picture

I want it I need it!

steve's picture

But it looks pretty awesome.

Jeff Y's picture

oh, a christmas present for me!

apravink's picture

Probability says I wont win. I disagree

Gandasaputra's picture

I want this for my christmas present

iamnotramon's picture

Pick meeeeeeeee

walleyeil's picture

It will be wonderful for Xmas.

wertzius's picture

Wow, what a nice amplifier!

Luxury17's picture

Sounds like a great headphone amp!

zeeke's picture

I could really go for this for xmas ;)

ebjarrell's picture

I really, really need this.  My NuForce is dying.

longbowbbs's picture

You can send it my way please!

stuevts's picture

Hope I get lucky!

pazaman's picture

A very interesting item especially when taken in context with the metallo case.
I want to use and explore these two in combo and start working with them and
on them to see what needs to be done to advance and develop them
Very well done........more needed here and there with imagination and inventiveness.
Keen as if inspired

eems90's picture

I saw the video of the product from Vmoda, (I think in an interview with Jude?), I really wanted to try it, but couldn't because of the price.. I really hope I can try this out! :D

mikerr's picture

Have an excellent site, I visit every day. Thanks

eelnats's picture

never had an amp before so why not give it a try?

Bschliesman's picture

Scotty.......I need more power!

MassiveTurboLag's picture

Man I never had the stomach to pay the asking price for this even though it's cool as hell. This is my one chance. 

Elmariachi43's picture

This looks like it sounds awesome!!!

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cgradoslav's picture

this is a nice headphone amp, hope i win. thanks innerfidelity.

bobbytheapple's picture

I would appreciare it a whoel lot!

Oscar14's picture

Recently purchased a Shure SE215 for use on business trips. The Vamp would be a great addition to use with my i-phone and Shure earphones.

F150Terp's picture

I hope I win... my first post

bcswan's picture

This would go well with my M-100s

keath23's picture

This will make an excellent gift (for me)!!!!!!

alexgerli's picture

This would be a great fit for my new IEMs

thexlarch's picture

I like it 

curtdog65's picture

it will be under my tree????

Jazz1's picture

This would be a great college graduation gift for the audiophile offspring! It's been a long journey believe me ;)

NorthStar's picture

for one of the music lovers in my family.  Thanks for the chance (however small) to win this!

backNbiz's picture

This would make the best holiday gift. Also I would love to win the V-MODA VAMP Verza

to review on my site <http://headphones0.wordpress.com/> Check it Out! Happy Holidays!

hellercraft3's picture

this would just make my day.

Beakz's picture

It's all for fun guys, remeber that.

zack99's picture

V moda products are really cool.I was looking for portable amp so I think this amp will rock my Christmas. Thanks for much information about the product https://www.msegat.com

TheChicagoWay's picture

I'll take two, please!

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HideousPride's picture

Would be fantastic to win one of these!

ReformationTruth's picture

This would be a FANTASTIC Christmas present.

absolem's picture

Here's to my chances at winning.

axejazz's picture

Nice headphone boost.

bzbnd's picture

I want this ! B-)

CobelAli's picture

I would love to have a real portable amplifier to replace my homemade Cmoy amp.

jakubg's picture

What a great giveaway!

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MrYuck's picture

Oh my I just started my foray into nice audio with the HD 600's, and now I need an amp, but am daedbroke. This would be so lovely...

ClemsonAVFan's picture

This would make a great addition to my headphones.

tanopereira's picture

It looks fantastic, i probably need one

sterlinghancock's picture

i definitely would not mind winning =)

BobMc's picture

Give me a Merry Christmas

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Ormy51's picture

Merry Christmas

techfish's picture

Xmas is coming early! I feel it!

liuj88's picture

I want one!!!

saga440's picture

This amp could be my new child, I would kiss it.

Snir's picture

There is always hope, never give up. :)

lenbell's picture

this is an amazing device..would love to have

Riktar's picture

I would love to get these for Christmas!! 

justex07's picture

I've been lusting over these since I first saw one online. So beautiful, can only imagine how amazing they sound!

RTorque's picture

Perfect gift for me!!

Nilderf's picture

I've been wanting to try this thing. I hope it's actually good!

kravlin's picture

Definitely looks like a sweet piece of kit.

pmckenna3's picture

Never pass up an opportunity to improve my sound system

jazzfan's picture

And another chance to win!!

Ricosan's picture

I once was a person who would just plug in a go... Then my buddy let me borrow his headphone amp... I wasn't prepared for what I was about to listen to... It's the layers, bro... THE LAYEEEEEEEERRRRRRSSS!!!!! 

mkbtam's picture

It looks great and I hope it sound matches it's looks.

iamleo's picture

Impressive design. Would like to see how it pairs with my low impedance headphones.

tedcole's picture

I need some head therapy......

razevi3's picture

Crossing my fingers.

tf1216's picture

I know exactly what to do with this enlightenedsmiley

tf1216's picture

I know exactly what to do with this enlightenedsmiley

Conguerro234's picture

Way to go

Joe's picture

I need this

culturadehielo's picture

I want it...!

garciaalfredo's picture

This would be the most amazing Christmas present for me!!! I want it!!! 

apotek's picture

Best of luck to me 

Richiyaado's picture

... V Moda! And who doesn't like vamps?

audioz's picture

. . . and when you send me my prize please include a case for the iphone 5s.

pkornnh's picture

I hope it sounds as good as it looks!

lucien's picture

Way better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.

zaustin3's picture

This would be a great addition to my HRTmicroStreamer output on my system.

HT Guy's picture

Never had a headphone amp.  This would be an excellent upgrade to my Integra 80.2 preamp.  Retirees can't afford this great amp.

SharpEaredUrsus's picture

I have recently suffered the indignity of having to part with my full-scale stereo rig and am transitioning to a micro-system using headphones/amp/DAC now. This amp would sure sweeten the pot as I pursue a totally different kind of rig!

imanpaul's picture

beautiful.  i want one.

IgAK's picture

This, a small Christmas tree and a road...

GRBWITT's picture

Looks utterly intriguing and seductive!  PLease tell me I won.

d3vo's picture

Hope I win!

woundup's picture

Good luck all.

Bogdobbler's picture

Hope I am too!

Kamaka's picture

Would be nice to have a portable rig that doesn't involve bands or dual lock. Thanks for doing the give away. Gl to all.

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Severian's picture

I never win stuff but it would be fabulous to have one!

jazzinfluenced's picture

I never win anything crying

ebjarrell's picture

I sooooooooooooo need this one.

khangeorge's picture

These sweepstakes are so awesome. Despite the minimal chance of actually winning, it brings up fantastic products I've never heard of.

Copacetic's picture

once, but it was back in the 90's, so I'm hoping that lady luck sees fit to look my way again, 'coz I've been lusting after one of these since I heard about them.

They seem like the only way to make a silk purse out of the sows ear that is Spotify, and that represents at least 50 per cent of my listening!

Jamie Escamilla's picture

I HOPE to win this amp!

CLW's picture

Headphones -Check


amp-it will be here soon

lar910's picture

And to me if I am a lucky winner.

identitypass's picture

Great amp! Unique design!

Hope I could have a chance to pair it with my iPhone ;)

pftr79's picture

This thing is seriously slick!  Saw one at a recent audio show and pretty sure the all-black version is Batman's choice.

lcriste's picture

Looks like a quality product, I hope to find out. Thanks!cool

TrueBornPaisano's picture

Love this piece of kit! Good luck to all!

Pony Coyote's picture

I'd like to win these

gsuen's picture

This is pretty cool!

Kyo's picture

Nice looks

DaBomb77766's picture

I'd like one! Good luck, everyone!

goaliedad39's picture

I could surely give this a nice home!  Thanks!

albermx's picture

I've heard nothing but great things about this bad boy.  Hopefully, I get to win it!

natethecat's picture

would be nice to hear close to audiophile anything from a hand held device!

Reproman's picture

Would like to have one!

Reproman's picture

Would like to have one!

weirdguy500's picture

would love to win this

Kurt Gruetzner's picture

I want one too.

tbjuwa720's picture

wink First, I love this site!  Great,intelligent content for those of us of a "certain generation" looking for real sound!

Would love to step up my listening pleasure with this amp.  What a wonderful holiday present to myself this would be.

Me, please! yes

cliffkatz's picture

I'd love to win this headamp.

gacf2008's picture

NIce amplifier, look nioce in my phone

EndersShadow's picture

Throw my name in the ring for this baby.

blueangel2323's picture


johneli's picture

Another cool product from innerfidelity. 

bakushin's picture

Woot woot! This would be awesome :D

Kookie Monster's picture

would be flipping sweet!