Audio-Technica SonicFuel ATH-OX7AMP premium on-ear headphones with built-in amplifier Sweepstakes

Register to win a set of Audio-Technica SonicFuel ATH-OX7AMP premium on-ear headphones with built-in amplifier (MSRP $299.95) we are giving away.

According to the company:

The SonicFuel ATH-OX7AMP on-ear headphones deliver premium sound through large 40 mm drivers and built-in, high-output amplifiers that enhance any type of musical selection, maximizing the detail and clarity of your music like never before. The amplifiers run on a AAA battery (included), however batteries are not necessary for audio output – the headphones operate normally regardless of battery power.

The sleek, modern design includes two detachable cords – one regular and one with an in-line mic, volume and controller to answer/end calls, play/pause music and adjust volume on compatible smartphones and devices – while a padded, adjustable headband uniquely conforms to the shape of your head providing a stable fit that further enhances your listening experience. Carrying pouch included.

Music is your energy for life – the fuel for your heart and soul. SonicFuel™ headphones are made specifically for active, daily use, to power you forward by delivering extraordinary comfort, style and an immersive listening experience that never sounds artificial, processed or filtered. Just pure sonic goodness for the high-octane tempo of your life.


  • Built-in high-output headphone amplifier provides more clean power and volume for greater detail, clarity and faster dynamic response
  • 40 mm drivers for clear & natural high fidelity sound
  • Includes two detachable cords – one regular and one with in-line mic, volume & controller for smartphones and music players like Android phones, iPhone, iPad and iPod
  • Flat, tangle-free cords
  • Padded headband conforms to the shape of your head to provide a stable fit for a better listening experience
  • Carrying pouch included

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[This Sweepstakes is now closed.]

Bill B's picture

I'll be gracious and humble if I win

mikey_b's picture

Nice cans from a great company. I thank you in advance.

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Big fan of AT

DaveK1977's picture

I'd love to give these a shot. After all, A-T made my go-to cans.

maka1363's picture

Just trying my luck!

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Sign me up!

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These look great!!

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I have never won anything like this in my entire life... and I'm old. Please let this be the first. Thanks.

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I would love to have these headphones...

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Would love to win!

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For a burning sound? It's gonna be hot!

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Awesome! Love this site, thanks for all you do.

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Thank you

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Awesome. Sign me up.

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I'm new to the audiophile world... These headphones would be a great starter part of cans for me!
btw, this site is AWESOME!

Sanger's picture

Hope I win

Dick James's picture

Extra headphones always come in handy.

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I'm grateful for ears that hear. Would love to hear these ATH-OX7AMP headphones! Thank you for the chance.

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Hope i win this time!'s picture

Support the idea of in phone amplifier!

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Lady luck, it's that time.

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Me! Thanks.

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Nice headphones

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Awesome sweepstake! Love a chance at them!

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never won anything so far.Always a first time :)

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One of these days I'd like to read the rules section for eligibility and see it open to something other than just the US. I mean c'mon, I'm Canadian... we're literally next door.

fpaquet's picture

Wow, I'd love to hear them. Own them, Brag about them. And of course we able to tell everyone I have a pair of "Sonic Fuel" headphones with a straight face.

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I'd like to be entered in your sweepstakes.

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I would like to be entered. Thank you

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Would like to give these a test run--or if I should win them, something a bit longer.

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Calĺ me Lucky Luke

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New Headphone to listen to ! Thank you in advance.

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Some nice cans

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Active amplifier headphones. Sure, why not.

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great innovation

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I would love to win this.

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i would love this headphones

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These looks so sleek.

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Will be a nice addition to my collection

SpiderNhan's picture

I wonder how it sounds.


Interesting, I've never encountered a headphone with a built-in amp before. Isn't it redundant to be using a source's amp as well as a secondary amp?

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Love AT cans!

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For the win

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I'm an addict! Need a new pair of phones to feed my addiction and these sound fun to explore! Please pick me.

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would love to hear these!

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Thank you, for this opportunity!

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Great concept - love to hear more about them!

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...I like the fact that they can be used with or w/o a AAA.
Thanks for the opportunity!

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Look like nice cans with a built in amp.

neo's picture

I'd love to win this beauty

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I would love some headphones to go with my bowers and wilkins and sd my seenheiser cans diversity rocks

Akmax57's picture

I can see headphones going this direction, with built in amps and DAC. I'd love to have a pair like this, so I'm putting my hat in the circle to win.

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For the win!

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Would love to have these for travel!! nice set.

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Looks Great! Sign me up.

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I always was and still am a huge fan of AT gear. Would happily use this one:)

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been a fan of AT for years. would be great to have another pair.

Gitts's picture

Nuff said really, would love some full size cans. Can't see these being too far from great!!

ralph.zuniega's picture

I have been a long time fan of Innerfidelity's page. The headphone measurements section is awesome and is a wealth of information free for the public to access.

I'm a headphone enthusiast and would definitely love to own one of these! :)

noirx7's picture

Next thing will be a built in DAC

paul's picture

Yes, please.

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Ric1live's picture

Audio technica never disappoints in the style of its products. I hope I get a chance to listen to these

brotherlea's picture

So, is this model slated to be tested here? I'm really curious about the amplifier (and need thereof). A tiny HD radio tuner and I might be happy with these.

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Concept. Thanks for the contest

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I am in!

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Thanks for the opportunity!

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Want so bad

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Let's do it

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Sign me up.

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interesting headphones!

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No NC feature?

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Why not baby? :)

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for the win :)

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I have yet to hear Audio Technica's house sound, so it would be a great opportunity to try it with these. Thanks for giving us a chance to win.

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Would love to see what these can do :)

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Hope its me!

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i wanna win

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Sign me up!

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Forboding sense of doom, but will win anyways, like always, as in never. Good luck, chaps!

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Good contest.

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Electronics in my headphones? Innerfidelity has taught me to be suspicious, but these could surprise me.

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Could use these.

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Maybe it's my lucky day?

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Would Love to Rock a pair ~

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I joined, I logged in, I commented...

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I could always use a new pair of cans.

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I need some portables!!!! Pick me!!!

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I'd love to hear these phones!

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I'm in.

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Thank you very much.

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A new sweepstakes, sign me up!

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InneFidelity rocks!

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Wouldn't it be nice to win? I couldn't find on this website or stereophile website whether an entry on both sites invalidates me, but I'll try anyway.

jazzhead's picture

Interesting concept for headphones. I'll let you know what I think when I win these.....

Ormy51's picture

Would look good on me

dto4life's picture

thank you Audio-Technica, love the M50x

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Please. Need another always

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I'd love to win a set of headphones!

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Those look like some cool headphones :D.

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Hope I win!

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I'll ride this horse.

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To jam on!

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lucky day

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so here is another - hope it is not a duplicate

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I'll take one.

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Wow, I hope to win one of these!

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Be great if I won..

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I'd really like a pair!

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I want to win

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I'd like to be entered, please!

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love these, thanks

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I found this site just doing some research, now I check for new content all the time.

Keep up the great work.

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Would be great to start my audio technica journey here! hope i win!

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These headphones would be a fantastic addition to my collection.'s picture

I hope I win!

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Sure, of course I'll throw ye' hat in.

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I enjoy your talks with Scott Wilkinson on his Home Theater Geek podcast.

Elmariachi43's picture

Yes please!

funambulistic's picture

Love to give 'em a try!

JRsCans's picture

Holding off buying NAD VISO HP50 in case I win these babies. How do they compare?

korkedkevin's picture

I am currently using a pair of Sennheiser 202's and am looking for an upgrade. Audio Technica is a brand i have seen many people use, and all appear wonderful.

jay_dubya's picture

I have been looking for a new pair of headphones for work.

chipdriver's picture

I would love to win these for my son's 18th birthday which is right around the corner. Love the website and all the information.

weinerd's picture

in for the win!

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Built-in amp. I love it!

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Thank you for the opportunity!

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This would be my third Audio-Technica Headphone.

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come on baby! papa needs a new set of cans!

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Have a couple of AT products and would love to have these as well

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for free stuff.

ericj's picture

chicken dinner!
Thanks for taking the time to do this for us. I would love to win, just like everyone else!

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Sign me up! I have always been a fan of both Inner fidelity and Audio Technica.

foobar's picture

Might as well give it a try :)

PMM's picture

and Audio Technica.

Bobs Your Uncle's picture

From the contest posting ..... "any comment will do, as long as it's not profane or spam."

Some/many of us hold the opinion that "spam" by it's very nature is profane. Especially if it interferes with an opportunity to score a "Sweet Set O' Cans!"

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Sounds good!

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If I win, I'll win.

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Chances are slim but oh well... Tyll are you gonna review it too tho?

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Let's try...

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Thanks for another great contest.....

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they look interesting

emartinezpr's picture

It would be a great companion to my ATH M50.

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Thanks a lot for the (hopefully) chance to win them!!

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Thank you for the giveaway! An amp in a can - that is a first for me.