Vanatoo Transparent One Speakers Sweepstakes

Register to win a pair of Vanatoo Transparent One Speakers (MSRP $499.00) we are giving away.

According to the company:

The Vanatoo Transparent One powered speakers set a new price/performance benchmark in the audiophile world. They produce unexpectedly great sound quality (honest, tight bass down to 48Hz!) from small bookshelf speakers that give you a lot of flexibility in how you use them. They are equally at home as a desktop audio system, a music streaming solution for a room where you want music but not stacks of equipment, or as a compact system you take with you on your weekend getaways.

Just the Facts: 48-20,000Hz +/- 3dB response at 90dB+ over listening window; 5 ¼ inch aluminum cone XBL woofer; 1 inch silk dome tweeter; 5 ¼ inch long-throw passive radiator; 60 watt/channel D2Audio amplifier with integrated DSP; Built in DAC with USB, coax, and optical inputs; Analog input; Volume, bass, and treble controls; Subwoofer output with auto-sensing (removes bass from Transparent One); 3 year warranty; Supported by the people who designed it and know it best!

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[This Sweepstakes is now closed.]

farkmeil's picture

I could REALLY use some desk speakers. Work is killing me.

jhead's picture

would dig them mightily

edwardhowrongtu's picture

Looks good!

QuartBernstein's picture

/Insert interesting point of made-up argument

Any counter points?

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KikassAssassin's picture

Definitely could make use of these.

silence.slack's picture

Hope to try these soon ... with a glass of wine :)

Slarnos's picture

Count me in.

cobhc829's picture

Would love to have a nice pair of desktop speakers!

stunta's picture

I have the B&W MM-1s at home and miss not having a subwoofer out. If I win this, it will likely replace the MM-1s.

zowki's picture

Hope I win!

Hankster's picture

These would sound, and look, great next to my iMac...

nyonya's picture

These look great! Good luck everyone.

Kierkes's picture

who would love these forever. I'd take them for myself, but plans to travel the world don't gel well with owning speaker. :)

peterroumian's picture

don't feel like reading the complete rules so if the Sweepstakes are not international skip my comment. However if I win I see a problem with power because in my country (Bulgaria) the power rating is 230v....

kg5q's picture

If you win you can buy a step down transformer that is not expensive and drop the 230 V down to 120 volts very simply. its just a simple autotransformer with a 2:1 ratio. so.. if you win its not a big problem

peterroumian's picture

I was hoping for an European version

kg5q's picture

If you win you can buy a step down transformer that is not expensive and drop the 230 V down to 120 volts very simply. its just a simple autotransformer with a 2:1 ratio. so.. if you win its not a big problem

Type35's picture

The Vanatoos, a glass of wine and some good tunes; what more can you ask for?

Richiyaado's picture

One hopes so!

martian's picture

My room is sadly lacking in speakers at the moment

Dick James's picture

I feel a winner.

Stevelgbch's picture

And send it. I'll give it a good home.

markbrauer's picture

nede speakers.

Grave's picture

Sure, I could use some speakers.

allthetime's picture

This will hook my college son into a lifetime of consuming ever-increasingly expensive audio equipment instead of taking vacations or buying his wife jewelry. hahaha.

Xavier's picture

Transparent? I hope to see them for real...

BUBU1954's picture

I want them now.

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Tari's picture


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shultzee's picture

Would love to enjoy these.

labrown05's picture

Free speakers

ssorg's picture

obligatory comment. kthnx!

Raust's picture


noilly's picture

Thanks for the contest!

David Boulet's picture

Best of luck to everyone.

ArtyFishal's picture

I was literally just looking for a set of good desktop speakers! Crosses fingers.

zepplock's picture

what kind of wine is that?

DJ UnderDInfluence's picture

I run a Internet Radio Station and have a great Crew of DJ's I would love to give these to a DJ we have who is in need of some good speakers.

torturegarden's picture

I could use some new computer speakers.

calaf's picture

pick me! Pick me!!!

mcdontho's picture

Rocking monitors!

Delete's picture

Mighty generous of you.
Thx Tyll

JoelT's picture


Impulse's picture

All in

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Eggrenade's picture

I like ham.

Edder N Vega's picture

I want that, look good

wcgryphon's picture

these would be quite nice...

lesliejazz's picture

Would love to win!

spyder1's picture

I need these for computer audio!

noirx7's picture

Hope to get one!

jhwalker's picture


Ness's picture

Would love to have these as a Christmas present! Was going to make an account anyways, seems like this is the perfect time to!

fleasbaby's picture

Free speakers!

riffraffbon74's picture

Very cool design consolidating everything in to one package.

neoterix's picture

Great ways to improve reader engagement!

TonyN's picture

I could use these:)

Za Warudo's picture


tRuE008's picture

good luck everyone!

RoadDawgWest's picture

to my desktop headphone system.

audioz's picture

I'll give them a good home!

Jlr0025's picture

I could definitely use a pair of desk speakers! It's tough trying to listen to music at night on my normal rig, too loud. These would be perfect.

aopu.mohsin's picture

Let me know when I have to send my mailing address.

theera wongnate's picture

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ultrabike's picture
Me likes, so I want.
Long time listener's picture

is what I need

om05964's picture

I need these active monitors.

grizzlybeast's picture

: ) thats pretty cool. I wonder if any site impressions/review will follow.

Good luck everyone!

rraudio's picture

These could be a lot of fun...

alluria's picture

I have been lurking until now. This is just too good an offer! Oh please let me win this.

SujanMore's picture

Never heard of Vanatoo,understandable as my (lack of) knowledge on speakers.

Looks Pro as hell though!:D

weinerd's picture

Sweet, thanks for the chance!

redshift's picture

Thanks for running the contest!

Keebo27's picture

Fingers crossed.

Gooberslot's picture

Those look really cool. I wouldn't mind having a pair. :)

Cotnijoe's picture


reuvenim's picture

So, please...

GearMe's picture

Well thought out. If the sound is equally good, appears to be a winner.

kabjunk's picture

...count me in....

JML's picture

They'd go well with my Oppo HA-1 on my desktop...

Defiant00's picture

Thanks for the sweepstakes!

hifiguy62's picture

Just once it would be nice to win

Skyline's picture

Yes, please.

ramblr's picture

Any comment will do.

timivie's picture

These would be perfect for my son's room

funambulistic's picture

Would like a pair.

aiaosu's picture

I would love to win. I've never won anything from something like this.

tf1216's picture

...and I would like a pair.

Dangold's picture

Really think that I should get the speakers!

seannymac1's picture

These would be awesome!

kurwenal's picture

Exactly what I was looking for!

Three Toes of Fury's picture

enjoy these speakers to the fullest...and drink lots of red wine while listening to them!!!


Peace .n. Living in Stereo


canetsbe's picture

Good luck everyone!

Azteca X's picture

I would love some nearfield monitors!

Ed S's picture

I haven't been able to makeup my mind about new PC speakers... AudioEngine? Emotiva? Now Vanatoo! Winning would certainly help make the decision for me!

AudioFreak's picture

Would be a perfect addition to my setup!

Marcello's picture

I want them anyway ;)

Merck's picture

Rolling the dice.

kchamblin's picture

I can't wait!

forkboy1965's picture

Such weird timing... I have been reading reviews of desktop-oriented, powered speakers for a few weeks. These, as well as Adam Audio, had really caught my eye.

techfish's picture

Thanks! Hope i win!

lonceros's picture

how do they compare to audioengine a2, i wonder!

mraudio's picture

Sign me up.

MBan's picture

Count me in :)

miceblue's picture

"9. Winner List: The prizewinner name will be available by sending a stamped self-addressed envelope after February 21, 2014 to Vanatoo Transparent One Speakers Sweepstakes - c/o TEN: The Enthusiast Network, LLC, 831 South Douglas Street, El Segundo, CA 90245 Attn: Legal."
Shouldn't that be February 21, 2015?

bradleyp's picture

These have my name on them.

Eli's picture

Nice Speakers! Could use those.

JIGF's picture

count me in!

Valens7's picture

Thanks for all that you do, Tyll and company. :)

Asr's picture

Thanks for the chance to win!

Special Spartan's picture

But I could really use these for my desk! Good luck everyone!

brrgrr's picture

I've been yearning for new speakers.

DaveinSM's picture

I have a pair of M-Audio AV-40s run through an fiio e17 dac out from my MacBook pro on which all my CDs are burned onto ALAC files, I would be curious to hear if these sound better. I use this desktop rig in my home office to play along with tunes on my guitar and amp.

Questhate's picture

Hook me up, Tyll.

johthor's picture

Here is hoping.

Rian's picture

Thanks for the promotion!

Guitarist9273's picture

I promise to use these to annoy my room mate. :)

sully45's picture

Yes Please

parkermo's picture

let me get some speakers!

Elmariachi43's picture


Audiognome's picture

Love Speakers!!!!!

Fennrarr's picture

Would love to get a nice pair of speakers for my setup! Can't always wear headphones you know.

jrussell484's picture

Interesting, they have direct inputs for Optical and Coax Digital, so built in Dac, looks like a good and simple do all solution.

utopianemo's picture

I'd sure like to win these!

ArrrrghPyrates's picture

This my entry :)

MikeM74's picture

I need to hear these speakers. Thanks

Grave's picture

Hopefully the built in DAC is decent but it does look like it has everything.

ronnoc95's picture

I too would like to get some free speakers. These look great!

jpelg's picture

Want. Ticks all my boxes!

colt1664's picture

Those look awesome!

nicdub's picture

Looking forward to winning ;-)


I'd love to have a pair.

indialogue's picture


carfentanil's picture

I had been considering adding some speakers (although at least a year or two away, for budgeting reasons) of this size to one or two rooms in my apartment. While catching up on headphone-related news after several months away from the audio addiction, these gems showed up on InnerFidelity!! Good luck to all! I do wonder if they would integrate with my Pioneer FS52's. It would be ironic for the surrounds to be more than 3x as expensive as the fronts, lol.

Yoguy17's picture

I could really use a pair of powered speakers!

ClemsonAVFan's picture

Would love to win some speakers.

navalverde's picture

Gratz to whoever wins these babies!

cjr72's picture

They would look good on my desk.

mathomas's picture

I heard these at last year's RMAF, and was impressed enough to mention them in my YouTube RMAF review. Would love to have a set.

battermoose11's picture

I have lusted for a pair for quite a while, maybe me.

liuj88's picture

Pick me, please!

xander01's picture

Could definitely use some powered speakers in my collection!

Bobs Your Uncle's picture

Who do that Vanatoo that you do so well?

fpaquet's picture

yes, please enter my name for the sweepstakes. Have I mentioned this is the finest audiophile site on the planet?

sete's picture

I could use me some desktop speakers!

CCS's picture

Commenting for the speakers. Hope I win.

siluro's picture

I've heard such good things about these, now I want to actually hear them!

Shike's picture

They look nice, count me in.