Needle Doctor Sennheiser Momentum Headphones Sweepstakes

Register to win a set of Sennheiser Momentum Headphones (MSRP $299.95) from Needle Doctor we are giving away.

According to the company:

Sennheiser has long made some of the world’s best headphones, and they continue to do so today. Based in Germany, Sennheiser designs and builds headphones with one objective in mind - unrivaled sound quality. A look through their catalog will quickly render a picture of a company sparing no expense to obtain the desired goal while keeping prices in the ‘real world’ realm.

The Momentum headphones represent a modern take on tried and true design principles. These closed-back headphones are as accurate as they come, with great extension that paints a realistic picture with any genre. With a frequency response of 16-22khz, no audible frequency band is left untouched.

Stylistically, the Momentums are sharp and clean. They feature a nicely stitched leather cup and headband, and a solid steel slider for adjustment. The cups are as comfortable as any you’ll find, which makes them easy for longer listening sessions.

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To enter the sweepstakes, all you need is an account on this website. If you don't already have one, click on the link labeled "register" at the bottom of this announcement or "LOG IN/JOIN" in the nav bar at the right. Then, enter a username and a valid e-mail address, and click on the "Create new account" button. A message will be automatically sent to the e-mail address you specified, which will include a link to activate the account.

The final step (and only step for those who already have an account) is to log in and leave a comment right here on this announcement—any comment will do, as long as it's not profane or spam. Then, when the sweepstakes closes, a lucky commenter will be chosen at random to receive the prize. So post a comment, and good luck!

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[This Sweepstakes is now closed.]

Ending27's picture

I'm in!

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I like ham.

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I love these. Pick me!

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Me! Me! Me!

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Merry Christmas

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So, is there one winner for InnerFidelity and different winner for AudioStream? Or are all the entries across sites aggregated and just one winner across multiple sites?

Danimal's picture

Love the thought of winning a pair of these!

Gandasaputra's picture

definitely want these headphone since I only one headphone (AKG K518) in my collection. I'm curious bout Sennheiser's sound signature which is most people praise of.

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Let me win!

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Gimme dem phones'.

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I'm a winner

SujanMore's picture

These would start my momentum in full size headphones!
Thank You for starting the giveaway. :)

tony's picture

I own 4 pair of Sennheisers , I love em' and I'm planning to own the HD800s and the RS220s .
The headphone meets have the Grado people , I say that I'm a Sennheiser Man .
The Company supports their products , no matter how old they are .
I'm also anxious to hear their Active Studio Monitors ( Neumann ) I may own these too .

Tony in Michigan

ChristianM's picture

I never won anything but hope gonna win this one.

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I've had my eye out for a good pair of portables. These would, needless to say, definitely fit the bill.

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For this cool headphones

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These look really nice.

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Always wanted some momentums

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Would love to have these too.

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I can always use another pair of headphones.

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Gimmie gimmie gimmie!

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The Sennheiser Momentum Over Ear is one of the best closed headphone that deliver excellent sound straight from mobile devices, I had one and never hoping getting another one!!! To me, I dont think these guys are bass heavy at all, they just deliver right amout of bass at right moment; the mid is extremely sweet and the high is very pleasing to my ears (although a little bit lacking, but it makes listening to them very relaxing)

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One lucky person is going to have a sweet Christmas. Hope it's me.

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...and good luck

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Have to check out the Kenmare store.

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Amazing sound with beautiful design!

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Wonder how they sound…

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Let's do it

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Definitely time for an upgrade.

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Please let me win this. I promise to be good & only listen to high quality recordings.

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This time around.

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One can hope...

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To get caught up in the moment...ummmmm.

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I've always liked the looks of these; I'm in.

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I'd love to win! :)

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I've been checking these out for awhile. I hope they sound as good as they look.

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Sweet headphone!

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Another pair of good headphones always come in handy.

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I have not found any headphone sound signature that makes me as happy as the Sennheiser sound. The Momentum headphones would be the perfect portable complement to my HD600's I like so much.

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please please sennheiser

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I love these headphones.

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Eligibility: "resident of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia"

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Would love to win!

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anyone else think they look like the Pro 4/AA?

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in for 1

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hope I win

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these so bad >:{

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I would love to try these headphones out!

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'Tis the season to upgrade my cans please.

gunnerweb's picture

'Tis the season to upgrade my cans please.

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I could use a nice set of closed cans to supplement all my open sets.

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Got this lurker to register!

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Another Senn to add to my rotation!

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I'll give them to a hungry orphan who's never head the bliss of music.

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Very nice.

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Love these

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Those Sennheisers look su-weet! Fingers are crossed.

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Heard these a while back. Really wanted a pair but they haven't been in my budget :p

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Count me in

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Nice headphones

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Innerfidelity comes up with another sweeeeet contest!

Thanks gang! fingers crossed!

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Always happy to add new headphones to the collection. Thank you!

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Momento! I need those!

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to All!!

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Woo hoo!

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One of my first headphones was the HD424 way back in the 70's. Sennheiser is a company you can trust.

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I could use a new pair of sealed headphones.

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Look like they sound good

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Free headphones

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Love the website.

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Thanks Santa!

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Fingers crossed!

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I don't use headphones all that much, but with these, that's likely to change.

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Put my name in the hat

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Would love to win!

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Or have too many headphones

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Yes please!

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Sure, why not? The Momentum has at times piqued my interest, and who would say no to a free one?

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"2. Eligibility: Entrant must be 18 years of age or older as of December 2, 2014, 2014 and a resident of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia."

No love for us Canadian audiophiles? :<

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i have a spot under my tree for these!

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These look quite nice.

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I'll take Karen Valentine for the win, Peter.

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This would be great! Good luck everyone.

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Sound good!

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Count me in!

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wonderful site and a good prize!

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For a long time

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very cool!!

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I have a use for them...

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Always enjoyed the sennheiser house sound. Thanks for the contest!

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How do you make a monkey smile? Give him a set of momentums!

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I'm the most random person I know.

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Yup, still want to try these.

G.R.Noakes's picture Best Buy down the road; loved them but couldn't afford them. I'm in.

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It doth take but a moment um but you may win sum

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Fingers crossed!

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What I could use more of

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Bring me some new cans for Xmas. I've been good, I swear!

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Would like to have one.

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and i would love to win these sennheiser momentums

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Count me in and thanks for the giveaway

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Id love a pair of these!

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Sweepstakes, more like sweep steaks

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All the time. Count me in!

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Fingers crossed to win these!

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Was thinking of getting a pair of Amperiors, but this came along.
(Crossed Fingers!)

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Count me in.

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Nice sweepstakes!

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to add to my portable collection, I hope.

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Sign me up, I have been waiting for a giveaway like this. I haven't been able to get my hands on a pair of Momentums yet.

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so why not these also?

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I would love to win these!

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Searching for a sealed pair of cans that enjoy traveling, curling up by the turntable, and... long walks on the beach. Sorry, had to do it.

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Would love to win them! Have not heard any Sennheiser model aside from the HD201 years ago.

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These cans look - and sound - sweet!

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I am in.

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Ham and cheese

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Thank you for the opportunity!

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Just got some new ATH-M50x headphones, but some Sennheisers added to the collection wouldn't hurt. Sign me up!

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I can't wait to win these. I love sennheiser!!!

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I love to win for my daughter in her first year in college

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... I need new headphones.

Good luck everyone!

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I've been thinking about these for a bit now. It would be cool to be able to get them

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Have heard a lot of good things about these headphones

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Thanks for the contest,

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Thank you!

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is sweet!

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I have the over ear Sennheiser Momentums and they are nice

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I'm going to visit the temporary store in San Fransisco and will be happy to pick up my new 'phones there!

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Third times a charm. I've always wanted sennheisers

Xavier's picture

Yes I already have one... but if I have 2 ears on the same head, why not 2 of the same can?

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Good Luck Have Fun's picture

I keep telling my niece and nephew how Sennheisers are superior to Beats, and while they aren't curious about HD-800s, they are still growing increasing curious about Sennheiser. :) Regardless, I love Sennheiser, and thank them every day for their glorious flagships.

DaveK1977's picture

I've wanted to try a pair of these for a while, but they're behind the cheaper on-ear one, the HD-25II, and the Fidelio X2 on my list.

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A nice little stocking stuffer!

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Why hello there good looking

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One simply beautiful pair of want

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Always been a Sennheiser fan. Would love to have one of these.

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I hope I'm the lucky one!

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Lets try to hunt one of those for wife:)