Needle Doctor Sennheiser Momentum Headphones Sweepstakes

Register to win a set of Sennheiser Momentum Headphones (MSRP $299.95) from Needle Doctor we are giving away.

According to the company:

Sennheiser has long made some of the world’s best headphones, and they continue to do so today. Based in Germany, Sennheiser designs and builds headphones with one objective in mind - unrivaled sound quality. A look through their catalog will quickly render a picture of a company sparing no expense to obtain the desired goal while keeping prices in the ‘real world’ realm.

The Momentum headphones represent a modern take on tried and true design principles. These closed-back headphones are as accurate as they come, with great extension that paints a realistic picture with any genre. With a frequency response of 16-22khz, no audible frequency band is left untouched.

Stylistically, the Momentums are sharp and clean. They feature a nicely stitched leather cup and headband, and a solid steel slider for adjustment. The cups are as comfortable as any you’ll find, which makes them easy for longer listening sessions.

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[This Sweepstakes is now closed.]

Bennyboy's picture

Sure, why not?

drheadphone's picture

Great headphone!

Kristian R's picture

Great looking cans. Pick me, pick me. Merry X-man yall.

jabarihunt's picture

...purchased these last week. I went with the Audio Technica m50x Special Editions instead (primarily due to budget). Would love to win these!!!

Nebby's picture

posting here for my chance :) Thanks!

collateral's picture

I hope I get them in that color if I'm lucky enough to win.

hanzkasper's picture

right onto my head!

stonedeaf's picture

These would be great in my stocking next to my lump of coal. Is there coal in Georgia or just moonshine?

Karl Engel's picture

I would love to have these!

Bart's picture in!

RazrLeaf's picture

In for one (hopefully)!

aiaosu's picture

Thank you.... I'm in

doublea71's picture

It looks just like a Telefunken U47...

Jordan Aaron's picture

Excited about this giveaway! Would love to have a pair of momentums

mellowbob's picture

Hope I win!

GNagus's picture

I gotta upgrade from the Koss phones that are part of my avatar

techfish's picture

Been wanting a pair of these since they came out!

tgeb's picture

Done and done!

Edder N Vega's picture

I hope win this time

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Kool Kans!

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please, let me win these. Please :)

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i'm in also :D nice!

entrancetoexit's picture

Insert witty comment here. I never win anything, anyway...

zhenxu_zj's picture

Like to be the winner...

tjoe88's picture

I tried this at best buy. The sound was glorious. I could not try it with my music.

adman164's picture

I've always liked the look of these

xander01's picture

Always been a fan of these headphones.

calaf's picture

hope to win my first IF sweepstakes

aopu.mohsin's picture

first day of Christmas my true love will give to me...

komondor's picture

Was considering getting these for commuting, but they're too expensive. Heard its a bit too warm, but still clear and detailed.

Bobs Your Uncle's picture

I doubt I'm the 1st to state that; I could most definitely benefit from newly imbued momentous forces (heck, maybe even a change of direction while I'm at it); forces that would be fully supported & regenerated by just such a set of Senn Momentums.

Redbeemer's picture

I love my HD 598 for home use and a pair of Momentum would be great for portable use. Good Luck to everyone!

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CBrentC's picture

I hope I win.

rraudio's picture

This seems nice!

Capolan's picture

enter to purchase necessary.

crimbo's picture

I want headphones

Lopster's picture

I'd never heard of Needle Doctor before.

Schopenhauer's picture

Excellent! This got me to create an account for this site. Something I should've done a long time ago given I visit InnerFidelity every day. Keep up the good work!

mhelminski's picture

big Sennheiser fan! would love a pair of these!

colekwarden's picture

Thanks for the opportunity!

Uproar's picture

Present Sir... ;)

jonahsdad's picture

no comment.

joeydeke's picture

I win

Jim Tavegia's picture

to my home recording studio. Thanks.

donunus's picture

Cool, I'm in as well

kchamblin's picture

I REALLY need these!

jazzhead's picture

I'm up for winning these headphones!


Fennrarr's picture

I would love to win a pair of Momentums for on the go listening. I have my 400i's for use at home, but I really would love a pair of full sized headphones that are a little bit more portable!

Autobahn's picture

I learned everything I know about headphones from this site so I'm indebted to the man whether I win these Sennheisers or not. Much thanks.

Mammalhammer's picture

Lorum Ipsum Yo!

flatmap's picture

and I enjoy the color choices.

Erlend's picture

a pair of those for xmas.

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sully45's picture

Count me in

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Keep up the good work!

bkeeler10's picture

I am in need of a new set of phones and would love to win these. Thanks.

Rabbit's picture

I just can't resist!!

mikepbrowning's picture

I would love a pair.

seannymac1's picture

Yes please...

gama's picture

Love the reviews and comparisons! Keep em coming!

pubtronic's picture

Santa Please choose me. I am following you as you make your way through the North Pole. Hope you drop in

tnelson's picture

Fingers crossed

guerillaw's picture

I loved these when I owned them but, alas, my large ears were too large for the normal sized ear cups. I Would love to pass these on for the Holidays to someone with more human features.

urhlre's picture

I hope to have it.

BryanTran's picture

Good luck me. Thanks me.

Awk34's picture

fingers crossed

mr.khali's picture

Would love to try these

Raust's picture

Count me in!

svenska's picture

What a great gift for my kid.

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katie's picture

Thank you needle doctor

dustdevil's picture

I've been using my hd555 for 5 years, so a new headphone would be nice

spyder1's picture

Are beautiful, in their functional design.

ClemsonAVFan's picture

I am always interested in the opportunity to try out some headphones.

dch's picture

Count me in!

dff's picture

Sounds good.

KG_Jag's picture

Someone has to win...

mikerr's picture

Sennheiser is the Greatest~

jezz's picture

It would be lovely to win. I've been looking for a pair of closed headphones for work.

Kierkes's picture

the drill! G'luck folks!

kabjunk's picture

sign me up...

ofern321's picture

I'm in.

stevanc's picture

I never win...

shille85's picture

Need new headphones bad

audiomike's picture

I heard the Sennheiser Momentums at a store demo not too long ago and came away really impressed.

Rmhead's picture

Some headphones

Rmhead's picture

Some headphones

paluchador's picture

Thanks for doing this sweepstakes. I'm new to the site, but it's been instrumental in my research for my next set of headphones. Currently between the Urbanites, Solo2, or maybe these Momentum on-ears.

khangeorge's picture

This sounds awesome!

bruinista's picture

Daddy needs some headphones!

F150Terp's picture

Count me in.

opocalypso's picture

love these products!

d0od's picture

Did I win??...

Crisken's picture

These pair of headphones are very well made, it'd be an honor to receive these cans.

Astrozombie's picture

We love Tyll!


By Sennheiser is the best.

MrO's picture

Now that's a sweet giveaway :D

ThatAlienBloke's picture

Count me in.

hifiguy62's picture

Merry Christmas everyone

shlokkamdar's picture

I'm in for the sweepstakes contest!

mjgeorge's picture

Count me in!

riffraffbon74's picture

I have Sennheiser mics but no headphones yet. I would love these.

riker1384's picture

I could use a pair of good closed cans.

ArtyFishal's picture

Come on Lady Luck, back me up.

gellernoam's picture

Hooooooo Sweet! good luck and happy Christmas!

Sumbuba's picture

And have always been pleased with every Senn phone I have ever had

HomeMadeJazz's picture

I've tested the Momentum at my local Best Buy several times, so I already know how good these headphones are. Whoever wins this giveaway is in for a real treat.

broadkill's picture

I would love a set of these

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In for one.

TonyN's picture

I hope:)

mitchell's picture

Count me in!

worm254's picture

Count me in!

DaHKkid's picture

Someone's going to be lucky... hope it's me for once!

Hooran's picture

The Momentums seem like the right mix between style, portability, and sound quality. I would love to try these and take them for a spin!

rastaban's picture

I heard my friend's Momentums and I am quite jealous of him! I would love to own a pair!

RoadDawgWest's picture

Would really love listen to those Sennheiser Momentum Headphones.

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Please pick me

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look nice

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give me

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yeah, yeah, yeah!

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Good luck, everyone! I've wanted to check these phones out for a long time.

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I'm in! Good luck.

genaro's picture

luck is what a man makes of the place in mind you live in, player

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Feilong4's picture

I have thought about getting a pair but just haven't gotten around to getting myself a pair. I would love to win me some Sennheisers!

Jonathan's picture

I want it

eems90's picture

I hope it's this pair of Momentums!

Bisbee68's picture least the Momentum On Ears are awesome! I'd love to see how these compare.

sparkfizzle's picture

Good luck everyone!

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This will brighten up my Christmas

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I like these.

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Thank you for the chance IF!

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Yes please. Love these.

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I`m in too!

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I would love to have these cans! Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!

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I work close to Needle Doctor

mousse's picture
Would love to win the Headphone

GOATRoger's picture

Great way to start the new year if I win these!

shirleyujest's picture

Would love to give these a listen!

a_urbaez's picture

Great reviews and great sweepstakes! Thanks Innerfidelity!

Downforce's picture

Love Sennheiser cans. Can I get mine in blue??

gusda9's picture

I really love this reviewer and this website let me win

seannymac1's picture

Wow, I can't believe I won!!!

Bald1's picture

My first decent headphones were Senn's way back when. Still using a well worn pair of 580s these days. These Momentums sound like they'd be just the ticket for me!