The Bower’s and Wilkin’s C5 Series 2 in-ear Headphones Sweepstakes

Register to win a set of Bower’s and Wilkin’s C5 Series 2 in-ear Headphones (MSRP $179.99) we are giving away.

According to the company:

C5 Series 2 in-ear headphones bring you amazingly natural acoustics and fit so snugly you’ll hardly be aware you’re wearing them. These headphones use a new 9.2mm dynamic driver, and have been optimized to deliver bass that’s powerful yet precisely controlled, resulting in a more natural, open and detailed sound.

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[This Sweepstakes is now closed.]

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yes, please

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I'm in

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I could really use these.

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I am curious to see if they have improved the overall frequency response from the first C5. Good luck to everyone!

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Just going by your measurements they look quite nice. Big bass thwack that calms itself down before it gets to mud up the vocals and well extended mids that blend smoothly into the treble region, with almost ruler flat treble up to 10kHz and only a slight rolloff thereafter.

I really don't like when a headphone rolls off the mids at about 1-2kHz, and so many do. I know a lot of people like warm mids but to me that region feels like the place where all the air and consonant detail lies in the vocals, especially female vocals.

I also find it very hard to find an IEM that doesn't drop off sharply after 10kHz. Even many high end UIEMs like the SE846 seem to run away sharply in that region, robbing you of that little bit of sparkle.

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Arf! Grrr!

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I like ham.

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I'm in!

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would love these

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for my outdoor listening.

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Always nice to have quality headphones.

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Been curious about these for a while

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I would love a chance to own these.

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Would like to have these for use in the office.

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Please sign me up.

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Pretty please!

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I'm in! Thanks!

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A giveaway is always nice and I've never heard a B&W headphone so that would be interesting.

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Would love to give them a spin.

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Interesting; I'd like to hear their new version of C5 and hope they had tuned it toward balanced sound signature.

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If I win, I hope these fit my ears. I've had many problems with in-ear headphones.

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And winning these headphones will surely support the notion.

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And winning these headphones will surely support the notion.

reuvenim's picture

And winning these headphones will surely support the notion.

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I would love these

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I own the originals and love them immensely and would love the series 2 as even more !

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This is my comment!

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Thanks for running this contest, and another year of solid audio gear reviews. I've been subscribed to your RSS feed for a while now, and I enjoy reading your reviews, especially headphones-related. Looking forward to 2015!

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I hope I win.

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count me in!

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Great looking IEMs!

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Would love to give those a try

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Would love to win

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Sound bullets to the brain!

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And pick me!!!!!

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...unfortunately, flattery will get me nowhere.

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For being the best and most comprehensive reviewers of all things headphones. Keep it up! Would love a new pair of iems as mine just went to headphone heaven. Cheers!

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Good luck everyone!

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I would love a pair of these.

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Nice prize!

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My old Shure E2c buds have long since bit the dust. These would do the trick no doubt :)

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Could use a new pair of in-ears!

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Hope to 'ear that they're mine

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B & W for me!

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It has to be me

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Would love a pair

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One of the best sub$200 IEMs.

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would love to have

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These would be Fantastic !!! Thanks

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would love to own these

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....or spamming.

I've been such a good headphone user...

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Yes please :)

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I love great audio. So I will surely love these IEMs!

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I'm always down to try out some new gear! Count me in!

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Please add me to the bid

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sounds wonderful!

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Perfect timing, as I have "misplaced" my original C5s

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Would love to hear these!

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2014 came to a horrible end for me, it would not make up for losing my boss and job, but a B&W win would make me smile. Cheers!

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Thank you!!

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Thank you.

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Let these be part of my manifesting policy.

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I didn't have a Christmas present so winning this would be nice.

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I could use a pair of higher end IEMs. I've had a bunch of them including Sennheiser CX300 IIs, but I can't honestly say that I can tell a huge difference between most of them.

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But I hope I win!

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She grew out of her B-shells!

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yes please

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Thanks B&W.

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I just happened upon your site and really enjoyed your reviews. Keep up the good work.

I noticed an inconsistency in the rules for the contest: "Drawing: This Sweepstakes will have one (1) drawing and three (1) winner"


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Yes, please.

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Should I win this sweepstake, I hope to answer a nagging question: Is Bowers dedicated to the right ear, or is that the proper domain of Wilkins?

Further, should ear placement be reversed, would there be any discernible impact upon audible frequencies within the fabric of space-time?

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You can send 'em right here!!!!

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I've been wanting a new set for the office

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I'm in!

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What a great New Year this will be.

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"Miled" makes these seem intriguing.

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luck i need luck god

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I won !! (I hope)

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Hope I win!

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happy new year!

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Happy new year

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These would be awesome!

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i never win anything, ever.

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getting back into listening to headphones in 2015.

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I need this!

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Looks good!

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Just WIN Baby!

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Lorem Ipsum!

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I'm in -- thanks!

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Love B&W!

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Can I still win if I live in Mexico?

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Thanks for the opportunity to win the B&W C5 series 2's. I've been very interested in these and would love the chance to win a pair. Thanks.

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I'd be interested to see if these have a good fit to my ears.

Phi's picture

What more can I say, I've been on the hunt for a sub-$200 IEM that fits nicely into my ears securely for almost three years now. I shied away from the first C5 due to the bloated bass. I hear Series 2 is way better.

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I would like some of these.

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I really appreciate you continuing to give us chances to win gear. I really appreciate it.

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I am looking for an IEM and it would be awesome to be able to win a pair!

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Would love to try them out.

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Me too please. Count me IN :)

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Yep, I could use those.

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so i need those for mobile use :)

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count me out

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I can haz earphone?

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pick me please

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Would love to give them a listen.

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Thank you

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long time lurker now i joined

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I am in :-) Like to try them!

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Gracias por poder participar... QUIERO ESOS AUDIFONOOOOS!!

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I'm game too

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I like.....

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thaks for the chance.

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Chicken dinner

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Funk, Blues, Soul and Jive
Will be playing through my pair of C5's.

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if victorious I will strive daily to honor the duties of my fulfillingness of the crown thingy.

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Haven't had much luck with IEMs yet, but no harm in trying another.

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Pick me! Pick me!

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sign me up

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I just got a new pair of over-ear headphones for Christmas, a pair of in-ear would be great!

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Thanks for this promo. This would be the best birthday present.

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Oh snap, those would be nice to try out!

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I'd love to own these.

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Hi Inner Fidelity, would love one of these! I've been looking for a pair of in ear headphones for travel and lounging at home. Thanks!

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I need these. Thanks

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I picked up the earlier C5 model about a year ago and am very happy! If the Series 2 is even better, I may have to upgrade :-)

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I would love to win these headphones.

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Yes please!

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at CES this week. Hope you find lots of Lightning headphones with built-in DACs & amps. It's about time!

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Me, please!

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Thanks for running this contest! You all have done an excellent job covering the industry and I always love to pop in to gather your thoughts on high quality audio.

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Winning is good

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I really want to hear what the B&W in-ear sounds...

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Please and thank you