Audioengine's B2 Bluetooth Speaker Sweepstakes

Register to win an Audioengine B2 Bluetooth Speaker (MSRP $299) we are giving away.

According to the company:

Wirelessly stream all your music from any Bluetooth-enabled device. Your computer, iDevice, or Android phone already has Bluetooth, so get more out of your music with the B2 wireless speaker. Experience award-winning Audioengine stereo sound, including a hand-built wood cabinet, Bluetooth aptX and extended wireless range.

The audio quality of most Bluetooth products isn't usually very inspiring and their limited range can be frustrating. The B2 solves these problems by implementing the aptX codec, which is a high-quality audio converter designed specifically for audio. The B2 also has special circuitry and a precision-tuned antenna to extend the wireless range, providing much more versatility than other Bluetooth speakers.

Setup and pairing is really easy and no special software is needed. Here's how to connect B2 to your tablet, computer, or smartphone:

Remove B2 from its packaging and attach the Bluetooth antenna to the rear panel. Connect the power cable to B2 rear panel and plug the other end into an AC outlet. Turn on the power switch and B2 will automatically go into pair mode. On your device, turn on Bluetooth and select “Audioengine B2” to pair and connect. Play your music and adjust the volume.

The hand-finished all-wood cabinet of the B2 reflects traditional Audioengine design and the high-quality components and audio fidelity are typical of Audioengine's commitment to great sound at affordable prices. The Audioengine B2 continues to close the gap between your computer music and home hi-fi and even if you're not an audio enthusiast we guarantee your music will sound better!

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To enter the sweepstakes, all you need is an account on this website. If you don't already have one, click on the link labeled "register" at the bottom of this announcement or "LOG IN/JOIN" in the nav bar at the right. Then, enter a username and a valid e-mail address, and click on the "Create new account" button. A message will be automatically sent to the e-mail address you specified, which will include a link to activate the account.

The final step (and only step for those who already have an account) is to log in and leave a comment right here on this announcement—any comment will do, as long as it's not profane or spam. Then, when the sweepstakes closes, a lucky commenter will be chosen at random to receive the prize. So post a comment, and good luck!

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[This sweepstakes is now closed.]

Rabbit's picture

Having Bluetooth frees your listening up massively. I use bluetooth headphones while mowing the lawn. With one of these, I could mow the carpet upstairs!

mcdontho's picture

Vroom Vroom!

Eggrenade's picture

"audio converter designed specifically for audio"

Rats! I wanted an audio converter designed specifically for mushroom soup. I suppose this will have to do.

carvern's picture

I love Audionengine!

Three Toes of Fury's picture

If chosen as the lucky recipient of the gorgeous B2, I promise to use it only for good, not evil.

For with great Bluetooth power comes great musical responsibility!

Peace .n.Living in Stereo


(PS: @Eggrenade..ive reached out to the audio engineering department @ Campbell. Ive asked that they step up the release of their mushroom soup audio converter...STAT. I hope my request didnt sound too mean, cuz usually i come across as a fungi. he he he).

lalitsahare's picture

Great products from Audio engine .... good customer service too.'s picture

can you be mine?

Mumbles's picture

I was very curious about this speaker so I am thrilled that there is a contest

Farmwalker's picture

Sharp looking speaker. Good luck everyone.

gibtg's picture

Gorgeous device! Good luck to all!

Kierkes's picture

Wood and bluetooth. Cognitive dissonance. Don't know why. Won't stop me from wanting it. Whoever is the winner is a lucky person. :)

Ludesco's picture

They look stunning.

imanpaul's picture

i already have the audioengine 5 for my tv. works great. love to expand my collection.

jonahsdad's picture

I've been thinking about bluetooth

Mrip541's picture

Hook me up!

ramblr's picture

This would play nice with my A2s.

Deckard's picture

The price is right!

cdxskier's picture

I'm in!

JDGAFFLIN's picture

That's a great looking Bluetooth speaker.

Thanks for the opportunity!

johthor's picture

I would love to try out a Bluetooth speaker

adhoc's picture

That would look really really nice in my home...

Dick James's picture

Here I am.

iceman11's picture

It looks amazing!! Good luck everyone!!!

logscool's picture

This would look great on my desk and in my kitchen ;)

Rob W's picture

I have been enjoying my D1 for several years (and "sold" a few to my friends and family.)

Hifihedgehog's picture

...into the ring

dbkwall's picture

Hooray for wireless music!

Edder N Vega's picture

I hope one day I could win

Robert-Frowney-Jr's picture

I would very much like to win

noirx7's picture

Nice speakers

Smiling Kev's picture

that be a promise from Captain Bluetooth, the scourge of the sonic seas.

[Sorry. "Bluetooth" always sounds to me like a great name for a pirate!]

So send me that there treasure box!

rraudio's picture

I would like to win these! Thanks.

doublea71's picture

Sure, I could use one of these. Thanks!

BarbecueGamer's picture

Thanks for the opportunity to win!

mikerr's picture

and roll over.

Skyline's picture

Yes, please.

Schopenhauer's picture

...stop trying to give me things and tell me everything about CanJam!

tRuE008's picture

Another give away.
Good luck everyone.

IlluminatiSwagScope420's picture

illuminati swagalicious. I wannit.

IRL's picture


Stillhart's picture

Sign me up, that is a stunning speaker!

o153n's picture

This would be awesome!

nbhice's picture

I have never had a BT speaker and this would be a LOVELY addition for backyard BBQ this summer. Please and thanks.

Headphonatic's picture

Looks amazing!

Laurence Wayne's picture

Is fun!

AllanMarcus's picture


lesliejazz's picture

Would love to win?

daadaa's picture

for the win

Guitarist9273's picture

I'll use 'er.

markbrauer's picture

and Blue

KG_Jag's picture

Would love to home test this kit.

Nuz1's picture

This would be great!

Elmariachi43's picture


matula's picture

Count me in.

emelius's picture

“veneer” would be a nine point word in SCRABBLE, on its own...


Wow, aptX sounds awesome and these look sweet!

DavidA's picture

Cleared space on my table for them

Ending27's picture

Hope I win!

JonN's picture

I've been eyeing this for a while now. I would give it a great home.

Type35's picture

Is Audio Engine thinking about selling an additional battery pack to take the B2 on the go?

reuvenim's picture

It's about time.

Dumai's picture

Looks nice. I would rock it.

Defiant00's picture

Certainly looks nice, guess I might as well enter.

dustdevil's picture

I'm in!

PDC3's picture

The calm woody demeanor of the AudioEngine A2 suggests placing it in a room where the main activity is chatting and sharing among friends and family. The A2 will blend with furniture that's traditional in feel, and so the folks will focus on one another, not gear. Yet the driver complement suggests the A2 music will be a lovely enhancement to the event - true treble and satisfying upper bass. Quite an improvement over blaring or muddy Bluetooth speakers, many of which are distractingly more interesting to look at than to listen to.

PDC3's picture

Natch my comment intended for the B2 not the A2. My apologies.

rollover97's picture

This speaker change the way of doing things

Bisbee68's picture

Can't wait to win!

ideopraxist's picture

It's like they welded together a pair of A2's. Neat.

ryanuh's picture

Hopefully I get to hear how it sounds.

Xavier's picture

I'm in. Thanks!

ItsBigJoseph's picture

That is one beautiful speaker!

Erndog105's picture

Great looking speaker

SpiderNhan's picture

I have many headphones but no speaker systems. I hope to change that here.

calaf's picture

looks beautiful! Let's see how it sounds...

neo's picture

Gorgeous speakers.. I want those

identitypass's picture

Really hope to win one :) Audio Engine is famous for its sound quality. Good luck everyone!

jakubg's picture

could it be mine?

Buck1's picture

Perfect for her.

duskdrums's picture


iamthewally's picture

This would rock in my office. *Fingers Crossed*

noilly's picture

Thanks for the contest

kman1211's picture

I'm in.

jarrodpoirier's picture

Is a work of art.

aopu.mohsin's picture

There you go. Happy?!
Now make me happy... Send it to me already...

renaldo7777's picture

And away we go!

Captfantastic's picture

I have spent extensive time listening to high rez music through a pair of Audioengine 5s. You can't get the beautiful music out of your head! I can only imagine what a treat listening to this new unit would be. Enter my name please!

jhwalker's picture

Pick me :)

miggiddymatt's picture

I have been looking for a bluetooth speaker. If I win this one that means I wouldn't have to buy one which would be great.

ronvjr's picture

Love the aesthetics!

lenbell's picture

i would love to own these

MarcoGV's picture

... for listening to Radio Swiss Jazz and other great online stations.

jeffg's picture

add it to my collection, AE2 and AE5

1bpm's picture

my digital files are the fuel for my Audioengine.

Shiroman81's picture

surely more aesthetically pleasing than the industrial Bose sound-link sitting in my kitchen. Beautiful gear.

Bobs Your Uncle's picture

Am I Blue....
Am I Blue....
I won't be Blue
If only I were to
Win You!

(with apologies to, like ... music)

blobos's picture

C'mon B2's

spyder1's picture

I need this!

katie's picture

Me. Want.

alex2191's picture

They do look very nice. aptX is only as good as the source though, and does depend on the device streaming to the speaker. I wonder how clearly one can tell the difference? I think it is supposed to have lower latency too.
Would be nice to win, I don't often win things!

torturegarden's picture

This would look perfect on my desk as a computer speaker.

Wingsonthewind's picture

B nice to listen to the B2 while in the shower B4 my day B 'gins.

ModMax's picture


labrown05's picture

Cool beans

siobahn's picture

Gorgeous speaker! I want it!

RapidPulse's picture

Enter me in contest please

mellowbob's picture

Entered for sweepstake!

indie_dave's picture

Hoping to see and hear these bad boys live!

aerich's picture

Looks good!

GloryUprising's picture

Totally in!

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urkrishpatel's picture

Love Audioengine

tcusick320's picture

Would love to own this

Roy G Biv's picture

I've loved my Audioengine A5 these past several years on my desk. I'd love some B5!

brrgrr's picture

Pretty looking speaker!

Bjarnold's picture

My wife will be starting to teach 1st grade next year and will need a Bluetooth speaker to play music for her class. Any we could afford right now will sound terrible, so it would be wonderful for her to have one that represents music fairly accurately and doesn't make her audiophile husband cry.

nexus's picture

please i love hi-fi music

tdherbert's picture

I'm a big fan of audio engine products.

stonedeaf's picture

For years I've wanted an aptX codec to call my own. Color me in

TheUnsmilingCat's picture

Just what I was looking for :)

didimoco's picture

Good Stuff!

DisCHORD's picture

okii commented

lawn_wrangler's picture

Hope they sound as good as they look.

Vinn's picture

In for 1~

forkboy1965's picture

I've been a good boy...

cjr's picture


submaster's picture

I have been craving some Audio Engine Excellence! This would be a very good start.

weinerd's picture

Love the external antenna. Thanks for the chance at this!

riker1384's picture

This looks way better than my black plastic Bluetooth speaker.

snwitt25's picture

Well then, let's try: May I have one, pretty please.

briansgriggs's picture

That would look (and sound) great on my book shelf!

Astrozombie's picture

Audioengine, can't go wrong!

F150Terp's picture

Audionengine are great!

willdao's picture

I like the look of this.

NativeGaijin's picture

If this lives up to their other speakers, it should be amazing!

martian's picture

Not sure about sound quality over bluetooth. Only one way to find out.

woundup's picture

Good luck all.

hyperlacteo's picture

Beautiful !

Gandasaputra's picture

I would love to have one for shower!

AudioFan's picture

Sign Me UP!

DaveinSM's picture

Could be interesting for a table top ipod solution

Rs22biker's picture

this rocks

TechAddicT's picture

Can I call dibs?

rajdawar's picture

This is one of the better sounding BT speakers.

parallax1's picture

I'd love these

emartinezpr's picture

I can sure use it around the house.

rinaldok's picture

This is exactly what I need for my upstairs office!

Groch's picture

Looks like a very nice speaker... I want it!

Lunatique's picture

It looks like two A2 speakers fused together horizontally? The price also seem to reflect that as well. :D

kaufex's picture

A great product from Audioengine! Sign me up!