The Morrow Audio High-end Headphone Cable with SSI Technology Sweepstakes

Register to win a Morrow Audio High-end Headphone Cable with SSI Technology (MSRP $149.00) we are giving away.

According to the company:

The MH1 headphone cable consists of multiple runs of solid core, small gauge, silver coated copper wire (renowned SSI Technology) which is then silver soldered to the termination of choice. Silver coated copper wire was chosen for the excellent balance of sound that it provides. The cable has an attractive appearance and possesses excellent RFI and noise rejection. The cable is flexible and easy to manage. Cables length is the same price up to 1 meter. Length, style, termination and break-in service can be selected on the website. A split "Y" headphone cable version is available in the shopping cart for headphones that have separate cables going into the left and right head speakers. The separation occurs 15 inches down from the headphones where it becomes one cable to continue to the amplifier end. As you move up the line we introduce more runs of SSI Technology-based wire within the cable structure. This provides greater and greater resolution, realism and musicality. The standard headphone cable consist of a single cable from amplifier to headphones. Cable colors available are white or black and soon in bright neon varieties of choice.

“You owe it to yourself to give these a try before you purchase anything else! Violins float in the air with incredible detail, same with guitars. Symbols splash, voices hover in front of you, and the bass is tight and clean. I have heard little detailed things in the music that was missed. I can't say enough good things about the Morrow cables. Thank you Mike for breathing life into my system." - Alex I. from Washington

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NORGATEoiler's picture

Would love to try these on my HD600's.

Bisbee68's picture

These would go great with my collection!

castleofargh's picture

do I need to edit my music and cut all the positive parts of the sine waves to make sure the music flows into the cable only in the proper "signal direction"?

TomNC's picture

It would be interesting to compare this new cable with my more expensive Norne cables.

Edder N Vega's picture

i hope win one of this days

mikerr's picture

These will be nice

matula's picture

Yes please.

zobel's picture

My snake has already been oiled.

zonto's picture

Got a new pair of HD650s that asked me if they could try one of these cables out. You wouldn't want to hurt their feelings would you?

KG_Jag's picture

Can always use a quality cable.

drewjp's picture

I've always wanted to try aftermarket cables! Good luck everyone!

krahbeknudsen's picture

Yes please!

emelius's picture

Please, randomly choose me...

Womaz's picture

Good to go

wineandwires's picture

yes please

Jim Tavegia's picture

My Focal Spirit Pros and my AKG-271 MK2s have removable cables. The Focals had a stereo mini plug on the headphone end, but the moulded connector diameter cannot be over .250" as it fits up inside the left earcup, which makes a replacement hard to find. The AKGs have the lockable, mini mic connector. The upgrading never ends no matter what I buy.

markbrauer's picture

Sounds good.

Sat's picture


lesliejazz's picture

Would love to win

senorx's picture

Please give me some wire.

beatlekid123's picture


noirx7's picture

Morrow Cables would be nice to have

brrgrr's picture

They look like nice cables

JohnnyCanuck's picture

yes, please

flatmap's picture

I'm in!

Hayrolled's picture

I would be thrilled to hear how much better these cables sound!

tRuE008's picture

gimme pls

good luck everyone

givemeyourshoes's picture

I need an excuse to by new headphones. Winning this cable is just that excuse.

Greyfossil's picture

Nice. Thank you.

JoshMorr's picture

Here is my shot

Espresto's picture

a chance at a free cable!

matthra's picture

For me?

maelob's picture

Would love to win one.'s picture

want one..

2_channel_ears's picture

good sounds

MBan's picture

=D Yes please

Elmariachi43's picture


George Mhmmm's picture

Would love an XLR-4 terminated cable for my HD 800s

miceblue's picture a comment

musiconic's picture

Would love these on my HD800

Type35's picture

Pricing is very reasonable for the quality provided.
Wouldn't mind pairing these with my HD650.

jakubg's picture

so you can prove me wrong :)

RazrLeaf's picture

I've been thinking to DIY some recently. This would allow me to take the lazy route.

Ghost_Pack's picture

The hype* train never ends

*Hype subject to taxation in 49 states

Defiant00's picture

While I wouldn't anticipate hearing any difference, there's never any harm in having an extra cable. Pick me!

dougsing's picture

I'll prep my headphones for my winnings :).

messiach21's picture

Thanks for this chance!

lenbell's picture

would work well with my HD 650s

foo_bar's picture

this is great!

Aufdemaury deus ex machina's picture

It'd be cool to try these out, I have lotsa headphones I'd be interested in these in,
Like my lcd 3, hd 800, Q701, Hd650 etc. i need something more durable for my Audeze's and
my Hd 650. Hope You pick someone lucky & deserving

(by someone i mean me :)


El Capo Ninja's picture

Im in !!!

Dick James's picture

I hope I win.

otaku2's picture

I'm sure they would fit something that I have.

jmcmasterj's picture

I'd like to win

spyder1's picture

I want this!

Lbeaudreau's picture

Would be a great intro to premium cables

Mortsnets's picture


Gabyb's picture

Add me too

friday's picture

What could possibly go wrong

drheadphone's picture

A quality cable is hard to find at a low price. So a free one is hard to resist!

d3vo's picture

Thanks for the opportunity :)

maelstromr's picture

Nice give a way, would love to win.

jlafount's picture

Anything is better what I use now.

woundup's picture

Good luck all.

HT Guy's picture

I can always use a new headphone cable. Please select my entry.

Tillerman77's picture

I have 3 different cans to use it with.

blueangel2323's picture

Would love to hear the difference these would make vs my stock cables.

cdxskier's picture

I'm in!

cdxskier's picture

I'm in!

trumbldw's picture

And thank you!'s picture

would love to compare this to my 10+ year old Grado headphone extension cable

Bobs Your Uncle's picture

Carefully crafted cables capably complete celestial ccccounds!

velogreg's picture

Nicely constructed cables and I heard great comments about this company's other products.

ufospls2's picture

Have always wanted to give an aftermarket cable a go.