AudioQuest NightOwl Carbon Headphones Sweepstakes

Register to win a pair of AudioQuest NightOwl Carbon Headphones ($699.00 Retail Value) we are giving away.

According to the company:

A direct descendant of AudioQuest's award-winning NightHawk headphone, the closed-back NightOwl Carbon replaces its predecessor's biomimetic sound-diffusing grille with an intelligently designed aperiodic damping system for excellent isolation of external noise, ensuring privacy for the listener and those nearby.

NightOwl ships with two sets of earpads—Protein Leather Boost Pads for slightly enhanced treble clarity and Ultrasuede pads for slightly reduced bass impact—and includes a high-performance, non-microphonic cable with discrete mic/smartphone controls that enable phone calls and playback functions (Play, Pause, Skip) without compromising sound quality.

NightOwl's distinct packaging is actually an attractive travel case made of genuine leather, featuring a thickly padded internal compartment and accommodations for various headphone accessories. With NightOwl, AudioQuest hopes headphone enthusiasts will feel inspired to listen longer, later, and with greater pleasure, enjoying unsurpassed comfort and deep immersion in music, videos, and games.

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[This Sweepstakes is now closed.]

Michiko's picture

Who? Who? Who?

marcialmot's picture

It would be awesome if I won!

nexus's picture

dear god..

phpp's picture

I have the 1st generation Nighthawks and they are excellent.

Skycyclepilot's picture

I'll take 'em, being as I'm a poor working man, and could never afford such a luxury. Pick me!!! :)

MarcoGV's picture

If I win, I will try pairing it with my AudioQuest Dragonfly.

Lithirion's picture

Would be a fun pair of cans to review.

LarsHP's picture

Really liked the NightHawk, so I'd love to win the NightOwl Carbon.

noilly's picture

for the contests!

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Seth195208's picture

..these sound better than the Nighthawks!

speedbump47's picture

Fingers crossed my Nighthawks get a new sibling.

madmuze's picture

Liking the specs on these...

eems90's picture

Beautiful headphones. One can dream for headphones one cannot afford..

Smiling Kev's picture

so here's his chance to make up for the oversight. Please, Santa, let me be the winner of these groovy new headphones!

tossevent's picture

I need this

Rohan's picture

The NightHawk, from all I've read on it, seems like a headphone that I would only pick up once in a blue moon. Hopefully the NightOwl will be something... different.

dbmcclain's picture

Sounds very interesting. How does it measure up?

iamlilysdad's picture

Always been intrigued by this brand

desik's picture

me too!

vinsanity's picture

I would love to give these a try :)

CoralWaze's picture

Have a pleasant day, ladies and gents!

Nubiophile's picture

I'm feeling lucky. Can't wait to hear the sonic performance from this new phones!

bcarroll's picture

These would make a great replacement for my olde Grado 60's!

brandtb's picture

Bring it on...Daddy digs nice cans!

StivVid's picture

I've always thought the Night Hawks were handsome looking headphones. I hope to find out here at home that they sound as good as they look!

expontherise's picture

I cant wait to give these babies a listen!

maka1363's picture

Never won anything but who knows, maybe this beauty is gonna be added to my stack :D

cramis1's picture

These cans looks great!

RobertCorser's picture

I do hope I win, but good luck to all.

Reticuli's picture
Orion's picture

I promise to give them a good home, plenty of amplification, and lots of good music.

norsemen's picture

I wish i could win one of those contests.

Alypax's picture

Really nice from you guys to have such a giveaway. Maybe I'm lucky at least once?

GLXLR's picture

This headphone is super interesting. Considering how good the Nighthawks sounded, I'm sure the Night Owls are a winner. Here's to our chances of getting one!

amorphous1's picture

would greatly appriciate this.

crackedpepper's picture

I'm all ears.

nsalong's picture

look sweet!

uffepederdk's picture

These plus Dragonfly Reds and MQA? 2017 looking better and better.

6eff's picture

win win win

vitaliygz's picture

NidhtOwl would work so nicely with my Dragonfly! :)

Wojtek's picture

I hope I win. :)

turboBB73's picture

Thx for the contest!

buyao531's picture

Long time reader and lurker, thanks for the opportunity!

Sanger's picture

I could really use some new headphones

ernestryles's picture

Thanks for the sweepstakes! Would be really interested to hear how these sound

audioz's picture

I need these badly.

KG_Jag's picture

Would love to give these a good home trial.

audiolovexx's picture

Thank you very much
good luck to everyone

tyan's picture

I'll give it a shot! I'm lucky enough to have a local dealer so I'm sure gonna check them out!

PistolPete83's picture

Hope I can win these! Thanks for doing this!

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lemarsghast's picture

I hope that the winner will enjoy the headphones and that everyone is hyped for this sweepstakes! Good luck!

UltraBadger's picture

My wife would love these if I win.

soccer272's picture

Good luck everyone!

kilspeed111's picture

This would be a welcome upgrade :)

DieselRiver's picture

Already a big fan of the Nighthawks

urhlre's picture

i'd like them.

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h2rulz's picture

I must have this!

thebitus's picture

Winning comment

SulNoir's picture

First time commenter.

brandoncgreen's picture

Would love a pair of these! Thanks for the chance!

jcheadphone's picture

Would love to win these!

dcldcl's picture

Love to give them a try.

audiojerry's picture

I've heard some criticism of some darkness in the Nighthawk sound. I was bothered by some obscuring and congestion in the lower midrange, but use of an equalizer to cut the lower mid and midrange frequencies by 3 to 9 db made a huge difference, and now I am extremely pleased with their sound.

jlafount's picture

Beats any headphones I use now by a mile

fleetfoot's picture

Nice looking headphones.

gsuen's picture

please pick me

IgAK's picture


rick_hifi's picture

I hope I win!

dpump's picture

I'll take it!

mullos's picture

Would love to win these gorgeous headphones as I would never be able to justify to the missus buying a pair!!


bvollrath's picture

Nighthawks are good, but these would be better.

H-bomba's picture

Toss me in there too

waynebosz's picture

Just can't wait until CanJam April 8-9 2017.

ScuderiaHeadFi's picture

Tyll, I don't always agree with your conclusion, but I think I almost always agree with your methodology and analytical approach (not just of the gear, but of the industry, the culture, and the purpose of dedicated audio).

genghis1976's picture

Hope to win!

Zetia's picture

These look awesome!

sumone60's picture

Looks great

Wildcatsare1's picture

Thank you to Audioquest and Innerfidelity for sponsoring this fantastic contest. I'd love to try the Carbons!



Terance84's picture

Would love these

Joel1952's picture

I bet these headphones sound as good as they look

gaplaus's picture

Can't wait to try them.

Sound Mind 66's picture

I'm in love the design. I want to buy the Nighthawks carbons but I hope I win Nightowls!

brotherlea's picture

Liquid wood evokes bakelite to me; I'd love to hold this in my hands.

jmako54's picture

These look amazing !

Rodulrich's picture

Here's my entry. Good luck to all!

theronster's picture

I would love to add such a beautiful pair of closed back headphones to my collection.

dpprice46's picture

Love my original NightHawks. Would love to add these to my collection!'s picture

I bet they sound as good as they look, I want 'em!

Bsberson's picture

Sure would sound great to my ears! Love to win these.

Kamaka's picture

These are one of the most comfortable headphones around. I convinced a friend to pick up a pair. Who knows, maybe I'll get lucky and find myself with a pair as well. GL to all and thanks for the giveaway!

Guddogg Eli's picture

I'm coveting this nut!

Sethyan's picture

The headphone looks great. Good luck to you all, still hope I win.

Pharmaboy's picture

Bring this headphone ON!

I've been jonesing for a Nighthawk since forever. The Nightowl Carbon looks even better (and hopefully will sound it, too).

joeq70's picture

Cool! Good luck and happy listening to all!

bwcgrx's picture

I would very much like to win a set of NightOwls!

Lydia's picture

Whooooo wants NightOwls?? I want NightOwls! Specs and looks have me craving a good long night of listening!

Aid Agent's picture

I already have Nighthawk, so I feel like a winner...

zip3434's picture

Would love to own these headphones

bts's picture

Let's go!

StanLJr's picture

Thanks to Inner Fidelity and Audioquest for the promotion!

PashedMotatoes's picture

I hope sp0525 wins!

mmc's picture

I really want these. Would be perfect headphone for me.

Dragos's picture

Nice reviews, cool contests, thank you for everything.'s picture

Thank you for the Night Owl Carbons

denoxster's picture

Love old nighthawk, would be complete if I win nightowl :)

anson's picture

... and this headphone is aptly named for those like me! Good luck everyone!

jasabol's picture

Awesome sweepstakes. Hope I win!

puhaha's picture

Good luck everyone!

lmbwave's picture

I am definitely hoping it's me ;)

Johnathan's picture

Have tried many headphones and found them uncomfortable after a while .hopefully these will do the trick.

jrk4251's picture

Who knows. Maybe they will pick me.

jps8881's picture

look like some pretty nice headphones

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Skyline's picture

I'm in. Thanks!

hifisoda's picture

Big believer in all things Audioquest! Really would love to win these.

jhil's picture

I Want one !

dbreatross's picture

Hope I win!

dbreatross's picture

Hope I win!

wbskinner's picture

You never know, I just might win.

Jurumal's picture

Need a pair of audiophile cans.

RazrLeaf's picture

Because why not?

Kerwin's picture

I'd love to hear these in person!

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Mikethehunterguy's picture

Thank you for this great addition to my Hi-Fi universe!

rraudio's picture

Sounds great!



Synaptic Flow's picture

Those look nice!

Peragulator's picture

I'd love to win!

Gdawg's picture

Since the Power Ball keeps eluding me. Maybe this will be my big win :)

cv_engineer's picture

Would like to experience the noise isolation effectiveness.

sierra_one_one_seven's picture

Here's hoping! 13

View's picture

I won. Thank you in advance.

jayndoodle's picture

Hoping to win!

Endi82's picture

Nice headphone:)

uncola's picture

I'm The Secret'ing my way to winning this

Dred's picture

I could win.

loplop's picture

... but I couldn't get over the liquidwood cups, which looked to me like a tobacco pipe from the 80s. The Nightowl is right up my alley, and likely would wrestle some seriously pricey headphones off my head. Fingers crossed :)

MoxieMike's picture

I hope I win, but I'm sure whoever wins will be happy.

CharmCity's picture

I trust they'll operate in daylight, as well? #ducking

Metalingus's picture

I love the look of these and would love to listen to them!

Gaboonvyper's picture

I already love my Nighthawks, but am dying to hear the Owls. Build quality is some of the best and the warm sound is fantastic.

sjk4479's picture

These look great. Would love to win a pair!

tRuE008's picture

hope im not too late.
good luck everyone.