CanJam at RMAF2017: People I Love - Steve Guttenberg

Gonna do this CanJam a bit different this year—I want to have dinner with folks and enjoy the evenings rather than sit in the hotel room pounding out a summary of the days product samplings.

The people in this business are endlessly interesting. Hang around with them for 30 years, and you end up loving a trade show mostly because you get to share a few moments with an astonishingly pleasing cast of characters.

So, this RMAF Friday I dropped my backpack under the MrSpeakers table, and strolled, video camera in hand, in search of people I love to hang with. Steve is the first of those folks.

Steve Guttenberg - Ubiquitous Audio Journalist
Steve gives me a call maybe once a month. When he does, I smile and start pacing the living room floor. The guy can tell a story or two. We often differ on our take on a headphones, and we sure as hell differ on the place for measurements in enthusiast audio, but who gives a shit when playful minds entangling is so much fun.

No kiddin', I walk in the door at CanJam with my new plan in mind and there's Steve asking me, "Hey Tyll, can we do a video together?"

"Oh hell yeah, Steve."

Here's the moment....

View on YouTube.

veggieboy2001's picture

You... both of you, are an absolute treasure to the audio community.

Thanks for all you do. I may not always agree with your opines (what fun would this hobby be if that were the case?)But I always have a pretty clear picture of where you're coming from.

Cute idea with the dueling cams...have a beer for me mate, I'd say you've earned it.

metal571's picture

Best video ever - gotta love two major audiophile geeks who have been in this hobby forever in the same video talking about what they love the most.

steaxauce's picture

Entertaining video! I've been using the LCDi4 for about a month now. For me the frequency response is atrocious out of the box, but after a lot of fiddling with tips I was able to get pretty good sound out of them using the correction filter Audeze released through Roon.

I measured the frequency response of the filter they released. Interestingly, it's shaped a lot like a typical headphone target response curve. This makes me think they have something like a flat raw response.

Maybe down the line they'll release some kind of DSP headphone amp to pair these with. Until then, I would not recommend them without EQ.

jaredjcrandall84's picture

Too bad the lcdi4 requires EQ. I really enjoyed the isine20 but was saving up for the lcdi4 because I believed that it would not need EQ like the isine20.

Martin.'s picture

A blast.

cspirou's picture

Did I just spot Patrick Norton in the vid?!

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