Shinola launch Campfire Audio collaboration with Canfield Bluetooth IEMs

Shinola brought jobs to Detroit and now they’re teaming up with the Pacific Northwest’s highly respected, handmade, headphone design and manufacturer Campfire Audio out of Portland, Oregon to launch a Bluetooth IEM collaboration in the guise of the budget-friendly ($250 USD) Canfield In-Ear Monitors which is available in either silver stainless steel or black.

Featuring a 16.5 OHM impedance for easy driving and a frequency response of 10Hz~20kHz, they are equipped with 8.5mm Beryllium dynamic drivers, Qualcomm aptX HD Bluetooth connectivity (enabling 24-bit high-resolution audio on supported devices) and AAC for Apple devices, the new Canfields are easily paired with any smartphones, tablets or computers for streaming-music goodness.

With memory foam and silicone ear tips along with a USB-C based wired charging system and a dual-battery design, the Canfields can support up to two devices simultaneously. A custom MMCX (Micro Miniature Coaxial Connector) makes for easy cable swaps or replacement.


  • HOUSING: Precision Machined Stainless Steel with PVD coating
  • TRANSDUCER TYPE: 8.5mm Beryllium Dynamic Driver
  • CONTROL TYPE: Inline Mic with +/- and Multi-Function Button
  • IMPEDANCE: 16.5 Ω @ 1kHz
  • BLUETOOTH: Bluetooth® 4.2 with AAC, aptX and aptX HD
  • PLAYBACK: 12 Hours of Music Playback
  • CASE: Branded Fabric Travel Case

441 W Canfield St, Detroit, MI 48201, USA

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I'm a longtime InnerFidelity Youtube subscriber, then would follow up on interesting videos to the full length articles here.

I registered just now to say welcome. I read the comments in the intro/icebreaker posts. Wow, there are some seriously deranged people on this site. Talking about neo-Marxism and relating it to "talking like a mechanic instead of a university professor"? Just real quick on that, that's usually a sign of lower level intellectual capacity. To many people, a mechanic is talking in an overly complex manner. If a "university professor" is making you feel that way, it means you are now at a level that you're intellectually inferior. You're just out of your league, like a chimp trying to understand the internal combustion engine. Really. It frustrates both the chimp and you, of course you're mad, defensive and feel they're elite. They are. That's why they're professors at a university and you're slowly developing into a schizophrenic maniac.

Mr. Arnott, good luck with the baboons, and I'll definitely follow InnerFidelity if you keep someone on Youtube reviews. That's what drove my traffic at least.

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Thanks for the kind words.

They're truly appreciated.

We're working at getting away from what the site had become and trying to make it a more inviting place for headphone lovers, that said, videos have been discussed, and perhaps YouTube videos could be on the horizon, the biggest issue for us now is getting the measurements up to speed with proper back-end implementation of the plots/data sets we will be receiving.

This isn't a quick fix and requires cooperation from three time zones on two continents, but once everything is in place, things will really start rolling – and that may include video.

I wish everything could happen at once, but to do things right it takes time and I truly appreciate everyone's patience.


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I wonder if this company has thought about pairing up with a supplier of awesome Amps/DACs....if so, you'd have:


thank you! thank you! try the quiche! tip your waitstaff!

Peace .n. Living in Stereo

Three Toes of Fury

PS: Thanks for posting about these Rafe...they look intriguing.

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My man, $250 is nowhere near close to budget-friendly. That's firmly in mid-tier.

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A friend of mine bought this and was annoyed by how high the background hiss is. I verified it and it's super annoying. When the bluetooth module is turned on and before/after media is played, the hiss is clearly audible. The amp turns itself off after getting no signal for a few seconds so the no-hiss/hiss transition happens all the time. Major design flaw to pair a subpar BT module with these earphones (an impedance of 16.5 is of course hardly to blame). Shinola store wouldn't take the return when everything is intact except a package wrapping piece outside the box, so our best bet is to get an MMCX cable and use the IEM wired. Very disappointed with this purchase.