2012 Holiday Headphone Gift Guide from John Grandberg

... from John Grandberg

Horns for the Holidays - Jerry Junkin and Dallas Wind Symphony (Reference Recordings RR-126) ($16.98)
121115_Blog_2012GiftGuide_JG_HornsThere must be countless albums full of Christmas music out there, with more coming every year. Unfortunately, much of it is poor in both musical quality and content. Not so with the latest from the Dallas Wind Symphony, courtesy of the aptly-named Reference Recordings. This brilliant album is full of Christmas music that you'll actually enjoy listening to--and it will sound great on your system, too.

Link to product page.

Emotiva Pro Airmotiv5 ($399)
121115_Blog_2012GiftGuide_JG_airmotiv5Just add source: the Emotive Airmotiv5 active monitors are great all around performers. Suitable for desktop use, they can also fill a decent sized room with authority. Plenty of adjustments on the rear panel ensure a smooth, balanced sound, and the 5-year warranty inspires confidence. An excellent gift for those looking to venture outside the headphone realm.

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Link to product page.

Leckerton UHA-6S mkII ($279)
121115_Blog_2012GiftGuide_JG_LeckertonTalk about a great stocking stuffer--this little unit has it all. The high-quality DAC section has 3 inputs so it works just as well at home as it does on the road. It also has an excellent headphone amp, with high/low gain setting to accommodate a wide range of headphones. Highly recommended.

Read full InnerFidelity review here.
Link to product page.

MOG Streaming Music Service ($4.99/mo computer only, $9.99/mo all platforms)
121115_Blog_2012GiftGuide_JG_MOGWith all this talk about measurements and equipment, it's important to remember the thing that we are all working so hard to accurately reproduce--music. Giving the gift of music is almost always appreciated. But what to give? Simple--give them access to practically everything with MOG! MOG gift cards are available exclusively through Target and come in $20 increments--enough for two months of unlimited service.

Read about MOG in this Innerfidelity streaming music services review.
Link to MOG.com.

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Excellent recommendations! Liked Nate's B&K multimeter recommendation and will be considering it. Really digging the Horns of the Hollidays and Amber Rubarth smiley.

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Great job, everyone. Especially on the RE262, which is now only $99 (this is an absolutely crazy steal). Even though I just bought some top-tier universals, I'll probably get another pair of RE-262's. They are just THAT nice. I'll also probably be picking up those albums, they seem really nice. 



In other news, I keep seeing that Leckerton combo keep popping up. Everyone, quit trying to hurt my innocent wallet! D:

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The Leckerton UHA-6S is an outstanding DAC/Amp with the right I/O and form factor.

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Oh man, getting a bird call. Thanks Tyll.

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(I crack myself up sometimes.)

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Hi Tyll,

I read your website a lot, and I seen that you promised a review of the Beyerdynamic DT250 250ohm, I'm really waiting for this.... I need a new pair of can for my job (I'm a 22years old new mixing engeneer). Please when did you plan to post the review ?

I don't have a lot of money so I can't afford to make a mistake by choosing the "wrong headphones". Here my toughts :

- HD600 (pricey but the closest to my needs, I wan't them to be little bit more revvealing in the Highs)

- DT880 Pro (I like them a LOT but I would love a lil bit of tamed high, cause I will wear them for very long periods of time)

- DT250 250ohm (Heard it could be my match, like a HD600 but more reveling in the high frequencies)--> if you already tested them can you give me an insight ? Please.

That would be a great help to begin my career (I need your help because I really trust your reviews... still, I don't know why lol ;)


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It'll be difficult to get the RE-262 IEMs after this year since HiFiMan recently discontinued them.


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a darn shame. They are bringing out two new models so there's hope for a worthy replacement, albeit at a higher price point. Some things are just too good to last...

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HDTracks has this release regularly for less -- $12 -- if you can do without the CD. It's the only place I know of selling a lossless downloadable copy, and not mentioned anywhere. (It's not a hi res copy however.)