64 Audio Announce Limited Edition Fourté Noir IEM

Claiming a warmed-up bass response and more buttery top end than the tia Fourté, 64 Audio’s latest high-end IEM – the $3,799 USD Fourté Noir, available while supplies last – also sports a number of improvements over its predecessor according to the company. An all-black, aluminum shell with real copper-patinated faceplates makes each set of the Noir look unique.

64 Audio founder and chief sound designer Vitaliy Belonozhko described the tia Fourté as being “… born of a desire to redefine one’s experience with music. This pursuit led to a reinvention of how we build in-ear monitors with an industry first, completely tubeless technology. To celebrate this momentous innovation, we’ve refined our award-winning IEM with the limited edition Fourté Noir.”

With a redefined dynamic low-driver tuning resulting in a warmer and richer low end frequency response compared to the tia Fourté and Mundorf SUPREME silver solder, the Noir allows for great conduction resulting in better transient control, according to Belonozhko. Touching on the top end, Belonozhko added, “Our eight-conductor SPC premium cable provides lower resistance, yielding a smoother high frequency response… [and] by eliminating tubes and sound-altering dampers, the sound produced by the tia drivers is able to disperse freely and effortlessly, traveling to the ear in a more effective way.”

Belonozhko said tia tubeless in-ear audio incorporated into the Fourté Noir is a completely new design comprised of three major elements: open balanced armature tia drivers, the tia single-bore, and tia acoustic chambers. The Noir also features the company's apex technology. Apex (air pressure exchange) relieves air pressure caused by miniature speakers in a sealed ear canal, allowing for what the company describes as “…a superior listening experience that simply cannot be achieved by traditional IEMs.”

To find out more about the Fourté Noir, visit 64 Audio.


  • Tia Acoustic Chambers
  • Tia High and Mid Drivers
  • Tia Single Bore
  • Internal apex Technology
  • Anodized Aluminum Shells
  • 48-inch Detachable Cable
  • Universal-Fit
  • Warranty: 1-year Parts and Labor


  • Transducer Type: 3 precision BA drivers, 1 dynamic driver
  • Transducer Configuration: 1 tia high, 1 high-mid, 1 tia mid, 1 dynamic low
  • Freq. Response: 5Hz – 22KHz
  • Sensitivity: 114db @1kHZ @1mw
  • Impedance: 10 Ω @ 1kHz
  • Crossover: Integrated four-way passive crossover
  • Isolation: -20dB internal apex technology

64 Audio

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