Audeze Headquarters and Factory Tour 2020

This past Sunday I got the chance to stop by the high-tech equipped Audeze Headquarters and assembly facility located near Santa Ana, which for Los Angeles, is a relatively sedate 40-minute drive from my home.

The Los Angeles and Orange Country Audiophile Society – the largest in the world apparently – was graciously hosted by the team at Audeze, who provided pizza, listening stations, a factory tour and a very informative digital presentation on the various proprietary technologies the company employs, from Uniforce to Fazor.

The presentation particularly caught my attention because the team at Audeze went into some depth about not only the existence of these technologies, but how the Uniforce magnet scheme, for example, could be used to adjust inductance of different drivers to achieve specific tuning characteristics.

It’s quite clear from talking to the engineers and staff at Audeze that they are incredibly intelligent and really know their way around a pair of headphones. I spotted many measurement rigs, from modest couplers to sophisticated dummy heads in isolated enclosures, used both for design and quality assurance I was told. The team at Audeze also demonstrated they are just as comfortable to talk hard numbers as subjective results, which to ind is another clear indication of a company that really knows its stuff. 

The tour was short – Audeze’s factory is a modest space, maybe a dozen or so production stations and a handful of back offices, but their production standards are meticulous. I walked past a bin full of b-stock ear pads and leaned over to see what flaws might have made them unsuitable for Grade-A use. One or two had almost imperceptible scratches, and several even had cosmetic flaws on the back of the ear pad where they would never be seen. I walked away impressed by Audeze’s attention to detail for fit and finish quality control as well as sonic areas, where QC checks and burn-in testing are equally as rigorous.

The listening sessions were quite fun as pretty much the entire lineup was on display to sample, from the LCD-1 all the way up to the LCD-4. There was also a prototype headphone on display which I can’t discuss but which sounded really sweet to my ears. I particularly enjoyed the LCD-X and MX-4, so I’ll be trying to get my hands on a pair for review.

Near the end of the event I was able to get some time chatting with Sankar Thiagasamudram, the founder and CEO of Audeze, and Jaren Cloud, one of the marketing and outreach staff. We had a fun a wide-ranging chat about everything from A.R. Rahman and Stevie Wonder to Thiagasamudram’s previous work on creating video cards for REDD cameras. Both are incredibly friendly and knowledgeable individuals, and all I can say is to keep your eyes peeled for some incredibly cool new products and if you get the chance to chat with either of them at shows, do it, they’re thoroughly delightful people.

Audeze LLC
3412 S. Susan St, Santa Ana California 92704, USA
(714) 581-8010