Audeze LCD-GX: Audeze Gets its Audiophile Game Face On

Just when many thought the Audeze gaming headphone experience couldn’t get any better thanks to their Mobius planar-magnetic cans, the company goes all audiophile and breaks out an $899 USD version for the top-tier line in the newly announced LCD-GX.

Slipping the leash at High End in Munich, the LCD-GX is being touted by Audeze as “the world’s first high-end purist gaming headphones” with an open-back design featuring the company’s patented Fluxor magnets and razor-thin Uniforce planar diaphragms with drivers “two to four times the size found in other gaming headphones.” Audeze claims “unprecedented sound quality with clear voice chat for the serious audiophile gamer” as well, so with all this hype I’m expecting a big step up from the Mobius experience – which is one I heartily enjoy, and that Grover Neville reviewed for InnerFidelity HERE.

With made-in-the-USA chops, the GX is built at Audeze’s California factory and incorporates a magnesium housing, memory-foam ear pads, a lighter suspension headband designed for “long-lasting comfort during marathon gaming sessions” and a detachable microphone cable with a mute button and flexible gooseneck arm which lets users customize positioning “to ensure the optimal angle when communicating with online teammates.”

Also included with the GX is the standard LCD series headphone cable for two-channel listening sessions, with a splitter/adapter for separate headphone/microphone signal and “a foam pop filter … to further reduce unwanted noise and improve voice clarity.”

Scheduled for a July 2019 ship date, find out more about the GX HERE.

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