Audeze LCD-i3 Launched as iSINE 20 Replacement

With a nod to the influence of magnesium on improved resolution and resonance rejection, Audeze’s new LCD-i3 planar-magnetic IEM adopts the housing and grille design of its big brother the $2,495 USD LCD-i4 and with a nod to the present/future it also packs a Bluetooth wireless module in – all for just $899 USD.

The newest semi-open back design in the Audeze in-ear planar-magnetic design series is scheduled to ship August 23, 2019 with the over-the-neck CIPHER Bluetooth 5.0 module with built-in amplifier and DAC (AptX, AptX HD support – “… delivers low latency 24-bit wireless audio that has been optimized for even the most discerning ear”), an Audeze CIPHER Lightning cable and standard wired 3.5mm connector.

The improvements don’t stop there though, according to Audeze: “The brand new Ear Fins are ergonomically designed to provide a comfortable and secure fit within the concha bowl of the ear. For those that prefer the traditional iSINE fit, the redesigned Ear Hooks now curve inward along the back of the ear to ensure superior fit for ears of all shapes and sizes.”

Audeze designed the new accessories which are included with every LCD-i3 and to be “fully compatible with all existing Audeze in-ear headphones. Current iSINE or LCD-i4 owners interested in purchasing the accessories separately can do so through the iSINEaccessory kit.”

For more information and full specifications go to Audeze’s website HERE.

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