Bose Launch New $399 Noise Cancelling Headphones 700

When I’m travelling around the city – be it in a car, cab, bus or a train, the headphones I see the most – other than earbuds and Beats – are of the noise-cancelling variety. And of those noise-cancelling headphones I notice, it’s the Bose Quiet Comfort 35 that dominate the landscape here in Vancouver.

That could all be changing though with the new flagship Bose Headphones 700 due to launch in June (preorder now, expected June 20th delivery date) but the 700 is not actually positioned to replace the QC35, they’ll be offered alongside them.

Bose also decided to announce true wireless earbuds in the guise of Bose Earbuds 500 which the company is touting for availability in late 2019, which in turn will see the Bose Noise Cancelling Earbuds 700 hot on their heels in 2020. Don’t say you’ve not been warned.

Bose 500.

A big announcement piggybacking the new 700 is that it will feature Bose AR which the company says is “… a first-of-its-kind audio augmented reality platform…” that combines “… wearable audio products, mobile devices and integrated apps.” It’s pretty cool from what I can glean. Bose says, “The 700 headphones are also Bose AR-enabled to use with a developing ecosystem of apps that add a layer of audio over the real-world based on where you are, and what you’re facing.” What exactly does this mean? You can basically orient yourself to a monument, museum, landmark – what have you – and the 700s will use linked apps to pass along information on what your ‘facing.’ It allows wearers to to be immersed in a wash of information on their surroundings – looking for a great Italian restaurant near you? Now can get directions on-the-go based on your location and what you’re oriented to.

Bose 700.

There’s also 11 different levels of noise-cancelling, 20 hours of claimed run time, a new USB-C charging port and Bluetooth connectivity for Alexa, Siri or Google and an eight microphone integrated system for noise cancelling. Six are used to do just that and two of them combine with another two to for voice pickup. According to Bose, “A beamform-array isolates your speech, suppressing everything else that’s audible. A rejection-array adds a second line of defense, tracking then blocking the most disruptive remaining sound — from a coffee grinder to other dialogue nearby. It all happens in real-time — adapting as you move, turn your head, and your environment changes."

There’s also Conversation Mode which allows you to hear others talking to you (flight or safety announcements while travelling for example), further, Bose has included a Transparency Mode which allows the wearer to hear everything going on outside the headphones.

For more information on the 700, upcoming 500 and to get in on the preorder, go to Bose.


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