Burson Audio Swing and Playmate DAC/Headphone amplifier to offer DIYers a new take

Like to tinker with your toys?

Some of us much more than others, and from my experience, I would say this especially of the headphone community.

Tweaking a pair of cans or a head-amp seems like a foregone conclusion if you talk to any diehards out there in headphone-centric circles. A quick browse of most headphone forums will cull the reader a wealth of knowledge concerning tube rolling amps, power-supply tricks and tips or cable upgrades/mods for headphones – to name but a few of the topics of interest for the DIY crowd or budding headphone enthusiasts.

Burson Swing.

So, when I came across the new Burson Audio Swing ($399 USD) digital pre-amplifier with both line-level and variable-level unbalanced outputs and Playmate DAC/headphone amplifier ($399 USD – two-watt Class A output, one set of of variable-gain RCA outputs) that both offer the user-option to swap out the factory-fitted op-amps for a proprietary Burson-designed fully-discrete model in the V6 Vivid and V6 Classic (0.5 per cent tolerance TKD 50PPm metal film resistors and two-stage, hand-matched FET input and output transistors) I thought InnerFidelity readers might want to know more.

V6 Vivid and Classic.

On the input side of things, both models offer PCM file support up to 32/768 and DSD512 thanks to their ESS Sabre9038 via your choice of XMOS-USB, coax and Toslink.

Another unique feature for those power-supply minded individuals is the fact that Burson uses what it calls MCPS or Maximum Current Power Supplies which allows for each of the six stages of the DAC to be fed individually. A nod to the high-end world of DACs at a down-to-Earth price point.

The upgrade packages bring the price of the Swing up to $699 USD and the Playmate to $649 USD, a not insignificant uptick in price, but one that could be well worth it if you like the ability to fine-tune the sound of your rig and since the units are not scheduled to ship until January 2019, Burson is offering a 20 per cent discount on preorders until Christmas Eve, so if you’ve been good, there’s a chance of another treat to come your way post-holidays.

Burson Audio