CAD Audio MH510 Headphone Sweepstakes

Register to win a set of CAD Audio MH510 Headphone (MSRP $159.00) we are giving away.

According to the company:

The new Sessions MH510 professional headphones from CAD Audio have been designed for performers in recording and live audio environments as well as audio enthusiasts who want to experience their favorite recordings exactly as the artist intended.

Growing from a decade long collaboration of CAD’s experience and expertise in the design of professional audio equipment, the MH510 headphones produce a wide frequency response (10Hz – 24kHz) with extended lows, smooth mids and articulate, life-like highs for accurate and natural reproduction.

The MH510’s high SPL capability delivers ample volume while the design provides exceptional isolation ensuring a private listening experience that virtually eliminates bleed through into the playback environment.

In addition to professional specifications and performance, the Session MH510 phones are available in a distinct and modern cosmetic design with four colors--Black, White/Red, Black Chrome and Black/Orange--to choose from.

The MH510s feature exceptional power handling capability along with high quality construction to stand up to the most demanding use without sacrificing extended listening comfort. Each headphone is supplied with two cables (coiled and straight) and two sets of earpads to satisfy changing user demands.

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[This Sweepstakes is now closed.]

Niyologist's picture

This will be nice to have on the go. My Ultrasone and Beyers are too bulky.

miceblue's picture

I haven't heard of this headphone before, but I'll give it a try. It looks like a pretty ruggedly-built headphone.

mikerr's picture

My wife would love these.

Barrett's picture

I could go for some new headphones, thanks!

br777's picture

to win!

SoundTeck's picture

Yes, please!

emartinezpr's picture

They look like they are competent performers.

anjeza1987's picture

Lovely headphones.

cgradoslav's picture

i usually don't win these contests but i'll give it a try. thanks inner fidelity.

ReformationTruth's picture

Would be nice to have these... They are pretty much the aesthetic opposite of my Alessandro's. lol. Thanks for offering these sweepstakes! 

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jb265's picture

In the Hot Summer with a Hot win for a Hot Pair of Headphones!

Diseree's picture

It is identical to Numark Electrowave. It is not so bad, but there are many competitors among this price range.

martian's picture

But would love to get a chance to try them out

Gooberslot's picture

another headphone giveaway. laugh


Please sign me up.

sjward's picture

but I would still gratefully receive them. Thanks. 

acawaigmail's picture

I've never heard of this company, which, I suppose, is the point of the sweepstakes.

funambulistic's picture

can't have too many cans.

doublea71's picture

Might as well enter, you never know even though you think you know...

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This looks awesome!

noirx7's picture

Nice to win these...

Stirrio's picture

But I'll take 'em.

jchaps's picture

pick me pls.

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Would love to try these

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Yay, another sweepstakes! Hope I win!

Bill B's picture

..wants me to win

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scribbs's picture

Random winner!

Karnoffel's picture

I hope I win!

Dumai's picture

enter me please

Merkin's picture

Gimme, Gimme

thxtheater's picture

Would love to own these!

TheChicagoWay's picture

Adding to my collection

Merck's picture

It would be nice to finally get a new pair of headphones.

Kleinrp628's picture

Good looking cans.  Hope they sound equally good.

lesliejazz's picture

Would love to win

brrgrr's picture

Never hear of em!

david.parker83's picture

I'll take it!

ddncons's picture

My daughter would just love these beautiful headphones!

b34tls4ever's picture

Maybe ill get lucky this time and win these!!

Rabbit's picture

I have never won anything in my life, but if I won these I'd even post a picture of me wearing them in a skirt. Lovely colours sweetie!!

If I wore them in the studio, I'd make a lot of friends ........

Nzheadcase's picture

Please! My wife would love these.

chessmonster's picture

I Love To Win This Headphone.

Omega_17's picture

Good looking jewel of an headphone !

Carlitos's picture

Ill take it!

reuvenim's picture

May the best randomly picked entry win.

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Loving all the sweepstakes recently, maybe I'll win something :)

farkmeil's picture

I would love a pair. 

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hiyu64's picture

Haven't heard of CAD Audio before.  Looks interesting.  I hope it performs as well as it looks.

senorx's picture

Free is good.

carvern's picture

Love to try these out!

docked seaman's picture

i want one

Ormy51's picture

Would love to have these

veggieboy2001's picture

CAD Headphones? I'd love to hear them!

(why am I addicted to headphones??)

daadaa's picture

for the win!

Kyo's picture

Please came to me... I command you...!  :D

De.F's picture

looks intense and beautiful!

Tiger Woods's picture

Its me again and I've been in a slump with my golf game so these would be a nice thing to win since I can't do it in golf tournaments.

kabjunk's picture

to win

lenbell's picture

to win these

ulogin's picture

I hope I win!

georgebush's picture

Win or Whine

markbryston's picture

Great to see CAD come into the game with such an affordable first entry!!

Acoustic pop's picture

Yeah, I'd love to give these a spot on my wall!

sharkboyz19's picture


         just trying to keep my head in the game.kudos for the replaceable cable.they look awesome! i love GOLD!

texanalog's picture

Beautiful headphones!

bensonwyu's picture

those look nice.

e_resolu's picture

Would be Nice to have golden ears !

kwein's picture

yes, please

earjunkie's picture

even more love here...

davidsh's picture

Don't want to write anything relevant, who will read it anyway?

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I'd love to win a pair.

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and beautiful sound.



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What can we expect from this headphone?

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White/Red please.

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Nom nom nom.


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I hope I win, what a great sweepstakes!

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Really, these would bring music to my ears, if I win.

arclordz's picture

im never try this headphone, i hope i win!!

chrisrnps's picture

Fingers crossed. 

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Would love to own a pair 


PBRecords's picture

New member of InnerFidelity. Love the site!

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Pick me, please.

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If at first I don't succeed .... try try again.

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They are beautiful .... I hope they sound as nice too.

identitypass's picture

Pick me! I really want to try this headphone!

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KG_Jag's picture

Would love to pick up a pair.

JMS's picture

Loving the luxurious gold accents!

thedoc512's picture

I'd put these to good use.

Robdukes's picture

CAD Audio products are always quality.

manatee's picture

This is the same company that makes no BS pro audio gear.  Good stuff!

giovanni provenzani's picture

they look cool !

Grognard14's picture

Here is my entry.

mark4197's picture

good looking headphones :)

Bobs Your Uncle's picture

Should I not have the good fortune of being selected as the recipient of this attractive bit of kit, please know that even then I shall never consider either you or any of your associates to be a CAD, in any of the baser senses, of course.

Jamie Escamilla's picture

I want one, I want one

goaliedad39's picture

Hope I win. Thanks!

cdxskier's picture

I'm in!