CanJam at RMAF 2011: Unique Melody

The blokes from Oz love headphones and a number of makers are starting to appear Down Under. Unique Melody is an Australian manufacturer that produces a full line of custom in-ear monitors, but --- and this is rather amazing to me --- they also provide a custom IEM re-building services where they remove the drivers and cross-over components from second-hand and generic earphones and transplant them into custom housings. For example, you might have a Shure SE535 you love, or have just bought some custom IEMs second hand, you can contact Unique Melody and have them extract the innards, and re-fit them into new custom in-ear headphones for you. Re-shelling services start at around AU$169; does not include ear impressions.

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My understanding is that UM is based in China. Here are some pictures of their lab:

They have different distributors for North America, Australia, and the UK. This UM Global thing is a new development, but I wouldn't necessarily call UM an "Australian company".

I've got their new Merlin which is a hybrid featuring quad balanced armature drivers for highs/mids, and a dynamic driver for lows. I love it. It's good to see them represented at a big show, because I think they deserve more attention.