CanJam at RMAF 2013: Auralic Gemini Headphone Dock

Auralic came to CanJam at RMAF for the first time to show off their latest creation: the Gemini 1000 and 2000 headphone docks. Um...what's a headphone dock?

For Xuanqian Wang, one of Auralic's founders, it starts with a license from Klutz Design to incorporate its stylish headphone stand with Auralic's expertise in digital and analog headphone electronics. Auralic mills a new base-plate for the stand from solid brass finished nicely in chrome and then installs their electronics board bristling with features. The heart of the Gemini 1000 board is a 1000mW class-A solid-state headphone amp, the Gemini 2000 sports a 2000mW fully balanced amp. Both units have fully featured DAC sections capable of DXD, DSD, and double-rate DSD, and sampling rates up to 384kHz. Also included is a SDXC card reader capable of holding up to 2 terabytes of music files.

Both Geminis will accept USB and Toslink optical digital inputs, and both units have 1/4" and 4-pin XLR headphone outs. Also included are inputs for Android phone jacks, buttons for power and input selection, LED sample rate indicators, and a cool little knob for "Niceness"...also known as a volume control. Funny.

Xuanqian Wang explains his new products in the video.

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Bad idea.

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Seems clever enough, assuming the SQ is there. Sure, it's sort of a "lifestyle" product, but so what?

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