CanJam at RMAF 2014: Aurisonics Rocket

Earlier this year at CES I reported on the Aurisonics Rocket and their Kickstarter campaign. Well the cycle is almost complete with the first production Rockets currently slated to ship to backers on November 17.

The Rockets are built like a tank! Driver housings are titanium, cable is a proprietary quad-weave aramid, and the angled plug has terrific strain relief. You can watch them being "Gallagherized" here.

The Rockets use a 5.1mm precision micro dynamic driver and have some unusual tips and attachements to enhance fit and security in your ear. Aurisonics offers a Tri-tab appliance that attaches to the body of the driver they claim acts sort of like a grappling hook to secure the fit in your ear, or you can use their included Antiloop attachements that allow for over-the-ear cable routing.

Dale gave me a pair for the trip home and to consider for review here at InnerFidelity. I enjoyed them quite a bit. Their presentation is neutral and clear, I might have like 2dB more bass below 120Hz, but won't know for sure 'til I do some serious comparative listening and measurements. Bottom line: things are sounding pretty good to me so far.

One more thing, the driver housings are exceedingly small. If I remove the Tri-tab and use the small tips, these things virtually disappear in your ears. That's a perfect fit for use under motorcycle helmets. I haven't tried it yet, but I'm pretty sure these are going to be my new riding headphones! Here's a short video of a backer/rider talking about his experience with them on a bike.

Aurisonics homepage, Rocket page, and Kickstarter page.

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How did they get Bill Clinton to do the RMAF for them ?
Nice concept , made here , oh-my .
Tony in Michigan

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Heh, when we met I said the same thing to him sounding and looking like a Clinton. Regardless of political affiliation, these IEM sounded great at RMAF. Very few faults, and great sound with a deep ear canal insertion. With a shallow insertion they sounded a little bright, but with the right fit I couldn't complain. If I was in the market for another universal fit IEM these would be on the short list.