CanJam at RMAF 2014: Concert Fidelity Headphone Amplifiers Coming Soon

Most headphone enthusiasts have likely not heard of Concert Fidelity, a small Japanese company specializing in high-end home audio gear. Well, this year at a couple of Head-Fi and LAOC Audiophile society meetings, Concert Fidelity has been showing prototypes of a new line of headphone amplifier products to garner feedback on their development efforts. I wasn't there at the time, but Warren Chi told me impressions were quite positive. Evidently, positive enough that Masataka Tsuda, President and CEO, forged ahead to produce pre-production units to show off at RMAF and gain a last bit of feedback prior to their product offering, which should be available by year's end.

The Charisma line of headphone amp products from Concert Fidelity will include three models:

  • The Model XHP-3 is a very small portable (about 3" x 2.5" x 0.6") that runs on a single 9V battery, and delivers a balanced output via a 3.5mm TRRS jack. Expected selling price is will be around $300, but is as yet uncertain.
  • Model XHP-4 is a small desktop unit (6" x 6" x 2") with unbalanced line inputs and balanced headphone output on a 4-pin XLR. It remains battery powered and can not be operated while charging, but battery life is claimed to be more than 4 hours. Price is expected to be around $700.
  • The main chassis of the Model XHP5 is similar in size to the XHP-4, but is stacked on a power supply of identical size. This amp operates similarly to the XHP-4 but includes Banana jacks on the rear to deliver 10 Watts of power to drive efficient speakers. Pricing is currently expected to be $1500.

Production versions should be available within a few months, you'll find them on Concert Fidelity's web site when they become available.

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Amps aren't easy to evaluate, and under show conditions even worse. They sounded good enough to continue to look into them.
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First off, thank you of all of the hard work you do covering the shows. I am too far away to be able to attend, and appreciate being able to see the show through your work!

Second, did you get any time with the Schiit statement products. I was most interested in them.


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they don't have those portable soundproof booths. Remember the days when you could go to a record store and listen to the album in a private room?

I think it would be nice to see these headphone companies or the show itself to provide private listening rooms for the headphone crowd that's soundproofed. They are some on the market that cost around $950 and are extremely portable. I'm sure there are others. But here's one they could probably has at these shows for private listening.