CanJam at RMAF 2015: HiFiMAN Edition X Planar Magnetic Headphones

Boy, I just get done evaluating HiFiMAN's last offering and something new shows up. Fang Bian is a busy guy!

Taking what they've learned with the HE-1000—which is a damned pleasant headphone—and packing it up into a headphone at a more affordable price is a really good idea in my book. No pricing is established yet—Fang was looking for feedback on where the cans should be priced at the show. Evidently, according to this page on their RMAF introductions, pricing has been tentatively targeted at a $1799 price point.

A primary goal for this headphone, according to Fang Bian, is its very high efficiency. Indeed, it seemed very easy to drive with my CEntrance M8—though I doubt that's quite what he ment as the M8 is a gutsy beast. He claims they should easily be driven by portable devices, and mentions its ability to be driven from phones and iPods. I've got to question whether a $1700 headphone will really be used in that manner, but if it sounds good I really don't care.

On brief trade show listen I found the Edition X a pretty good sounding headphone. These new cans don't have the nano-scale thickness diaphragm of the HE-1000, but magnets, grill, and much of the rest of the headphone shares components with its more expensive sibling.

I'll definitely be requesting a sample as soon as production units are available. I neglected to ask for a timeframe, but knowing Fang it's bound to happen soon.

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The same rich people who buy Ultrasone Editions and run them off their iPhone.

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"Fang was looking for feedback on where the cans should be priced at the show". Huh? HIFIMAN is a presumably solvent business, that's been around for 8 years. Why would you seek counsel from people who have no idea what your production costs, overhead etc are to help you establish a price point?

There's something that rubs me the wrong way about this trend of being purposely ambiguous about pricing at launch. Sure, he reserves the right to charge whatever he wants.But that's not the point. When I go to view a product I might be interested in buying, when I ask the question- how much does this cost, I shouldn't expect the response to be- "how much are you willing to pay?"

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Quote : " I shouldn't expect the response to be- "how much are you willing to pay?"
Quite the opposite, it is a great question and after asking this question a manufacturer should, after receiving the answer, set the price accordingly.

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