CanJam at RMAF: Cavalli Audio

Cavalli Audio
Dr. Alex Cavelli, also known as "runeight" on Head-Fi, has been a long time DIYer in the headphone world, and has contributed numerous designs to the activity. Consisting of mostly tube and hybrid designs, you can find full documentation (schematics, bills of materials, circuit descriptions, instructions, and more) on the Cavalli Audio DIY page.

Recently, Dr. Cavalli has turned pro with the introduction of his first headphone amp, the Cavalli Liquid Fire ($3250) --- a hybrid amp with a 6922 tube input section and a MOSFET output stage. Just in time for the release of the stupendously good Stax SR-009 ($5200) electrostatic headphone, Cavalli has announced the Liquid Lightning ($4250) solid state electrostatic headphone amplifier, expected to be shipping in April 2012.