CanJam at RMAF: High Resolution Technologies

High Resolution Technologies
HRT is known for their line of USB powered DACs. Using asynchronous USB transfer protocol to virtually eliminate jitter the three DAC products (Music Streamer II, $159; Music Streamer II+, $349; and Music Streamer Pro, $499) have been well received.

Recently added to the line is the iStreamer ($199) that acts as an external DAC for your iDevice, and has a high current charger that allows you to charge your iDevice while hooked up and playing ... yes, even your iPad.

Brand new is the HeadStreamer ($139) USB powered headphone amplifier. It uses the same asynchronous protocol as the other HRT products, and has an onboard digitally controlled analog volume attenuator that is adjusted from the computer.

The first four products can be found on HRT's product page; the HeadStreamer isn't on their site yet, but can be seen on their Facebook page.

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Have you had a chance to listen to it?

I wonder how it will compete with the likes of the new Fiio E10.