CanJam at RMAF - Outstanding Product: Cardas Mirror prototype

Cardas Mirrors (working name)
I think it was at this year's CES ten months ago that George showed me a new in-ear headphone he was working on. At he time it seemed to me the bass was a bit fat and loose, but they also had that yummy certain something going on. I heard he was still messing around with them, and I was lucky enough to bump into George on the CanJam floor for a listen.

O.M.G! Buttered ice cream! These little cans are absolutely unique and tasty sounding.

Cardas explained the design of the device is a mirror image of our ear with a canal, diaphragm, and golden ratio spiral cochlea-like port all dimensionally and acoustically matched with our ear. George has got his own way of thinking about things, and as far as my ears can tell, he's on to something yet again.

As the beer flowed late Saturday afternoon in the CanJam room, I accosted Cardas' Andy Reagan, who had the new cans in his pocket, and got him to pass them around to a number of the hard-core headphone geeks. The general consensus was that they were quite unique sounding, and very pleasantly so. I can't wait to see how these turn out, and really can't wait to measure them. And really, really can't wait to just sit and listen to music on them. Here's the Cardas Projects page link.

Great job, George!

Armaegis's picture

While I can follow the sentiment, I have to wonder... who butters their ice cream? (unless it's a flavour or something? like butterscotch?)

Tyll Hertsens's picture
I guess I coulda said "creamier than a Cool Whip and mayonnaise on Wonder Bread sandwich" but that's just gross.
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I may have to try that custom flavour Armaegis. The butter not the other one mentioned :)
Or did you mean in the sense who is doing the manufacturing for those, as in "who's buttering their coolwhip covered Wonderbread".
Very intriguing idea incorporating a golden ratio into these ( you serious there? )

Could very well be the case that does affect the sound vibrations somehow, in a strictly non-flakey manner.
Thanks for the post it's something to follow closely.
Definitely no concerns about cables with these I'm guessing.
Couldn't see any further on the site link, unless my computer isn't happy.