CanJam at RMAF: Schiit

Jason Stoddard came to show off his Schiit. He and renowned audio guru Mike Moffat have teamed up to design and deliver a very nice little line of affordable headphone amps and DACs. The Asgard is a single-ended, class-A, FET amp for $249; the Valhalla is a single-ended, triod OTL with zero feedback for $349; the Lyr is a high ouput power hybrid amp with ECC88 or 6BZ7 dual triode input, and MOSFET output section for $449; and the Bifrost is a 24/192 DAC using the AKM4399 32 bit D/A converter. Very nice prices!

I haven't had the chance to spend much time with their gear, but I can tell you they're getting very good notices amongst the headphone faithful. I'm looking forward to a long listen myself sometime soon.

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I am looking forward to hearing their new Bifrost.