CanJam at RMAF: Westone

If being first and doing it for a long time counts --- and it often does, in my opinion --- Westone is a company to keep on one's radar. Started on the kitchen table of a log cabin in 1959 by then hearing aid salesman Ron Morgan, Westone has become one of the world's largest suppliers of custom earpieces. Their products include a wide range of custom and generic fit earphones, hearing aids, and hearing safety devices. They are also supply the ACCES® (Attenuating Custom Communications Earpiece System) military earpieces for pilots.

Westone's booth this year was a laid-back lounge where you could talk to the guys about their various designs, and get ear impressions made gratis if you were going to buy a pair of custom cans. And you could get a cup of fresh brewed coffee ... a life saver for me. Thanks!

Headquartered in Colorado Springs, I took the opportunity on Monday after the show to drive the hour south for a factory tour. I've never seen so many acoustics artisans molding, grinding, and polishing earpieces in my life. Very cool ... I'll write a little report on my visit sometime in the near future, and review my soon to be arriving top-of-the-line ES5 ($950) five-driver custom in-ear monitor.