CanJam at RMAF2017: Advanced Alpha and GT-R Over-Ear Open Planar Magnetic Headphones

Maybe it was just the show conditions, or maybe I was just in the right mood, but holy smoke these sounded really good to me on first listen. I've been wrong at shows before so don't take this as gospel, but I sure liked these Advanced planar magnetic cans.

The Advanced Alpha is a full-sized open headphone with a single-sided motor on the outside of a 96mm silicone composite driver diaphragm that will sell for $499. The 1.5 meter cable is silver-plated copper and is terminated on the player end with a straight 3.5mm TRS plug, and by two 2.5mm TRS plugs that insert into the jack at each capsule. Impedance is 34 Ohms.

The Massdrop sale mentioned in the video is over; the product will likely be available on the Advanced website by months end.

The slightly more compact GT-R is an over-ear semi-open planar magnetic design that's a little more efficient for use with portable devices and will sell for $299. It's a bit farther out and will be launched on Kickstarter. It's warmer sounding than it's rather neutral big brother. To my ears it seemed like a good headphone for metal and rock. I dug what I heard, can't wait to get them in for a listen and measure to find out if I heard what I think I heard at the show.

Peter Yoon tells us all about them in the video.

View on YouTube.

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Really looking forward to your measurement and review of these new planars Tyll. Maybe many of us who have not wanted to pay the nose bleed prices for new products over the last couple of years will once again be able to add to our collections. Thanks for all your work at the show Tyll it is very good as usual.

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Nice website, well done
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