CanJam at RMAF2017 - HiFiMAN Sundara Open Planar Magnetic Headphones

If there was a theme to CanJam this year for me it would be affordably priced planars. With all the new stuff from new places attracting attention, I was really happy to see HiFiMAN represent with their new Sundara ($499) planar magnetic headphones. Fang and crew have been working hard at this price range for quite a while now, and it doesn't surprise me one bit to find the new Sundara quite appealing.

I found their HE-400S ($299) terrific. With the new styling and ergos of the Sundara—they did feel quite comfortable—if this new headphone lives up to the price jump our ears are in for a treat. They sounded good enough to know I had to get a pair after the show, and given most of the exciting new planars were at higher dollar purchases we're likely to have a horse race going into the winter at some very attractive prices.

Peter Hoagan gives us the scoop in the video.

View on YouTube.