CanJam at RMAF2017: People I Love - Andy Regan

Andy Regan - HiFiMAN
If there were a high-end audio version of "I've Been Everywhere" it would be about Andy. The ones I know of are: Sound by Singer (famous high-end audio retailer in New York); Monster Cable (he was one of the guys that would fly private jets around meeting the NBA teams getting on to their private jets to give them all Beats headphones); Cardas (not sure exactly what he did there...probably all the stuff that let George stay in the lab); JH Audio (same story; he was president so Jerry could do his magic in the lab). I'm sure there are many more.

I think he just get's bored once he gets things sorted out. Wisely, it seems to me, he's started a consulting firm to come in at a high level to solve problems and help make high end audio companies successful. Might as well do what you're good at. His first gig is at HiFiMAN...gonna be fun to watch that play out over the next couple of years.

But enough of that, Andy is also one of the funniest and smartest guys in the audio biz. We've done the word dance over drinks dozens of times and it's always pretty damned hysterical. He's got stories!

Meet Andy!

View on YouTube.

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You seem like a great guy, as do the men you are interviewing for this series. However, for a reviewer to publicly take such pride that he is close friends with all of the people he is supposed to be covering makes me very uncomfortable and should concern you too (and your editors). I'm not questioning your ethics, but you are settings yourself up for the next time you give a good review that others disagree with. You need to decide, are you a journalist or an enthusiast? If you are strictly an enthusiast, I think you need to frame your reviews differently. However, if you agree with me that being paid for reviews makes you a journalist, then you should therefore work by common journalistic standards. Your sources can't be your buddies.


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I can't edit that, so let me just add that ten years ago, none of this mattered. Now, you are one of the most important critical voices of a multi-billion dollar industry. Your integrity is paramount.

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yeah what he said.
you meet the same people all the time for many years and end up befriending some. how dare you!!!!!!
also you're not wearing a suit, I'm starting to doubt your seriousness.

^_^ ahhhh, it's good to laugh sometimes.

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I'll give you an example. Last year, Tyll gave a mixed review to the Ether Flow C and decided that it was not worthy of the Wall of Fame. Later he changed his mind. Some said that he changed his mind because of ad dollars or due to his friendship with Dan Clark. I believe that Tyll has integrity and changed his mind for exactly the reason he described in the article. However. he does open himself to very legitimate criticism (as do quite a few professional audio reviewers) by being friends with people who have a major financial interest in the headphones he reviews. I have no issue with a video of a stoned looking Tyll laughing it up with Steve Guttenberg. Gave me a good chukle. On the other hand, his video with Dan Clark stuck me as inappropriate for a reviewer. Tyll himself recognizes that he is read beyond the hobbyist/enthusiast market. This website is no game. If Tyll wants to just be a famous enthusiast, great. If he wants to be considered a journalist, he needs to meet a higher standard. Keep the friendships private and approach trade shows like a critic.

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The enthusiast headphone market segment has a long history of friendly relations between enthusiasts and industry people. Personally, I like it that way. It has never influenced my opinions in reviews.
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I know it does not influence your opinions, but it certainly fuels claims that it does. It gives the appearance of impropriety. Anyway, I understand your position on this and will continue to read, respect, and enjoy your writing even though I disagree with you on this point.

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I've personally met 4 of these people and feel they are respectable industry contributors .

This Headphone Group seems to be a Healthy Biosphere of Integrity, starting waaaaaaay back when, with Tyll.

Tony in Michigan

ps. there seems an obvious lack of ><)))'> smells coming out of this little industry.

ps. 2 , Reading Tyll, Bob, Grandberg, Joker is kinda like talking to the NVH engineers at General Motors Technical Center. Where the hell else are we gonna find this level of journalism?

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These videos are starting to remind me of the old Saturday Night Live bit. A lot of effort going into convincing us how wild and crazy these guys are. I know it’s all in the spirit of good fun but this one in particular did seem a little off putting.'s picture

Just a slight correction to Tyells comments on my career and curt status.

When I left Jerry Harvey Audio my intention was to start my own consulting firm. After meeting with Dr. Fang at HiFiMan he offered and I accepted the full time post of Chief Marketing Officer of HiFiMan. So I am not currently open to or consulting with anyone else.

The CMO role at HiFi Man is more than full time.'s picture

We have all been friends in the HiFi industry for years. It has never effected in any way the review process. Perhaps it’s more acceptable for some readers that we view each other as adversaries but that’s never going to happen.

That said none of us reall like tyell at