CanJam at RMAF2017: People I Love - Brannan Mason

Brannan Mason - Noble Audio
Teamed up with John "The Wizard" Moulton, Brannan brings Nobel audio and their full range of IEMs to CanJam every year (to the best of me recollection). The thing I really love about Brannan is he's super chill about manning the table representing the firm. No pushy salesman crap, no baloney marketing tech speak; he just chill and cheerfully answers your questions and guides you to what might suit. I so appreciate that.

They've done a full line refresh on their universal fit products with enclosure styling along the lines of their Kaiser all-aluminum machined model introduced some time ago. I liked their previous Savant model that appears now reincarnated in the Sage. I'm just going to have to get the whole shebang up hear for a listen and measure.

Anyway, this video will give you a feel for what an accommodating bloke Brannan is...I ended up mostly talking about myself in the video. Well...maybe I'm just a loud mouth. I did manage to pry out one of his secret desires. You'll just have to watch.

Meet Brannan!

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