CanJam at RMAF2017: People I Love - Drew Baird

Drew Baird - Moon Audio
Drew is another of those guys that have been around a long, long time. We talk in the video about our first meeting when I toured the country with a bunch of gear to numerous regional meets. He held one at his then day job engineering office. Here's the pics to prove was at least 20 years ago.



There were so many good new headphones at CanJam (worry not, they're coming) that I never made it back to Drew's Moon Audio booth to show some of his cool adapters, so I'll give you a peak here.

One of the things he can do is rewire your headphone cables with a single mini-XLR balanced connector on it and then you can switch out a variety of short cable ends for different players. Here's the IEM set.


And then he's got some cool adapters that convert from any of the small balanced connectors to a male 4-pin XLR.


Whenever I've got a cable or connector question, Drew is one of the first people I should too.

Okie doke, talk of old times and the new Sony TRRRRS balanced connector in the video.

Meet Drew!

View on YouTube.

Martin.'s picture

So why are these TRRRS sony balanced connectors good, as opposed to a normal 4 pin XLR? Other than the fact that the one is much smaller, what is good about it?