CanJam at RMAF2017 People I Love - Jude Mansilla

Some people won't believe me when I say I love Jude...I'll admit it's a complicated affair. But I'm absolutely sure he does what he does because he so strongly believes The Music deserves to be served well. At the deepest level I'm sure that both of us believe deeply the other is well motivate in this most important way. For that, and the enormous effort he puts into doing this work well, I love the guy.

Well, that, and I've just known him for so long. I can't think of a person in the headphone enthusiast business I've known as, wait! I've known Todd Green from Todd the Vinyl Junkie since before I even started HeadRoom when we worked together at a laser company. At any rate, Jude and I get along just fine. You can see it in the video. Jude speaks of his work, what he's spending his time on and what's most fun; his interest in measurements; and even tells the story of how it may have been me that got him interested in putting up Head-Fi! News to me.

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Thank you both for this explanation of your histories.

I'm watching you lads describe these last 20 years while keeping in mind that I had a 1960 professional beginning in Audio, selling the Fisher Tube stuff ( High Fidelity Workshop in Detroit, on 7 Mile ), phew. We were using Erica Morini Mono Vinyl for demonstrations.
I left Home Audio, completely, in 1985.
You lads started up around 1990 ( ? ), Jude started his site in 2001, I ran into you lads at RMAF 2011 Seminar, my iMac was my music system ( still is ).

You make yourselves sound ancient. You're not! You are experienced and you have wisdom.

I think the Catalyst that made your headphone work successful was the Digital that wiped out my Vinyl Business interests.

Of course, Digital is powerful, it dominates the entire world of sound.

I can carry my vast music collection in a Shirt pocket's worth of player & SD memory cards. ( lets see vinyl guys do that trick )

But the new kids are gonna make me and my little Astel Player obsolete by having iPhone access to Tidal, Room and MQA.

So the next Generation is settling in, taking hold, gearing up.

How soon will RMAF have iPhone booths demonstrating the Audiophile qualities of their built-in DAC chip sets, with some offering the Chord Programable Field Array chip sets. Hmm.

It seems to me that we are on the cusp of another 25 year generation of Audio.

1st. was 78 Records & AM Radio

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Forget niche streaming services services.
Spotify rules supreme these days.
Kids and I know many, care about music but only a few are audiophiles or keep going after a certain age.
As for MQA it will sell to some audiophiles because the hype magazines are pushing it hard. As for some like me who believe in open formats MQA is pure marketing. In one thing I totally agree with you Mr. Tony smartphones are going to rain supreme from now on. I love DAPs but they will soon be even more niche.

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I can agree with you.

I'm say'n MQA in a generic sense, I'm meaning a high quality presentation of RedBook.

We seem to be advancing into an Audiophile world where Everyman, Everywhere will have unlimited access to every piece of music ever performed and recorded. Phew. I'm betting that we'll live to see it, providing our Moron in Washington doesn't start WW111. (for gods sake)

MQA has been around for 5 years or so, it may take another 20 years for our smart phone ( based ) audio systems to fully mature. By then, we'll be debating the merits of the next Generation's Audio Designs, guys like Tyll will be the Senior Panelists trying to nudge the discussions in useful directions.

By then, I'll be "long-term" testing the solitude claims of Oakwood Cemetery.

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2nd. was 33 1/3 & FM Radio

3rd is Digital, USB, Headphone, Portable or Desktop players & DACs.

4th will be ( is becoming ) iPhone, Tidal, MQA, wireless IEM.

Tony in Michigan

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The published results consist of 4 parts. Above is the link to part 1. For the next one, see end of each post.


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Sorry, it should have been a reply to tony's post.

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Oh, geez, Sennhieser is releasing a new HD 660S ( didn't Jude just mention the HD 600 from his starting out days? ).

The HD 660 S comes alongside an HD 650 Apogee offering for the same money: $499ish.

The headphone world is changing and ( at the same time ) staying the same. Hmm.

Tony in Michigan

ps. I'll vote that the HD 580/600/650 series are superb and don't need being obsoleted, I'll have to own the totally cool HD 660 S too, even though I don't need em. Buying headphones can be addictive.

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Jude is one of the good guys imo who shows a lovely positive side to the hobby. He has communicated with more people on the subject possibly, than most others for a long time while keeping his dignity and enthusiasm for headphones intact.

I enjoy his enthusiasm a great deal.

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@Scientist1 I agree with you.
Head-Fi© is a business and Mr. Jude and his "moderators" reign supreme so they ban anyone who goes against the business.
I'm sure he is a nice guy for some, but every time I watch him I remember that he has ZERO tolerance for anyone who goes against his beloved sponsors. I'm glad some of my favorite brands don't sponsor his community.
Sorry for the negativity but at least here Tyll doesn't ban my words in fear of sponsors. I wish a long and prosper life to Mr. Jude so he may learn with Tyll how to respect the opinions of others and have modesty.

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I can't watch any of Jude's Head-Fi infomercial videos without cringeing.

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He should be ashamed.

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this is Digital, USB, Headphone, Portable or Desktop players & DACs.

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I find Headfi lacking credibility. There is a very strong bias by the administrators that run it to favor their "pet" brand, supported by a small and vocal group of posters, and any kind of negative review gets shouted down by the mob or blocked by the admins.

I can understand that every forum is a business and needs to take care of its sponsors - but not by exhibiting such cynically blatant disregard for the participants of the forum as exhibited there. The participants are why Headfi gets the traffic it does - showing some measure of integrity towards providing them with honest information is not an unreasonable expectation. But it is one where Headfi fails to deliver.

The other aspect pertains to the credibility of user reviews and the wanton abuse of buzzwords without any regard to what they actually mean - I have heard products being described as "warm with a strong treble presence" and "elevated bass, strong midrange and prominent treble" (aka - "louder"). And lets not get into all the claims of clear, audible differences between various components. Lastly, what is "accurate" when you are testing with electronic music, with no real reference for what it should sound like?

But I guess that is a failing of most amateur audio review sites. While I've had my share of disagreements with John Atkinson/Jona10 Scull and the rest of the Stereophile crew, atleast they were consistent in their terminology and standards. Amateur reviews are so full of noise it is hard to separate the signal from the noise.