CanJam at RMAF2017 People I Love - Todd Green and Pete Millett

Here's a couple of guys I've known for a long, long time.

Todd used to work for me at HeadRoom before striking out on his own to form Todd the Vinyl Junkie, an on-line e-tailer of all things headphone and vinyl. If you're in need of something along those lines I encourage you to give him a call...a chat with Todd is a treat. But I knew him long before that when we worked for a laser diode instrumentation company. We swapped cassette tapes to bolster our listening.

And Pete...well he's been designing enthusiast audio gear for decades. We sold his Wheatfield HA-2 headphone amp for a little while, and he designed the world's first USB headphone amp—the BitHead—that was sold under the HeadRoom banner. But his designes are also well known among DIY audio electronics enthusiasts, you'll find dozens of well documented projects on his website—the graphical look of which is proof he's been doing this for decades.

These days the duo team up to produce the Apex Hi-Fi Audio line of headphone amps sold by Todd at Pete's speciality is getting great sound from vacuum tubes—in my experience his gear is superbly musical and remarkably un-tubelike in their clarity and power delivery.

They also team up regularly to give fish sore lips and sample barley pop from every Montana micro-brewery they can find.

Check out these two lovely guys in the video!

View on YouTube.

Journeyman's picture

Those guys look like great people to hang around with.
This hobby needs that kind of people. :-)

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Well, I guess Pete and Todd are twisted :D