CanJam at RMAF2017: People I Love - Zach Mehrbach

Zach Mehrbach - Founder ZMF Headphones
Zach and I have something in common: we like working with wood. He, of course, creates beautiful headphones with ear capsules made with a variety of exotic woods. Me, I'm building a backwoods camper from a step van. Here's a couple pix.



The difference is the finishes inside Putt (my step van's name) are going to be now where near the quality of Zach's headphones. But we both need good sanders to do the job. I've got a belt sander to do the rough stuff I've been doing so far, but I need a good orbital sander for the cabinetry stuff I'm about to face. I figured Zach would know just what to get, which of course he did.

Meet Zach and his wisdom about random orbital sanders.

View on YouTube.

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for this whole decade.

Festool Random Orbital Sanders + Festool HEPA Vacuum is the System.

Sorry but the old tools are obsolete.

Pretty much all of woodworking is dust-free now-a-days!

Contractors that work indoors are using Festool Stuff, most places on this Earth require HEPA Air filtration for all indoor wood working.

Festool RO 150, RO 125 and RO 90 are capable of polishing wood, grit sizes range from 40 to 5000. RO means Random Orbital. A modern Sander will feature variable speed, random orbital & vacuum dust extraction.

Festool is German

Tony in Michigan

ps. air sanders & polishers are Auto Body, they lack the power for wood working.

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Thanks, Tony, you can rest assured I've taken note of your comment.
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Your concept of conversion has me pondering.

Youtube has a 79 part series about converting a Gruman Step Van.

I'm just starting to have a look-see.

It seems that it will cost $2,000 for 6 new tires and Seven's Van gets 18 miles per gallon.

Interesting stuff here

Tony in Michigan

ps. "Sailing Nervous" is another "YouTube" Series about a Couple that buy a Sailboat, to live on, and begin their great Life Adventure.

Tony in Michigan

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Another vote for the Festool ROTEX series. I own the RO 125, and have been extremely happy with it; poweful, fast or precise depending on settings, and with the best dust extraction I have come across. The RO 150 is heavy, more suited for large horizontal work.

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Yes, agree.

I own the 125 the RO 90 and the CT 36 HEPA.

I'll invest in a few more of their speciality sanders.

Festool doesn't fool around with lesser performance.

Which, I suppose, is why folks read Innerfidelty, isn't it?

Festool, despite unlimited availability, re-sells used on eBay for high prices, which is a darn good sign of inherent quality. Schiit ( despite their shit name ) also resells well on eBay.

Tony in Michigan

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I use the RO 125 in combination with the Festool DX 93 E, an excellent Delta sander. I don´t see it listed anymore on the Festool homepage.
Just these two get most of my sanding jobs done.
...this is becoming a sander review site...
Back to all the new headphones which were presented at RMAF...

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Of course converting trucks into get-a-way campers is part & parcel to personal Audio.

The main take-a-way point is that this headphone stuff is Powertool compatible and can be part of the Camper experience.

Most of the Woodworkers I know either have a capable portable sound system or are about to.

Those Necklace type devices ( like the LG Tone ) are nearly ideal with the Tyll reviewed Sennheiser HD 4 also looking like something useful.

Tyll is positioned in the very center of the entire Audio Industry. Every person from Pro-Audio folks to Mailmen are into personal Audio Gear and usually it's stuff Tyll & Co. reviewed.

Tony in Michigan

We probably should have a Workman's Headphone Category for that Wall of Fame!

I'd nominate Etymotic as No.1 Wired

LG Tone as No.1 Wireless.

Probably that Sennheiser HD 4 as Over-Ears No.1.

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I own the Fein version and nearly bought the Festool.

It's discontinued for some reason. Hmm

I tried one out at a Festool Show, it's a very nice tool. darn.

Tony in Michigan