CanJam SoCal 2018 - Campfire Audio Cascade Sealed Over-Ear Headphones

It's about time.

Seriously, time is a heck of a thing. I've known Ken Ball, Founder and CEO of Campfire Audio and ALO Audio, for well over a decade. He's one of those rare few guys who've taken his enthusiastic headphone hobby and turned it into a company that's one of the staples in this arena. His first business was ALO Audio, a company that started out as a cable maker, then a headphone amplifier manufacturer, and even had a headphone store in the Portland area for a while. He created the new Campfire Audio brand when he made the jump into IEM manufacture. And now, it appears, he's ready for the next leap into full sized headphones.

Campfire Audio has recently released its latest creation, the Cascade ($799), an around-ear, sealed headphone with a 42mm Beryllium PVD diaphragm dynamic driver. Boy, this is a good looking headphone! The headband, joints, and pivot are all made of stainless steel; the cups and hanger arms are cast then machined aluminum. Headphone pads are soft sheepskin, and attached with magnets and replaceable. The Litz stranded cable are terminated at the player end with a molded 45 degree angle 3.5mm TRS connector (definitely my preference), and attach to each ear capsule in a "Y" configuration with their new "Circular Push-Pull" connectors—which are Sennheiser HD 800 compatible connectors.

My favorite feature of these cans is that they're user tunable. Similar to the MrSpeakers line of headphones, the Cascade has an area behind the ear pad in which you can mount one of the four included tuning filters. Isn't it a little weird that it's enthusiasts turned professional that provide the user with the built-in ability to tune your headphones? Hmmm...

Ken tells us all about his new Cascade headphones in the video.

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But he doesn't build good products.

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We do not want communist psychos on this forum.

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Spent time listening to this one and admiring its design. Positive - solid materials and good design. Good signature for funk/r&b/electronic/head banger. Negative - pads a bit narrow, headband needs tweaking and forget classical genres and any music harmed by unwelcome bass thump thump thump. The included filters were of no use taming that aggressive low end. Looking forward to version 2!

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worse than m50x

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