CanJam SoCal 2018 - Dekoni After Market Ear Pads

Ear pads make a difference to the sound of headphones...a big difference! If I ever had any doubt, I was convinced by the time I swapped swapped Fostex TH610 pads onto the TH900 Mk2 and the sound went from needles jabbing my ear drums into something quite listenable. And, headphone pads certainly wear out over time—the Sennheiser HD 600/650 pads are famous for slowly but surely loosing their loft. Point is, a new pair of pads can breath life into a poor or worn pair of headphones.

Enter Dakoni, a company that appears to me to be taking after-market earpads very seriously. While only a couple of years old, the company already has a mind-boggling array of ear pads. Their 64 models is basically a permutation of pad covering material, and the shape and fit of the pad. Materials used are: sheepskin; fenestrated (perforated) sheep skin; velour; and hybrid—with a mix of materials. While there is one model that fits only the Sennheiser HD 800, other models fit numerous headphones. You can start your search here.

I found their hybrid design quite intriguing. The solid sheepskin outer wall isolates and seals; the velour face for comfort agains the skin; and a fenestrated inside wall to damp reflections. I'm looking forward to measurements. I will add though, I do like the idea of high quality protein leather for headphone ear pads for it's more consistant properties over the natural variations found in hides.

Oh, and they've got a new pair of headphones, a T50RP varient designed in collaboration with Fostex. Tal Kocen, Founder and Creative Director, tells us about the Dekoni line-up in the video.

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I'm cautiously optimistic that Dekoni will eventually make some pads for AFOs so people with glasses can enjoy them properly.

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Would try them first and please for AFC as well. IME heat seams anywhere on ear pads is a loser. Stitched seams all the way always.

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Delkoni replacement ear pads for Bose QC25 absolutely ruined what sound quality the QC25's had. A total waste of money. No surprise I no longer see those pads being sold. If they knew they sucked they should not have sold off their remaining inventory to unsuspecting customers. I would never buy any of their product without using it in person before considering purchase.