CanJam SoCal 2018 - MrSpeakers Voce Electrostatic Headphones and Factory Tour

I mentioned being quite impressed with two electrostatic headphones in my CanJam SoCal HiFiMAN Shangri-La Jr. post. The second headphone is the new MrSpeakers Voce ($2999). I've heard some of the previous prototypes at shows and they didn't quite cut it for me. But Dan Clark, CEO and Founder of MrSpeakers, persisted, and invited me to have another listen and tour his facility just after CanJam SoCal. Le sigh. Alrighty, Dan, I'll give it another shot...boy, am I glad I did.

While electrostatics have always been able to impress me with a sense of speed, they never quite cut it in terms of control. The treble always sems to end up somewhere between hazy and zingy. I like articulate and damped. And then, of course, there's the general lack of punchy, tight bass with electrostatics. Just the nature of the beast...or so I thought.

I spent about 15 quality minutes of listening to the Voce on Dan's office system. Knowing Dan and his penchant for EDM I wasn't surprised to hear a nicely authoritative bass with excellent extension. But the thing that really struck me, and pretty much had my entire attention while listening, was how smooth and seemingly critically damped the treble was. Cymbals sounded exactly like cymbals. No extraneous haze or hash, just clean, beautifully enunciated treble. This is definitely a headphone worthy of extended audition.

Dan then gave me a full tour of the MrSpeakers facility showing how his headphones are built from start to finish. Of course, you are invited along too in the video, it's a bit long but well worth the journey. Heck of a dream you've manifest there, Dan. Congrats!

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