CES 2012: Antelope Audio

There's a blurry line out there between a digital to analog converter that has a headphone jack on it, and a headphone amplifier with a DAC inside. I suppose it's a matter of design emphasis. Antelope Audio calls their Zodiac line of products DACs, and their emphasis seems clearly on the digital to analog converter and its clocks. What ever you want to call them, these are clearly fully featured audio monitoring devices.

Also in the room was their Eclipse 384 A/D & D/A Converter, Master Clock and Monitoring Controller. This device is a pre-amp on steroids with a rear panel bristling with numerous analog and digital ins and outs. My audio geek nerves were tingling.

Unfortunately, I've never had the chance to hear an Antelope product, but I look forward to reviewing one soon. I'll let Marcel James tell you about them.

Antelope Audio
+44 20 81 33 8355